سریال فاصله ها ۱۳۸۹

Trailer for the 2010 Iranian Drama: Faseleha (Distances/Worlds apart)

Planning to watch this soon!

You can currently watch it dubbed in English here on the IFilm Website.

You can find it in Farsi/Persian on Youtube.


( ۱۳۸۵) فیلم سینمایی بلند گریه کن

2005 Iranian TV Movie: Cry Out Loud (Boland Gerye Kon)  

This is an Iranian TV Movie I first watched on TV when I was really young. 

Its story line had an impact on me which made it a difficult film to forget about.  

It stars Negar Forozandeh as Marjan and  Ladan Tabatabaei as Tal’at.