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Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Main Characters in DC Shows

While there are a number of Asian women who have been recurring or guest characters in the various DC live adaptation TV series, these are the women characters who are part of the main cast:

Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang (Smallville S1-7) *

Indira Varma as Ilsa Pucci (Human Target S2)

Vanessa Hudgens as Emily Locke (Powerless S1) 

*Despite Kreuk being half-Chinese, both Lana’s biological parents were played by white actors.

I can’t imagine having a Sloane Kelly week without talking about her voice actress, Indira Varma. I first saw her on Rome where I found her genuinely striking. Then I saw her on Torchwood, Luther, Bones, heard her as Vivienne on Dragon Age Inquisition and recently she’s been the lead on Paranoid, a Netflix tv show I’m watching. In MEA she also does the voice of Moshae Sjefa. 
She’s absolutely amazing in every role and I genuinely believe all tv shows and movies would benefit from having her in the cast!

I remember hearing her as Sloane for the first time in the gameplay trailer a year before MEA came out (“What brings a Pathfinder to our humble port?”) and I genuinely fell in love.

I don’t think we have an interview with her about her role, which is a crime because I bet she has a lot to say. 

Anyway, thank you Indira Varma for being so wonderful and making Sloane such an interesting character. We’re very lucky you were a part of this!!!


I was thinking about the new episode of Game of Thrones and Nymeria and how it made sense that she’d refuse to return to Winterfell and I realised something. Game of Thrones is a show where a direwolf receives better and more consistent characterisation than the women of colour.

Two of the Sand Snakes died in this episode. It’s been a while since I read the books but I remember that Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes were compelling, intelligent women who genuinely valued the wellbeing of Dorne. But in the show, they are hypersexual, bood-thirsty brown women (I’m aware that the actresses playing them are far from “brown”,but that’s how they’re viewed in the GOT universe), a step above the Dothraki and Unsullied “savages”(another scene I loved in this episode).

It felt uncomfortable watching the two of them die, and knowing that Ellaria was most likely going to die soon, but as I was watching a thought crossed my mind: “We may hate the Sand Snakes, but they don’t deserve this”. But i don’t hate the Sand Snakes, I hate the way they’ve been treated.

I’m sure we can all remember that line from season 5 finale, “you want a good girl but you need bad pussy”. That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever heard and I was shocked that someone actually wrote that and other people approved of this. Everything made sense when I realised that the writer’s room is made up of 4 white men.

This is already longer than I’d intended so I’ll just get to the point. Thanks to those 4 white men (5 if you include George R R Martin) Game of Thrones is a show for white men, and at this point, white women. The rest of us weren’t invited.