actress: emily bett rickards

“I used to work at this dog shop where me and my dog would just chill and hang out, and I would run lines behind the counter with my feet up on the table. And I got a call saying I was on hold, and that was great, and I just went in and did the one day. Then they called me back, and then they called me back again a couple weeks later. And it just sort of grew, and all of a sudden this term of “regular” was being thrown around, which meant nothing to me at the time because I didn’t understand what it meant. And here I am, living the dream.” – Emily Bett Rickards


We live in this society where we kind of want to decide that one woman has to be right and the other has to be wrong, or one woman has to be good and the other has to be bad. There is room in this world for more than one fabulously dressed, powerful, smart, sophisticated, complicated woman.

- Kerry Washington on pitting women against each other on TV shows (x)

∅ Emily Bett Rickards Gif Hunt

Under the cut you will find 303 small + medium gifs of the woman that has caused me many heart aches and tears from her beauty and perfection, Emily Bett Rickards. None of these gifs are mine and full credit goes to the rightful owners. Most of these are from her role as Felicity on the CW show Arrow, but there are also a few interviews in here as well. Like/reblog if found useful.

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