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Hey there guys, I’m rolling back to first episode of the 12th season of SPN here cos I think Bronagh Waugh deserves a big shout out for her exceptional performance as Ms. Watt.

Sure, I’m sure y'all probably hated every member of the Bmol but I think Bronagh’s character was phenomenal even if she was playing the bad guy. I mean girl. :o

She took down two men, one being an Angel of the Lord and the other a hunter. She kicked both of their asses all over the street. 

Women power indeed and ultimately, it took a woman (Mary) to take Bronagh’s character down.

So, since Supernatural likes to recycle their actors by giving them extra roles, maybe she could end up on Wayward Sisters(daughters?) as a different character? With Supernatural, I’m sure anything is possible.

 Yea, that would be awesome. Make it happen writers. Ha ha ツ

Just to clear a few things up about my positivity… i’m not delusionally positive about everything!

Some things I love about Supernatural

- the character based plot lines of self discovery, self acceptance and self worth.
- the themes around family and love, being the best you that you can be, always try to do your best, second chances.
- following on from this the wide acceptance and story lines around positivity in life, acceptance of people with different views as long as they’re not hurting anyone else, positivity around the grey area of life, LGBT+ issues, disabilities etc. 
- the actors and the overall SPN family doing things for charity, generally being amazing people and great role models.
- the writing being so deeply insightful and creative. I’ve never come across anything that is so well written, deep and meaningful, socio-politically and culturally relevant.
- the metaphors, parallels, tropes, visual narrative etc that I’ve learned thanks to the show and now am able to apply elsewhere for a deeper understanding of other media.
- im not religious but i LOVE religious studies as part of anthropology (I studied classics and archaeology because of this) so I love all these references and the new cultural aspects like God being bisexual, Angels being a metaphor for a dictatorship/extreme capitalism etc.

Some things I don’t love about Supernatural

- fandom wank
- writers who are consistently offensive allowed to keep being so regardless of being called out on it in public and the producers knowing they are offensive
- season 12 focusing so much on the character led plot that the story led plot, I feel, suffered
- season 12′s dealing with Lucifer
- season 12′s dealing with Crowley (and Mick) (I’ll put Eileen and Rowena there too if they don’t come back but for the moment I’m assuming they will)
- Cas just not being in enough episodes generally
- Cas’ depression not being overtly addressed, I hope it will moving forwards but it also could not be as he is just ‘fixed’, let’s see
- Dean being bi and destiel not being more obvious earlier on as a part of the story and only so subtextually that most people missed it, so that it has CAUSED fandom wank (seriously, we know the GA is mostly heteronormative, you have to make this things just a little more obvious to thus fend of wank, but hey, I’m relatively sure this is what s13 is setting up for so let’s see).
- the subtext of John as an abusive father. Honestly I’d rather he was just a mess about Mary. I see why the focal point of the repression has to be there somehow for Dean’s story but yeah, wishes and meta as we’ve discussed vastly over the last few days are totally different. I’d have liked for Dean’s issues to be more obviously stemming from school/bullies etc OR than his father OR maybe for in the end him to face the ghost of John and for him to apologise, but hey, it is what it is and I’m sure there’s a reason for it.

So… here are just a few examples. I hope this explains some of my views a little clearer and succinctly :)

Don’t you think Jensen would make the perfect Indiana Jones for a reboot of the movies? Well the whole fandom does. 

We want Disney to see how amazing Jensen is for the role so here’s what YOU can do to help him get noticed!

  • use the #JensenforIndy (created by Robin) on twitter!
  • let the spn actors and TPTB know about this campaign
  • Tagging Disney in tweets would help as well
  •  Spread this around so everyone can be aware

We can all put our differences aside and come together as a fandom to do an amazing thing for Jensen so please signal boost!