Okay, so if you’re wondering “Who is this Asari?” it’s Dr. Lexi T’Perro! If you didn’t know, she was voiced by Natalie Dormer (an actress I absolutely adore), but the developers made her face just look like every other default Asari they put in the game and I found it extremely lazy considering her voice actress is so beautiful! So, as a result I painted a Lexi with Natalie Dormer’s likeness instead. Dunno if I captured it as well as I’d like, but I like it a lot better than her default look, that’s for sure.

Here’s other portraits for the same series: Liara T’Soni , Peebee , Samara , Aria T’Loak , Shiala

More info: I decided I would start a little digital painting project to keep me artistically active for a while, so to celebrate the month of May my theme is:

“May-dens, May-trons, and May-triarchs”

I’ll just be painting a whole buncha beautiful blue (and purple… possibly green) Asari from the Mass Effect series!

Celebrities who should play in AHS (the list of @buzazar)/ PART 1

AHS is the show where you can see amazing main actors in every seasons (like Evan Peters or Sarah Paulson), talented ones in some of them (Jessica Lange or Angela Bassett) and some great single roles (Lady Gaga or Ian McShane). 

There is a list of famous people I would like to see in this colorful show somewhen. I guess they will be able to make AHS much better than it is now (Yes, it can be possible).

1. Helena Bonham Carter

Is that really important to explain why this incredible woman should appear in AHS? Indeed?

When I knew that Jessica Lange left the show, I had no idea who was able to change her. Lady Gaga (sorry, fans) - no. That was wrong. Nevertheless, it was awesome to see Kathy Bates. They are the same high level actresses. So…some time later I understand who can be the real queen of AHS. She even doesn’t need to play main role to catch our attention. Right? Look at her - Mommy of Horror:

2. Johnny Depp

I know there is a lot of hate nowadays to him. As for me he is the greatest modern actor. The majority of his films are my childhood and teen periods which was pretty tough time. However, I think it will be cool to see him in AHS (at least as a cameo) because of his talented play. Remember all Tim Burton’s movies (Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood) , great job in Secret Window, Dead Man or The Libertine. He is master of masks. Don’t you agree? 

3. Jared Leto

Another chameleon in this list is Jared Leto. I am sure you expected his name. That’s true. Everyone knows how freaking talented this man is. He can be anyone or anything. You must love Jared, so don’t mind to see him in AHS in the future. 

4. Bjork

One more great musician here. Bjork. This is true many-sides person. Sometimes I doubt if she is human. So adorable alien from Iceland. If Gaga is mother of monsters, Helena - mommy of horror, I guess, Bjork is the mom of freaks and unexplained. 

5. Saoirse Ronan

I don’t want to argue with fans of this show, but I guess Saoirse would be more than able to compete with young actresses of AHS, Taissa Farmiga and Emma Roberts. Her angelic appearance would only play for her. Saoirse has incredible acting talent what let the young woman play different roles. She can be pure and innocent or be fatal. 

6. Anya Taylor-Joy

More about wonderful young actresses. Anya Taylor-Joy. She has already proved that isn’t so sweet and lovely as seems. Her most known role (VVITCH) shows this young beauty hides darkness in her raven eyes. To discover more of her skill you should watch Morgan. These two movies created the thought in my mind that it would be great to see Anya in AHS one day. 

7. Marilyn Manson

Do I really have to explain why this personality must appear in AHS? Sometimes I see Marilyn as embodiment of this show: the mixing of love, pain, darkness, sex and violence. He could play the role in any present seasons of AHS: Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freak Show, Hotel…JUST SAY THAT! 

8. Brendon Urie

Another face of AHS. He contains other side of show which is full of energy, glamour, beauty, grace and hope (and sex as well ahahaha), but mystique and secrets. If Manson is ugly truth, Urie is handsome trickster. You will choose who is your leader.

9. Jesse Rutherford 

In AHS we’ve seen a handsome musician before - Adam Levine. I am afraid Jesse will be able to eclipse him (I am so sorry (or not)). Jesse writes dark songs about lust and love. What a perfect incubus for such show! 

10. Rosamund Pike

This list is started by amazing British actress, so it must should with another amazing British actress. I adore Rosamund Pike. I admire her cold and dark beauty which should inspire the creators of AHS one day. The show has told us stories of strong, gorgeous women. All actresses who played them are also powerful and wonderful. Personally I think, Rosamund can play the character full of grace and increasing desire to kill. 

not a oncer anymore

not for a couple of weeks already actually. a little bit sorry i ever was at all, but mostly happy about it. it gave me lots of great actors to follow in every sense of the word, an OTP that turned my life upside down and, if you think about it, a really great story, nothing like i’ve ever watched before in my life.

i loved ouat. i haven’t been in the fandom for a very long time, only for about two years, but it took all over my life. i gave my heart, my mind and my soul to this fandom. and it was probably the most destructive fandoms i’ve ever been a part of. like you know those relationships, when everything goes like shit, you’re in pain, you hate your partner, you hate yourself, but you’re just not able to end it. because on the other hand you love your partner and this relationship gives you something you don’t want to give up, and there are always moments that you cherish like nothing else in your life. and this constant battle between love and hate, affection and disgust destroys you. that basically was me and ouat.

the point always was that as long as i love it a tiny little bit more than i hate it, i’m in. and i suffered through every shitty plot-twist A&E gave us, through every time someone called capswan relationship healthy and through all the times the creators acted like other ships and their fans don’t matter.

one day i decided i’m done. my moment of enlightenment happened when i’ve seen what they did to Emma and Regina’s first hug. they basically spitted all the swanqueen fans in the faces with that gesture and well i thought that was unacceptable.

i was completely devastated, heartbroken even. and i changed my mind a billion times that day, told myself that i overreacted and just one hug wasn’t such a big deal to actually stop watching the show. but i didn’t and it was. and i knew that giving up on ouat was actually the best idea i’ve had since i’ve started watching it.

what i love most about not watching the show is that i can see actors apart from it now. like i don’t have to look at everything they say and do through the prism of their characters. more specifically, i don’t have to worry anymore about starting to hate Colin, because i hate Hook, stuff like that. i also don’t have to justify every shitty thing A&E do in each episode, therefore i’m more or less calm about my mental health now, because i’ve been honestly worried lately about losing it.

i miss it, though. i mean i gave my soul to this show, of course i’d miss it. i really love the cast, every single actress and actor, i adore them. Lana and Jennifer, i mean, i literally pray on these women. so it’s a bit sad to know that there’s something they are making and proud of, that i won’t watch. but it’s sometimes a part of a fan’s life, i guess.

so yeah. i’m not a oncer anymore, i’m free and trying to build myself again from the ruins ouat made of me and fill the void it left in my life.

(and yes i totally had to write all this)

p.s. if in the last episode of season 6 there will be a HUGE plot-twist and we’ll find out capswan and everything else that happened in the last two seasons was a lie, i have no idea what would i be more: happy, annoyed or amused.

Thoughts on the Call the Midwife Christmas Special
  •  I thought that the show did a much better job of balancing the plotlines. I thought that they were all pretty poignant and evoked such a good range of emotions. I definitely wasn’t as emotional as I had been during some other Call the Midwife episodes, but I liked that it wasn’t too soap opera-y and there was such a genuine affection that came out between all the characters that I really missed. Mood: Cautiously optimistic about series five.
  • Violet was so great? She’s become such a fave and played off of Fred so well? I was really frustrated when she was introduced last season because I felt she was symptomatic of them trying to cram too many characters into the show. But just the way she cared for other women in this episode and how generally good she is really startled me. I really hope she gets to do more stuff with the midwives and nuns this series.
  • Related just the women loving women game was so strong in this Christmas special. Sister Monica Joan and Sister Evangelina, Shelagh and Sister Julienne, Patsy and Delia, etc. There was even flashes of the female friendship among the younger midwives that I missed so much, though I’m still deeply worried this won’t be developed enough during the next season.
  • Barbara Gilbert is a delightful cinnamon roll and despite the clusterfuck that was last series’s characterization I’m so glad we got her. We got so much more of her personality in this episode and she’s just absolutely delightful and I love how she meshes with Trixie and Patsy. I really want her and Delia to be friends because they seem so similar and I feel like Delia would adore Barbara. I actually think it would be really interesting if Barbara were the one to find out about Delia and Patsy’s relationship. She seem really conflicted during the homosexuality plotline last series, which makes sense because on one hand she’s an innocent girl whose father is a country vicar, but also she’s just such a loving person. I would love to see her relationship with Patsy develop more because she’s so warm and open and awkward while Patsy is so closed off and cool. I’m hoping the reason that they do Cub Scouts together is so that the two of them will have more chances to interact.
  • Also CAN WE TALK ABOUT DELIA BUSBY BEING SUCH A SMOOTH ROMANTIC HERO. Like damn Delia look at you being flirty as fuck and going back to Poplar to dashingly win back your lady love and macking on her in telephone booths. You bring hope to awkward queer women everywhere.
  • No but seriously I loved the Delia/Patsy stuff in this episode. I was kind of hoping that they would devote more time to Delia’s recovery and maybe explore the ramifications of her re-discovering her love for Patsy. But as I mentioned earlier I loved how active Delia’s plot was on her part. While Kate Lamb is such a delightful actress and I adored Delia and Patsy’s dynamic, my biggest complaint about the Delia/Patsy story was that Delia was kind of just an angst object to bring Patsy’s queerness to the center of her plot. Though I’m still worried about this being Patsy’s defining plot, I love that we see Delia actively trying to rebuild her old life and just how determined she is. It’s so interesting to see Delia bring Patsy out of her shell, as well as to see Patsy’s concern over Delia’s health. You can kind of tell that Patsy is ready to give up on Delia if that’s what is best for her, and Delia is just like “Fuck that noise.” The coffee shop scene was so good because you can tell Delia wants all of this romantic stuff, to pursue Patsy and have Patsy pursue her, and have a relationship and Patsy is just so thankful that Delia is recovering, let alone that she wants her back. You see how different their views of romantic love are, but also how well they fit together. Also I deeply appreciate that Patsy isn’t the only thing that is motivating Delia’s recovery. She obviously wants to come back and work in London and be in a city she loves and do the work she loves and just generally have control over her own life. Almost kisses with her girlfriend in a phone booth are nice, but they’re not all that define her anymore.
  • …The measles plot is coming back right? They didn’t just cart a bunch of non-responsive children off to never be heard from again right?
  • Random religion nerd moment but while the idea of an older, chronically-childless women randomly carrying a baby was pretty out of nowhere, I like that it calls back to the Elizabeth story which often gets overshadowed by, you know, the miracle of Christ’s birth. Things that make Emma cry in Call the Midwife-lesbians, and random religious things.
Allison Tolman wrote her own IMDB biography. And it is awesome.

Born in Sugarland, Texas, Allison Tolman earned a BFA in theatrical performance from Baylor University. After graduation, she moved to Dallas where she helped found and foster the independent ensemble based non-profit Second Thought Theatre while also learning that the whole being an adult thing is like, super hard. In 2009, she was accepted into Second City’s Conservatory Training Program and later went on to write and perform sketch and satire with several groups throughout Chicago, most notably the monthly comedy podcast The City Life Supplement.

Throughout her career, Tolman has played a veterinary receptionist, personal assistant, children’s theatre teacher, vocal coach, phone sales associate, client services representative, and dog walker - never on film, but in her actual life in order to pay her rent and be able to afford more tank tops from Target than any human actually needs.

(2014) Tolman lives in Chicago with a portly cat named Annie who enjoys staring at her blankly whenever there is a house centipede in the kitchen.


Happy birthday Marilyn Monroe! 

July 1st 1926 | August 4th 1962.

“She listens, wants, cares. Marilyn has amazing intuition-and her perceptions are razor-sharp. Out of these damned responsive eyes of hers flickers thought after thought. She and I talk a lot about New York, which we both love. Like me, she lives there now between pictures. Hollywood is a world of self-stokers, where sanity depends on a sense of humor. Marilyn has it - in spades. No subtlety of humor escapes her. I catch her laughing across the room and I bust up.Every pore of that lovely translucent skin is alive, open every moment - even though this could make her vulnerable to being hurt. I would rather work with her than any other actress. I adore her.” - Montgomery Clift

Dearest “fandom”,
You disgust me.
Found these three messages in my inbox, shortly after reblogging the gorgeous picture of Sophie Hunter in her stunning wedding dress. As much as I’d keep calm, I have to address this as not to let you use my blog as a platform to promote hatred and disgust towards a woman you neither know personally nor have any reason hating on.
If she had been a regular actress whose wedding dress was featured in Vogue magazine, you’d have congratulated her or wouldn’t even have noticed at all, but since she’s married to the man you all hope to get saved by one day, you freak out and flip tables.
She’s an actress, she has a personal and a professional life - her personal life is the one you’re spying on, trying to either debunk her marriage (yes, Mr Cumberbatch solely married her for the press), debunk her actual profession (because she simply has to be an escort!) or debunk her pregnancy (women’s bodies don’t change during a pregnancy, and oh god, drinking juice is like killing the unborn baby!). You ridicule yourself, and you make the Benedict Cumberbatch fandom look like a bunch of immature, rumour hungry Internet users.
Please, for he love of God, stop this nonsense. Whenever anything happens that involves Sophie Hunter, you blow up, whenever there are no new pictures or articles featuring her, you make shit up.
Just think about it this way: would you like to have your life dissected, would you like to have a group of people analyse your every move, every outfit and every single facial expression and judge you based on biased opinions? You wouldn’t like that.
Let them be, let them live their lives and don’t fucking judge me for posting things I like about actresses I adore in my blog.

Also: learn how to spell, how to use quotation marks and maybe do a something search on the definition of the term “cyber bully”. Maybe your URLs show up!

I would never tell a creator what they have to include in their work. They must make those decisions on their own.

That DOESN’T mean that I have to accept years and years of mean-spirited no-homo jokes at the expense of LGBT fans like me.

The hope of a mainstream show “normalizing” a long-term, same-gender romantic relationship (I’m not asking for a sex tape) was the last reason I held on so long to a show that:

-Put a slim actor in a fat suit to joke about him eating to death.

-Fetishized Soo Lin and her culture.

-Made one of the only women of color the butt of a blowjob joke, and also made her the ‘bitch’ who doesn’t understand our poor male protagonist.

-Intentionally put out a casting call for an “overweight, goth” actress (much as I adore the actress herself) to play the ‘shipper’ who comes up with a m/m pairing explanation for a mystery the writers NEVER BOTHERED TO EXPLAIN, ANYWAY.

-Took a self-reliant female character who defeated Holmes in canon, and turned her into woman who is defeated by Sherlock due to her love/lust for him (even as a lesbian -guess all it took was ‘the right man), and who must be rescued by him.

-More than once used the “dangerous, violent, sword-wielding Arab” stereotype.

-Wrote in a needless pregnancy in order to up the drama (possibly by causing death or harm to the child - something those of us who have suffered pregnancy loss or infant loss do not take lightly as a lazy writing trope).

-Etc., etc.

As a side note, I certainly won’t speak for other fans, but I do feel it appropriate to call out my own white feminism for waiting until THIS as the final straw.

So, thanks, Moffat and Gatiss, for the gift of Martin and Benedict’s acting, for the sets and music and costumes, for the scenes that WERE good, and the POTENTIAL that so many other wonderful artists and writers have built on so beautifully.

It’s your fanfic, gentlemen. Do what you like. That’s the prerogative of every creator.

We don’t have to keep paying attention to content or creators we find offensive or dismissive. We don’t have to guarantee your ratings or buy your merchandise or come to your expensive conventions or continue to line your pockets and stroke your egos.

Fans can always leave. That’s OUR prerogative.