actress: nina toussaint white


Cora || Age Unknown || Mermaid

“I could chose to walk away from death, and I did." 

Cora was once quite popular among her mermaid sisters before she turned to magic. After a run in with a drunken pirate (who held a gun and bad aim), Cor’s tail was hurt so badly, that her only hope was to turn to the Witch in the woods. She traded her tail for legs and became very close with the woman; the Witch doesn’t have friends, but if she were to have a companion that nearly fit the title of friend, Cora would be the sole applicant. As far as her sisters know, she betrayed them to turn human; they know nothing of her injury, and Cora doesn’t intend on telling them the truth after seeing how quickly they let her go.

Nina Toussaint-White || Face Claim || Open

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