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I agree with your assessment about jared and other potential roles. He'd make a great in depth character in drama movies, romantic movies..i am very surprised he hasn't beem approached for more roles. In gg revival he played dean like dean, after watching him on spn for 12 years, I thought i'd see sam in him but nope it was a completely different person. While I don't think jensen will ever not be type cast into deanalikes, jared can convincingly lose the sam persona

First- there is schedule conflicts as he is a lead in a 23 episode series for 9 months.  Second-  it’s going to depend if he wants a lead or supporting role.  Most television leads are not going to be leads in a film, and there are already surplus of great (youngish) character actors readily available to support female-lead films, like The Zookeeper’s Wife.  Third - television stars will be lucky if they score a role of the third dude in a bar with 3 speaking lines, that’s just the reality.  Most of them won’t even have speaking lines, like Enver Gjokaj’s 30 second scene in The Avengers.

That said, what Jared has going for him is that he works hard; he listens, he reacts, he responds to what’s going around him, he’s always present, always alert, always changing and adapting.  He takes risks and puts passion into each of those risks and they almost always pay off.   For the GG revival, Jared did the right thing by studying his old work.  A lot of actors are too embarressed or too proud to review their old work, but everyone had their start somewhere and they should own it, Jared did.  The Christmas Cottage proved that Jared can hold his own with seasoned actors and Oscar winners, but also that he goes above and beyond what the basic expectations are, like he did with Sam Winchester.  Tom Cruise gets grudging respect from distractors because he goes above and beyond for his characters and for the audience.  The biggest fail of the Ocean 11 series is the self-indulgent actors were having fun with each other but left the audience on the outside looking in watching them have fun.  

Don’t you think Jensen would make the perfect Indiana Jones for a reboot of the movies? Well the whole fandom does. 

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