Moo! by murphygb
Via Flickr:
Whilst driving past Loch Bheannchair a batch of Highland Cows shouted at us and beckoned us over. We obliged, parked the car and then this particular cow let out a magnificent roar and then stuck out it’s tongue! View more Scotland Images here

The BTA logo is a flat circle that looks like a power button. They used similar logo elements to illustrate the different kinds of work they provide.

I took this theme a bit farther and popped them out into ‘orbs’.

Modeled and textured in 3ds max. Rendered in Mental Ray. No lights were used in the scene. Just an HDRI map for the environment.

-Andrew Trask


So I got this e-mail from a Henry Cameron, and I was wary at first, and the second time I was just pretty convinced, but decided to give him a chance and see if he’s for real or he’s a scam.

What mostly tipped me off was the format of his message. Seemed messy and grammatically off. He couldn’t tell me “what piece of work” she saw, even though I asked twice. And he said he wanted to purchase piece that was named in the subject field.
Um…? There’s nothing there.

So if you get a message from Henry Cameron,, please delete it.

UPDATE: Henry Cameron changed his name to Henry Bellick. His Google+ page says he has had one follower as Cameron and now Bellick, Ruby Restrepo.

Be careful everyone, if you get a message anywhere close to what I got please ignore it. I know it’s exciting, but be wary at all times!!!