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German movies part 2

Hey guys! I noticed how many people on this website are learning German or want to learn it. It is my mother tongue and I love German cinema. We all know that movies help to improve language skills, so I made a list about my favorite German films and some must-sees! I hope you enjoy these films!

  • Türkisch für Anfänger (based on a famous TV series, a German girl, a Turkish boy and his sister and some weird German guy are lost on a deserted island)
  • Der Baader Meinhof Komplex (based on the story of Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof & the RAF)
  • Bibi Blocksberg (kids movie about the most famous German witch)
  • Charlie & Louise - Das doppelte Lottchen (German version of The Parent Trap, cutest ending ever)
  • Mädchen, Mädchen (3 girls that are crazy about having an orgasm, the movie is all about love, sex and orgasms)
  • Wo ist Fred? (a guy fakes being disabled and learns a lot about disabled people)
  • Die Wolke (tragic movie, a girl and her brother are desperately trying to leave the city because of a malfunction in a nuclear power plant, it’s very fxcking sad)
  • Vincent will Meer (moving film about a guy suffering from Tourette syndrom)
  • Freier Fall (a movie about 2 guys falling for each other, one of them has a wife and a child)
  • Rubbeldiekatz (a guy fakes being a woman so he can play in a famous movie - and he falls in love with the main actress)
  • Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo (y’all know what this about I guess)
  • Feuchtgebiete (THIS MOVIE IS SO GROSS AND NSFW i don’t know any other film that is like this omg)
  • Der Schuh des Manitu (a classic lmao)
  • Barfuss bis zum Hals (literally everyone is naked at some point)
  • Die Apothekerin (about a pharmacist with a messed up life, a lot of ppl will die but believe me, you won’t be sad haha)
German LazyTown Vocabulary

Los geht’s LazyTown!

(Note: this is all based off of words I looked up from an episode, as well as some general vocab) 


Abwasserkanal (m) – sewer
Aerobic (f) – aerobics
Beschäftigte (m/f) – employee
Böse (m) - evil
Bösewicht (m) – villain
Held (m) – hero
Kobold (m) – elf
künstliche Intelligenz (f) – artificial intelligence
Lager (nt) - lair
Luftschiff (n) – dirigible
Puppe (f) – puppet
Rad (nt)  - cartwheels
Schauspieler (m), Schauspielerin (f) – actor, actress
Schlagsahne (f) – whipping cream
Schurke (m), Schurkerin (f) - scoundrel
Sußigkeiten (pl) – sweets, candies
Videospiel (nt) – video game
Ziele (f) – line


fürchten – to be afraid of
reden – to talk, to give a speech
springen – to jump
einen Satz machen – to jump
schleichen – to creep
tanzen – to dance


isländisch – Icelandic
grämlich, mürrisch – morose
vorsichtig – careful
gewesen – former
blutig – bloody, bloodily
unbedingt – absolute, unconditional


unter der Erde – underground
Er ist der Übeltäter

Edit: thank you @malusamicus for the corrections!