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hi I just found your blog and it's seriously a blessing. do you have any tips for high school juniors?? everyone says this is the most important year for getting into college and I'm more than a little stressed

Everyone will tell you that your Junior year of high school is the most important of your entire high school career. This is primarily due to the fact that this is the year you will be taking the ACT or SAT and this is also the last full year of grades that colleges will see when you apply to college next fall. Although this year is a big one, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as you think! Here is a checklist of everything you should be doing your Junior year of High School accompanied with some helpful guides written by us!

1. Prepare for and take the ACT or SAT

By taking the ACT/SAT this year, you will still have time to retake the test prior to applying to college if you choose to do so. I highly recommend signing up to take the test during spring semester of your Junior year, or even earlier, if you choose. 

2. Maintain or improve your grades

If you’re a college-bound Junior, your grades are incredibly important. Your Junior year grades will be the most recent grades colleges will have when you apply next fall, so it is important that you make sure your grades are representative of what you are capable of as a student. 

3. Begin or continue searching for colleges 

If you’re going into your Junior year of High School, you’re going to be applying to college in almost exactly one year from now. It’s time- if you haven’t already- to start looking for colleges. 

4. Prepare for college applications

  • If you aren’t already involved in an extracurricular, now is the time to start
  • Get friendly with some teachers - you may need recommendation letters next fall
  • Volunteer! 
  • Consider taking a challenging class to show off your academic abilities 
  • Even if you aren’t applying this fall, you can still look around at college applications when they open in August just to see what to expect 

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What are your favorite batb fics? Plus the favor one's you've written? (Let's spread the luv and the feedback)


the best Quality Content™ in the whole BATB fandom:

  • Out of Fashion [🔥] is one of the first Plumiere fics I read and undoubtedly still one of the faves. It’s by @khaleesa​, I think? The sheer amount of sexual tension (and fashion history!!! yas accuracy) packed into this fic are fucking gorgeous. 
  • also this one [🔥] from khaleesa
  • Anything from Hope and Love Endure by @sweetfayetanner [🔥], but I have personal favorites in ‘Morning,’ ‘Midnight’ (HOLY SHIT. JUST READ THIS ONE. THIS IS??? SUCH A FUCKING SOLID????? AGATHE FIC????? IT CHANGES LITERALLY FUCKING EVERYTHING????? CAN WE DEMAND THAT THE WHOLE FANDOM READ THIS ONE), ‘Bath,’ ‘Smile’ (fuck me UP), ‘Sand,’ ‘Tears’ (fuck me UP part 2). 
  • Pouf-Pouf [🔥] by @je-suis-em-jee​ is the definition of me loving my life
  • Needing So Much More Than Dusting by @aquitainequeen​, particularly chapter 4, hot dayum [🔥]
  • What Might Have Been [🔥] might be what ultimately kills me. Holy. Shit.
  • Day Without the Sun [🔥] eternally fucked me up (thanks, @coggsworth). The best fucking solo-Cogsworth fic ever created
  • Switched [🔥] is my favorite 1991 cogsworth/lumiere fic ever. I love the trope of the fucking Imp, I love its utter dedication to this cracky concept, I love the way the characters sound and act
  • Our Fault [🔥], and Less Human [🔥], and Nocturne [🔥], and Memories [🔥], and Up in Smoke [🔥], and New Life Part 2 [🔥], and Bit by Bit [🔥], and the one about the father [🔥], and basically @batbobsession​ is a fucking BEAST and likes beating me up through emotions and excellent, tender content.
  • okay now for the trash fics by the garbage can with the stupid wig
  • i tried to prune this down but i have a lot of faves
  • Lit By the Sun—here
  • Pregnant—here
  • Born—here
  • Scotland vacation—here
  • The Most Beautiful People—here
  • Taper [spies AU]—here
  • Belle, Adam, Plumette, and Lumiere become Emma, Dan, Gugu, and Ewan—here
  • Sexiest Sandwich in the Palace—here
  • Forgotten [never as good as i fucking want it to be, though]—here
  • Plumette Sick—here
  • Amnesiac Lumiere 1 & 2—here
  • Plumiere in Paris—here
  • FUCKING LOVE POTION FICS <3 <3 <3 —here

****very fucking unfriendly reminder that it is vital you WRITE to your favorite authors, REBLOG your favorite authors, and tell your favorite authors HOW VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT THEY ARE!!!!! all of us do this for 0 pay and like maybe 2 comments on a good day, so if you appreciate a writer: fucking TALK to them. jfc people this is not difficult, spread some fucking L O V E*****