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Julie Andrews

Lucy Lawless (b. 1968) is the actress who portrayed the main character in the popular TV show Xena: Warrior Princess, becoming a significant feminist and lesbian icon. Aside from the far-reaching influence of the character, the actress is also involved in several social and humanitarian causes.

She works closely with the StarShip Foundation, which aims to provide equipment and resources for the Starship Children’s Health Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand. She is a climate ambassador for Greenpeace, and has campaigned extensively against oil drilling.


A young Shy Tracee Ellis Ross sings with her mother Diana Ross and sisters

Young Ichirohiko from “The Boy and the Beast”

- Artist: Shahnaz Mohseni -

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Lana stood up to an anti-Hook heckler at a Con.

Jmo is nice to fans of s q and signs things #s w a n q u e e n at Cons.

Neither of which would be remotely surprising to anyone who doesn’t believe what their ships’ fandoms tell them to believe about these actresses.


Ann Margret in Kitten with a Whip (1964)
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