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Hello, so I find that it's easier to talk to someone I don't know personally, but I was recently diagnosed with a tumor on my left side and it's really freaking me out and I don't know what to do. All I can do now is worry.

Let me tell you a story about my first convention. I was 15 when I was there, and I wasn’t in a good state. I had a “friend” who I didn’t feel safe with, and a huge problem with loving myself. I was there, and I found a person who felt really bad, so we ended up sitting in the hallway and just talking. I got to hear her problems with self hate and fear of food, and I told her about the mess that was my life when I was 15. When we have sat there for a while, two people walk up to us and sit down with us. One of the girls were bald, but I just though it was for cosplay, so I didn’t question it too much. The other person seems to be keeping an eye on her, as if she was the most fragile flower. The girl listens to everything that we say ang gives advices and helps me to get the enough courage to actually tell my friend that threatening to cut my throat in my sleep didn’t make her cool or edgy, but stupid.

We talk to the deep of the night, until she tells us that she have to go, because it’s a long day tomorrow. We ask her what she will do tomorrow and she gives us a small, sad smile before saying that she has a major operation tomorrow, one that has a big risk to kill her. But even with all that, she had sat down with us and helped us, and she seemed so sweet and grown up, despite only being a couple of years older than us.

We ask her why. Why did she talk to us, one of the last nights she could be free? And she smiled and said that it was nice to help, because it made her feel like she wasn’t useless and hopeless, but actually could make a difference. She was actually the reason to why I managed to let go of that “friend” and realize that I was better than to be her beat-bag

I never knew her name, or what happened to her, but she taught me a great thing: That bad things will happen, and sometimes it feels like you’re hopeless and useless, that the problems are so great. But that doesn’t mean that no one need you, and that you can’t make a difference. Maybe one in your family, one of your closest friends, and maybe; just a stranger on a convention floor.

Your life isn’t over as long as you have hope, and it’s OK to be scared, but don’t stop living your life because of it.  

You can do it. You don’t have to do it alone, you have friends and family and me, but you can do it.

I know that you can. 


Mt. HuangShan黄山 Peaking out of the clouds… by sung ming whang via Flickr
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The BTA logo is a flat circle that looks like a power button. They used similar logo elements to illustrate the different kinds of work they provide.

I took this theme a bit farther and popped them out into ‘orbs’.

Modeled and textured in 3ds max. Rendered in Mental Ray. No lights were used in the scene. Just an HDRI map for the environment.

-Andrew Trask