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Drabble prompt: OQ "Are you trying to flirt with me?"

“You should let him talk to you, Regina.”

“Did your wife send you to say that to me, Charming?” He ignores the facade of derision in her tone, smiles gently, easily at her. 


“Did he?”

"Regina, why is it that you always suspect some sort of conspiracy, rather than genuine concern for you?”

She barks out a harsh, dismissive laugh, doesn’t answer.

“He’s made a mistake, but he only wanted to—”

“A mistake? A lucky escape, I think, is what you meant.”


“What?” she snaps.

“You are a…complicated woman.”

He watches as her eyebrow arches and she retreats into a quip that’s meant to misdirect the conversation. ”David, are you trying to flirt with me?”

He pointedly ignores her interruption, quells her protestation with a half-hearted glare. “Regina, you are a complicated woman, but that doesn’t mean you should be keeping yourself from being happy.”

She scoffs. “Yes, and Robin’s entirely free of blame. He's the one who walked away.”

He takes a step towards her. “No, he’s not, Regina, and he knows it. Just like I did when I didn’t trust Snow.”

“Because of my curse,” she reminds him. “Maybe we should all decide that I’m going to be the villain of this town, and move on.”

"Is that really why you refuse to hear him out?” He picks up one of her hands and holds it between his. “Because I think you know you’re not a villain anymore.”

“Yes, and look where that’s gotten me.” She rips her hand out of his. “Not all of us always find each other and have happy endings.

He studies her as she stands there, waiting, perhaps, for him to grow angry, deciding whether she’d rather cry with somebody around to hold her hand or punch him for pushing. 

You love him?”


"And he loves you?”

“Yes,” she growls.

“Then I think you owe it a chance.”

“I don’t owe that thief anything.”

He shakes his head, clasps her hand briefly. “Not for him. For yourself.”

David leaves her with a palm pressed to her belly, her jaw locked and brow knitted, wishing the woman who has become part of his family, who he’s grown to trust, would learn to trust herself.