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Being Human UK reunion episode

“The cast and fans have voiced an interest in a Being Human UK reunion episode. The fans are coming together to support and highly encourage this, seeing as this show was, back in 2008, continued past the pilot episode due to fan support.”

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So, I think that even more than just putting Black people in shows, there need to be stories that reflect the Black experience. Make sense of Black, Brown, Asian… experience, because [it’s important] not just for ethnic minorities, I think it’s an education for everybody. And I think it leads to a much more tolerant society if we’re exposed to each others’ stories. It just makes sense and it’s important. Very-very important. And i certainly like to keep an eye on things like that, and talk a lot, among my actor friends, about the lack of diversity. It’s an issue for sure. (x)


harlequinn823 said:

Annie’s saving the blood slaves was a bigger deal than it’s often made it to be (ie, it’s not often a fandom topic, its deleted scene is invisible). Along with the confrontation of Owen, it was a major turning point in her story that made her very strong, more aware and less afraid, as well as solid through the Saul storyline.