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f(x) ask game !
  1. Redstal or Blondestal
  2. Queentoria or Vic umma
  3. Lunber or Kryber
  4. Pink tape or Red light
  5. Pants Amber or Shorts Amber
  6. Shake that brass or Free Somebody
  7. Long hair Victoria or Short Hair Victoria
  8. Hello f(x) or f(x) Koala
  9. Lunber’s Wave or Lunber’s Heartbeat
  10. Jack Jack or Tuna
  11. Wishlist or All mine
  12. Dark hair Luna or Light hair Luna 
  13. Mr Boogie or Sweet Witches
  14. Rapper Amber or Singer Amber
  15. Pinocchio or Hot Summer
  16. Girls can do anything or I don’t wanna love you
  17. Cool Krystal or Silly Soojung
  18. Bangs Krystal or Bangs Luna
  19. RPPP era Luna or Red light era Luna
  20. Arty or Bob Yi
  21. ‘Love exist with an absence of eternity’ or ‘Love is 4 walls’
  22. Electric Shock era Victoria or 4 walls era Victoria
  23. Borders or Need to feel needed
  24. Redber or Blondeber
  25. Dark concept f(x) or Light concept f(x) 
  26. Actress Krystal or Actress Victoria
  27. Ranting Monkey or Luna’s Alphabet
  28. Electric Shock outfits or Red Light outfits
  29. Jung Sisters or Liu Sisters or Park Sisters
  30. Sexy f(x) or Badass f(x)
  31. Lunber + Vic Dimension 4 dance intro or Luna’s Red Light rock solo
  32. Krystal’s crush Johnny Depp or Amber’s crush Orlando Bloom 
  33. Short red hair Sulli or Long dark hair Sulli
  34. Beautiful goodbye or Beautiful stranger
  35. Voguish 4walls or Belly Buttom NU ABO
  36. Airplane or Paper Heart
  37. Amazing f(x) or f(x)=1cm
  38. Krystal’s Because of me or Krystal’s All of a sudden
  39. Pinocchio first win or 4 walls first win
  40. Electric Shock era Sulli or Red Light era Sulli
  41. Luna & Zico’s It was love or Luna & Junhyung’s Tell me it’s okay
  42. ‘You’re embarrassing me !” or “Your dog speaks chinese ??!’
  43. Lunber’s kiss or Lunber’s wedding photoshoot
  44. Aesthetic 4 walls mv or Fierce Red Light mv
  45. Bangs Victoria or No bangs Victoria
  46. Social butterfly Amber or indoors lying down Krystal
  47. @vousmevoyez or @hermosavidaluna
  48. Krystal’s NU ABO ‘Unnie !’ or Krystal’s 4 walls ‘Love !’
  49. Diamond or All Night
  50. Dying for f(x) to comeback or living just to see f(x) comeback
Chica Cooking in the Kitchen
  • Chica Cooking in the Kitchen
  • catscater51

woooooo! another silly comic between mayadile’s Chica and coulsart’s Bonnie. Sneaky sneaky Bonnie ;3

Art belongs to mayadile

Human Bonnie belongs to coulsart

Human Chica belongs to mayadile

Chica’s voice done by me catscater51

enjoy! and merry christmas :3 (omg i sound drunk as Chica XD)