Proof Disney helps people feel better

Under the cut are 74 gifs of Brianna Hildebrand as Ellie Phimister/Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool. Every gif in this pack is 245x140, and all of them were made by me. Please like or reblog if you plan to use them. Don’t edit these gifs in any way unless you’ve asked for permission and I’ve given it, and don’t include in any gif hunts. Enjoy!

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RP Icons // SOO JOO PARK + directory

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mapleofrph’s fc suggestions: korean actors [part 2/5]

outside of the krp community, a lot of rpgs don’t accept kpop idols as fcs because their gifs “aren’t good enough”. SO. here are some korean actors that have ~**~roleplayable*~ gifs. these six fcs are 94 and 93 liners and i’ve linked their resources below.

  • Lee Hyun-woo [x]
  • Jin Se-yeon [x]
  • Lee Ji-eun [x]
  • Kim Ji-won [x]
  • Kim Ji-soo [x]
  • Jung Eun-ji [x]

Replacing your faves;; Ariana Grande? Jo Bo Ah.

Yes, we all know that Ariana Grande is your fave. But here’s a FC that not only gives off the same look as Ariana,  but is underused and is actually an actress. Now, before you start with the salt, I know not all Fcs need to be actresses, but let’s be real; Using actresses/Actors as fc gives you a wider range of personalities/tropes and plots to go through. So why don’t we take a deeper look?

Jo Bo Ah (  조보아 ) is a 22 year old actress from Daejeon, South Korea. She has played the spoiled rich girl trope ( All About My Mom, Jang Chae Ri) , the humble Rich Girl trope ( Shut Up Flower Boy Band ( Im Soo Ah) ,  The Hacker Trope ( Missing Noir M; Jin Seo Joon),  The Obssesor/ Psychopath ( Innocent thing; Young-Eun).  She’s also played as a mermaid in the drama surplus princess. Xiaolongrph has a gif hunts for her ( XXX ) and I am currently working on giffing her as her role in All About my Mom.

Now, like I said. I know, Ariana’s your fave,  But  Ariana is just a singer and she doesn’t have that wide range of emotional gifs. (Cue people saying that Kpop stars a just singers and i’m a hypocrite.)  But not only do they look extremely similar, but Jo Bo Ah could play everything that Ariana has played and do it better; All because she has a wider range of gifs. ( But that’s just my opinion.)  Still not convinced? Here’s a clip of Jo Bo Ah in her newest drama going shifting through three different Drunk emotions (Anger, Happiness and Sadness) ( XXX ) (Skip to 0:15)

If you are in need of resources  for her, please feel free to request them from me!