I’m Not Leaving // Kim Seokjin

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Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Angst // Sad // A little Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Can you do a Jin (Bts) fic. He just started to film a romantic drama where he is the male lead. His gf hasnt visited him on set so far, she wants to avoid the actres who is the female lead an who has a crush on Jin. Whn she goes, they film a kiss.

“You have nothing to worry about (Y/N). Listen to me, okay? I love YOU. Soonyi is just an actress who I have to work with. I don’t feel the same way for her as I do for you, and I could never feel like this towards anyone else. Trust me, okay? Nothing could ever change that…so just believe me…” you remembered your sweet boyfriend’s words to you last night as you both sat and watched the first episode of his drama. You couldn’t help but feel intense jealousy whenever they had a cute, loving scene together – nothing more than just holding hands or looking at each other, but it ate you up inside. Jin, of course, sensed your uneasiness as he pulled you into him, coming face to face with you and completely ignoring the television as he gave you his full and undivided attention – showering you with kisses and making you feel a little better; something he was always so good at, no matter the situation.

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