actors with action figures

Chris Hemsworth comes across a bunch of @marvelentertainment action figures

Hilarity ensues

Src: Chris Hemsworth on IG

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People like you are a cancer to people who are actually fans of the punisher. Please go find someone else to have your stupid fangasmings over instead of ruining a character that doesn't deserve it.

did you just– did you just call me CANCER?

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Thank you so much! (this might take multiple asks. Sorry) So, my SI is a TV Show called Primeval, which is a Sci-Fi/ drama show where dinosaurs come through holes in time called "anomalies" and its the ARC (Anomaly Research Centre)'s job to get the creatures back through the anomalies into their own time before they can cause any damage. The show aired in 2007, was cancelled in 2009, but was brought back for another 2 seasons in 2011.

There was 36 episodes in total ever made (which is 27 HOURS of footage) as well as a Canadian Spin-off (Primeval: New World) that ran for one season. There were also 4 novel adaptations of episodes from the first season, as well as four original novels, and several action-figures. I’ve met the Actor that played my favourite character twice, and although it’s not officially canon, he agreed with me that he thought the character he played was autistic!!!!!

That’s awesome!!! Really! That’s truly awesome! Thank you for sharing! 


These are from the card-backs of the first wave of Space Marines from Kenner’s 1992 ALIENS toy line. The toys were based on an animated series (Operation: Aliens) that was scrapped before it ever made it to air. 

I’ve posted before about fake Sigourney Weaver, but I think the whole thing is really interesting.  Check out Bishop.  They just pasted some cybernetic-looking stuff onto a still of Lance Henriksen from the movie.  Ripley, Apone, and Drake are all models or actors in costume to look like the action figure designs, but Hicks is just a still of Michael Biehn.  Were Biehn and Henriksen the only ones who gave permission for Kenner to use their likenesses?  Or did they give up on the cartoony designs once the show was dead?

ATAX is just here to make even rows. He wasn’t in the movie, and it looks like they just used a pic of the toy.  I guess his Alien disguise gear would have been pricey to build just for a toy packaging photo shoot.

I have this theory that audience figures aren’t everything but the ppl in charge haven’t quite caught up to this yet. It’s not just the number of your audience it’s also their engagement. Think about it - the fans who will watch a show no matter how many times it’s repeated, who constantly post content on social media about the show (whether it’s fanfic, gifs from the show or just Wow, I love this), who will buy merchandise (not just DVDs but tie-in books, calendars, action figures etc.) who will follow the actors from their show onto other projects + maybe become fans of those as well. That has to mean something. (Also I think some shows can have a long half-life - in the sense that even after they’ve stopped airing there are still people discovering them + joining the fandom). 

Robert Picardo (he played the holographic Doctor on the television series Star Trek: Voyager) with his ST action figure posing for the NOH8 campaign which supports marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest.

Photo: Adam Bouska.

The Sherlock action figures are honestly terrifying. 

I mean those eyes say, “the next murder we’ll solve will be yours.”

On our way to fuck your shit up.

They managed to create an action figure that depicts the exact facial expression Benddirycfb Cumfherhbuicbt makes when he sucks out your soul. 

What’s that sound I hear? 

Oh, it’s me playing the world’s smallest violin before I murder your entire family.

“Count the shadows. Look behind you. Don’t blink." 

New Avengers Action Figures

I have yet to see any posts about the new Avengers action figures. They’re so life-like. I mean look at these things