actress: isabelle allen


an alto’s favourite soprano roles:

Cosette Fauchelevent (Les Misérables)

“How strange… This feeling that my life has begun at last… This change… Can people really fall in love so fast? What’s the matter with you, Cosette? Have you been too much on your own? So many things unclear… So many things unknown…”


Les Miserables deleted scenes:
Alternate takes for the Cosette/Valjean meeting

From this trailer, the international one, and the behind-the-scenes video. (The first gif, in the trailer, fades into the iconic logo of little Cosette.)

Edited this one a day after posting it, cos I found some other snippets! Sorry! There’s this one, too, which is quite similar to what appeared in the movie, but still a little different (I think Valjean’s smile is missing in the movie):

Isabelle Allen Gifs #1

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