The Sherlock action figures are honestly terrifying. 

I mean those eyes say, “the next murder we’ll solve will be yours.”

On our way to fuck your shit up.

They managed to create an action figure that depicts the exact facial expression Benddirycfb Cumfherhbuicbt makes when he sucks out your soul. 

What’s that sound I hear? 

Oh, it’s me playing the world’s smallest violin before I murder your entire family.

“Count the shadows. Look behind you. Don’t blink." 


Seattle based sculptor Mike Leavitt is well known for his brand of satire in various media. Featured here on our blog, he is widely recognized for his “Art Army” series depicting other famous visual artists, musicians, actors and politicians, and just recently, made headlines for his action figure of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. This month, he debuted a new series entitled “King Kuts”, in the artist’s words, the “16 best film directors ever carved in wood”. 

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New Avengers Action Figures

I have yet to see any posts about the new Avengers action figures. They’re so life-like. I mean look at these things


By Matt D. Wilson

Adam West is truly a Renaissance Man. He was, of course, Batman. He saved a Las Vegas Casino from computer destruction. He was actor and action hero Ty Lookwell. And now, he’s a LEGO figure.

Well, in a video game, anyway.

According to a tweet from the LEGO Batman Twitter account, the revered actor will be playing none other than himself in LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

It’s not entirely clear just how much of a role West will play in the game — it likely won’t be much more than a cameo, but you never know — but from the looks of the image developers Traveller’s Tales provided, it does look like he’ll be hanging out in the Batcave, which is the right place for him.

West will be joined by Troy Baker, who voices Batman for the LEGO games, and Travis Willingham (Superman), along with a huge cast of other superheroes.

Batman’s been all over the world of LEGO lately, appearing (as voiced by Will Arnett) in The LEGO Movie back in the spring. With all the love Batman’s been getting from the building block brand, it’s nice to see West getting some acknowledgement.

And hey, LEGO, make that Adam West mini-figure. For real.


“Saw this incredible 1:6 scale recreation of #Deadpool by @hottoyscollectibles.

I threw my shoulder out playing with myself.”

Source: Ryan Reynolds on Facebook



#DEADPOOL the movie comes out in theatres February 11th, 2016


It’s been GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY week here. Not sorry :)

#CantStop #WontStop

The GUARDIANS #LEGO sets have been awesome collections & highly coveted: the ROCKET RACCOON Warbird San Diego Comic-con set was sold out every day of the convention, for example.

eOnline released a photo of Dave Bautista in full DRAX costume and makeup holding a tiny LEGO mini-figure version of his character.

Full disclosure: we squee'ed.

There’s also a LEGO Super Heroes poster with its own version of the GUARDIANS poster in even brighter colours than the original!

OK ‘fess up: how many times have you see GUARDIANS in the theatres so far? *cough*three*cough*

Great news emerged from SDCC: Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 is set for cinematic release July 28, 2017! Can’t wait!

Photo: eOnline dot com.


Jennifer Lawrence appeared on the Spanish TV show “El Hormiguero” to promote THE HUNGER GAMES back in March of 2012 and was given action figures of her character Katniss, as well as Peeta and Gale to play with, on air.

THE HUNGER GAMES: MOCKINGJAY (PART 1) comes out in North American theatres November 21, 2014.

Video: [x] [with subtitles]

Photos: El Hormiguero.


Caption: “Check out Chris Pratt holding the @Amazon Exclusive Unmasked Star-Lord Pop! Photo by @Marvel.
  -from FUNKO!’s Twitter page

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Yes, I ordered it within minutes of this being posted.
Please don’t judge me ;)

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