–> candice patton (x)

name: Candice Patton
date of birth: June 24, 1988
country of birth: USA
ethnicity: African-American mother and father

Candice is known (certainly to me) from the CW’s The Flash where she is the female lead alongside Grant Gustin. In 2015, she was one of the hosts of the Saturn Awards.

Candice is not partially Asian as some people mistakenly believe, which she confirmed at SDCC 2014. EDITED: Apparently both her parents are African American, I apologise, the source I used was misleading.

pic cred: The Flash


Some references.


–> willa holland (x)

name: Willa Joanna Chance Holland
date of birth: 18th June 1991
country of birth: USA
ethnicity: White, American

Willa was first introduced to modelling at age 7, and then rose to fame through roles such as Agnes Andrews, Gossip Girl (2007) and joined the first season of Arrow (2012) as Thea Queen, where she continues in her role for a fourth season.

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How can u use a non na actress for ur alt fc?

Kaniehtiio horn is Native American from the Mohawk tribe, she’s all be it lighter skinned, but very Native American, and you are free to look that up for yourself.


Name: Everette “Ever” Moore
DOB: February 23, 1997 (18)
Hometown: Manhattan, New York
Occupation: Actress
Room: Suite
FC: Chloe Moretz

Everette was born into an upper middle class family in Manhattan, New York. Her father was a king on Wall Street, but this meant he wasn’t home as much as any of them would’ve liked. It also meant that Ever’s mother was free to pursue her dreams. Her first was having a nice, little family, which she achieved. The second was to own her own coffee shop downtown. Jolly Holly’s Cafe opened when Everette was seven. It was where the pair spent most of their time, and it’s where Ever learned how to bake.

Holly, her mother, had one final goal: create the ultimate coffee flavor for each season. It took quite a few years to do this, and it consumed her entire life. Finally, the hard work paid off. Winter was represented by a cinnamon-peppermint latte. Autumn was categorized by pumpkin flavoring with a pump of caramel syrup. Spring required a bit more deliberation, but eventually she settled on an apple flavored chamomile tea (coffee was apparently unacceptable during the season of bloom). Her summer flavor was the toughest to create, but the end result was the holy grail of coffee. A strawberry mocha iced latte. My God, that drink was like liquefied Heaven. With this success, Holly decided to celebrate, and she celebrated hard. So hard that it was deadly. 

After her mother’s death, Everette became the focus of her father’s life. He put all of his energy to distract himself from the sadness that was trying to consume them. Ever decided she wanted to be an actress, so that’s exactly what she did. Her dad started driving her to auditions every single day, and she got her first break when she was 12 in (500) Days of Summer.

She was pretty much always working, and because of this, grew very independent. Everette’s whole life was acting. She was afraid that if she paid attention to the real world for more than a few seconds, everything would come crumbling down on her again. Most recently she was spotted at the Royal Haven Hotel, staying in a luxurious suite as she works on her upcoming film, The Fifth Wave. 

+ dedicated, sweet, patient
- naïve, conformist, egocentric


–> Rosario Dawson (x)

name: Rosario Dawson
date of birth: May 9, 1979
country of birth: USA
ethnicity: Puerto Rican Afro-Cuban mother. Irish and Native-American father (unconfirmed)

Rosaio is known for many roles in big-budget films, such as ‘Men in Black II’, 'Sin City’ and a Percy Jackson franchise film. She also reccently held the role of Claire Temple (a.k.a Night Nurse) on the Netflix show 'Daredevil’ which has been renewed for a second season, and in which she will be reprising the role.

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Hi Bee, do you have any ideas for faces that would be good for the greek god Hephaestus? I would prefer if they were older, like 30+. Thank you!

Sorry this took me a little while, I’m not that well versed in Greek mythology and had to do a little bit of research. Based on some quick googling and a skim through of the wikipedia article here are some potentially suitable face claims. My apologies for the limited help on this one, in the end I decided to give you a range of actors of Greek descent due to my unfamiliarity;;

  • Dimitri Leonidas (27)
  • Mark Ballas (29)
  • Dave Bautista (46)
  • Billy Zane (49)
  • John Stamos (51)
  • Michael Chiklis (52)
  • i. Birthday: January 19th, 1997
  • ii. Age: 17 Years Old
  • iii. Place Of Birth: New York
  • iv. Living in NY: 17 Years
  • i. School: Bishop Academy
  • ii. Grade: 12th
  • iii. After High School: Up To Role Player
  • i. Family Template [Soon]
  • ii. Nova Holt: Younger Cousin
  • i. Poise Production Company
  • ii. His father’s family is the owner of Poise megazine and editorial but his father wasn’t a fan of it so he founded Poise Productions, he is now one of the most famous producers in the film industry. While his mom is a world know actresse.

–> ciara renée (x)

name: Ciara Renée
date of birth: October 19th, 1990
country of birth: USA
ethnicity: Latina mother, white father (?)

Ciara first became known for multiple roles on Broadway, and first appeared on the small screen in The Flash’s Season Finale as Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl). She will reprise this role in the new spinoff CW show, Legends of Tomorrow.

pic cred: unknown