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“How to rob a bank” with Ben Mendelsohn and Jeremy Sims, Idiot Box (1996)

One of the funniest scenes in the entire movie, it’s actually mostly improvised. On the DVD commentary, David Caesar talks about going through an entire roll of film (about 10 mins worth of footage), while just letting the two actors do their thing.
One of the standout lines has to be “Don’t drink and rob”.

9 essential questions to help build your character(s)!!!

Yo! So I’m not sure if any other person that took an introductory theater class posted about this on tumblr before, but this was something I learned way back in freshman year, “basic to any aspiring actor/actress” in my teacher’s words, and since I’m ending school soon, I thought I’d share my notes on it here! They’re essentially nine basic questions to ask yourself about your character to help understand your role as that character… but I figured that these are good questions to ask for any kind of potential character building! I feel like a lot of things actors/actresses apply to themselves when they are acting can be applied. It’s why I saved it, hehe.

As mentioned in Respect for Acting by Uta Hagen:

  1. Who am I? This is general character information; Name, age, physical appearance, personality, etc.
  2. Where am I? This is the location of the character and their surroundings/environment, including their country, city, area, neighborhood, building, etc.
  3. What time is it? This is the century, year, season, month, day, hour, etc. of where this character is from.
  4. What surrounds me? This question can also be rephrased as “Who am I talking to?” This could mean objects, people, places, etc., whether they are animate/inanimate, and how this will influence how the character proceeds with circumstances. These factors change circumstances the most.
  5. What is my relationship? Synonymous with #4, this is the character’s relationships with objects, people, places, etc. Is it the character’s concern? Is the character friendly to it?
  6. What are the given circumstances? Past, present, and future circumstances are included. How will it affect the character? How can the character utilize or influence these circumstances, if possible? Why are there these circumstances? This is the most important question to consider.
  7. What do I want? These are objectives, super-objectives, through line of actions, etc. A character’s circumstances are connected to what the character wants as obstacles, tools, and so forth.
  8. What’s in my way? These are the circumstances that serve as obstacles for the character. When writing a character, it is important to consider that there is no “chairkicking” to reaching the objective when an obstacle is present.
  9. What do I do to get what I want? These will be the character’s tactics and actions that will reach it’s objectives and utilizing/influencing/dodging the circumstances. All the previous questions can be considered it’s circumstances to get what it wants, respectively.

Hope somebody finds these useful!

So. Marble Hornets Haunted House AUs. 

Historically, I tend to inflict Haunted House AUs on every fandom I find myself in. (And I’m not talking literal haunted houses here; I’m talking about those places that pop up around Halloween or year-round, where you walk through spooky sets and actors jump out at you. Sometimes there are free-roaming actors in scarezone-type things.) I just…love haunted houses/haunts. Very much. And therefore it becomes fun to think about how a cast of known characters might behave in one of them.

Harbly Marblies, however, is a little tougher, because here we’ve got a cast of characters who are living in a modern-day world where haunts would exist…but who are also deeply traumatized by supernatural spookythings, probably to the point where there is no chance in hell you’d ever get them through the front doors of a haunt. 

So we’ve got some options here. Here are a couple of them.

(Cut because holy cow this post got longer than I expected.

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imagine hating a character so bad you have to trash the actor

i guess that means adam did one hell of a job then lmao. you guys are making my mans prosper since at the end of the day, youre still chatting shit over both the character AND the actor of all things.

also, imagine being so fucking immature in the brain that you think ADAM DRIVER of all people is an asshole off the set. there isn’t a single person that does not sing his praises but once again yall are convinced he is some sort of asshole or god, even worse, an abuser.


i guess yall are anti adam driver now? 😂

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Your ks actor au is the best thing in the world. It brought me soo much life. (Because I quite clearly don't have a life)

You are amaxing and deserve a hug O(≧▽≦)O❤❤❤ thank you so much (im planing on doing more the weeekend when i have time again,)

Voltron actor AU where everything’s the same but Voltron is a live-action TV show and the paladins are actors:

  • Their names are the same in real life. They go by different names in the show. 
  • Keith and Lance still have a “rivalry.” Red and Blue didn’t originally have it, but when the cast first met and the directors saw how Keith and Lance interacted, they wanted to write it in. 
  • Shiro’s arm is still a prosthetic, although the scar is fake.
    • sometimes the makeup crew forgets the scar. literally no one notices until it’s the end of filming
    • “Shiro…” “Huh?” “…they forgot the sca–” “are yOU FUC–”
  •  Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Allura all do their own stunts. 
    • Pidge is only 17 and their mom won’t sign the waiver for them to do their own stunts. 
  • No one really knows how their little production company was able to afford hiring Allura, who’s a big time actress and super talented.
    • they eventually find out that she’s a giant mecha/space nerd and came to /them/ asking for a role and willing to do it for free
  • No one really knows if Coran has a script or if he was told to just say whatever
  • Lance calls Keith “Red” so often that Keith thinks Lance has forgotten his name
    • he hasn’t.
  • The paladins, Allura, Coran, and basically all the actors boycott after season 2, demanding retribution for the way they wrote Hunk and Lance’s characters. 
  • Hunk has an engineering degree in real life.  
  • Matt isn’t Pidge’s real life brother, but when they first meet it goes something like: “baby sister!” “big brother!” and they end up inseparable.
    • Pidge’s mother is known for calling Pidge at work just to talk to her son, Matt 
  • Hunk and Shay’s on-screen chemistry was actually a real thing. Shay was cast at the same time that she was working in the costume/design department, so they’d known each other since the show started. 
    • they’re dating now
  • Every time Lance’s character hits on Allura’s on-screen Lance spends five minutes defending Blue’s character after filming 
    • “he just craves attention, okay? he just wants love!! he’s smart and beautiful and wants to belonG”
    • despite this, Lance is basically his character minus that shoddy writing in season 2
  • Keith and Lance have their own shipping fanbase. It starts out with just their characters, but then Some Mysterious Person starts taking candids between sets and posting them online and klance is born
    • it’s Pidge. Pidge runs five fan accounts. 
    • the pictures are super incriminating, but no one shows them to Lance or Keith
    • there’s a betting pool on when they’ll get together
  • Keith gets super into his roles and ends up genuinely upset after filming the scenes where the princess reacts badly to Red being part Galra. 
    • Allura gives him a 15 minute hug after
  • Bonding Moment Discourse is actually a thing. There was a prop malfunction on set while they were filming and the directors told them to stay put, so Lance ended up being Cradled for a solid half hour.
    • later, they find out that they could’ve moved and just chilled for that time, instead of actually holding each other.
    • “I get it Keith, I get it. You just wanted to hold me. Who doesn’t amiright??”   
musical ratings based on if children swear
  • falsettos: great at first, but slows down a lot. 7/10
  • annie: terrible. so many children, so few swears. 0/10
  • into the woods: none, but if it was made now im certain little red would drop an f-bomb. 1/10
  • music man: not even trying. 0/10
  • fun home: idt there are any? 0/10
  • billy elliot: incredible. set the standard. if u like children swearing this is the show for u. 11/10
  • spring awakening: theyre not child actors, but gosh do they swear a lot. 2/10
  • matilda: they say hell a couple times. 5/10
  • spelling bee: again, not child actors. if "erection" is a swear, 3/10, if not, 0/10
  • a christmas story: no full on swears, but quite a few near swears, so its alright. 2/10
  • school of rock: very good. bonus for talking abt hating the man, minus for being a not great show. 8/10
  • sound of music: can u imagine if one of those kids started swearing thatd be hilarious. 0/10

Can we talk about American Gods? We really have a dark-skin black woman playing a Biblical Queen and a Love Goddess. We have Black People portraying Egyptian Gods. The lead of the show is black. They have West African Gods being portrayed on mainstream media. Seeing black people’s mythology and history represented on screen by black actors is a big thing. People aren’t even aware of nor regard the several figures in Abrahamic religions being African. .


Christian is the kind of actor that throws things at you, things that aren’t written in the scene that really end up helping you a lot. In the scene on the cliff where I’m crying, I didn’t even know that I was going to be crying that much in that scene, it just kind of happened in the first take. It was because of the help from Christian and how he was doing it with me. He cares so much and gives it so much passion. He hugs Clay at the end of that scene but that wasn’t written in the scene. Christian just did that and it’s those little things that he would do. At the end of episode 9 where I’m freaking out and kicking my bike and then I sit down and play tape 10, and he comes over and sits next to me — that wasn’t in the script either. He just does these things that end up taking these scenes to the next level and makes you care about their friendship so much more. - Dylan Minnette