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Have you ever thought about eyes?

We all have a pair.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Some of the work perfectly while others require a bit of maintenance throughout life.

But have you ever really thought about eyes, beyond their physical presence and purpose?

Have you ever thought about the truth of eyes? The truth that they are capable of hiding or reflecting?

Have you ever thought about how you can tell if someone’s smile is genuine just from their eyes?

Or how you can spot a lie just by looking at someone’s eyes?

Or that quality we’ve all come to feebily describe as “soft”, overcome by the inadequacy of the word as we try to convey a quality behind eyes that is meant to be felt and not described?

It is a universal truth then, that the eyes reveal more that words, that they are windows to a soul.

And I believe that’s what makes Mr. Benedict Cumberbatch such an amazing, powerful, gripping actor.

He lets you see the truth of his characters in his eyes, lets you discern and take apart every truth that bombards his character just from a glance of his incredible, mercurial eyes.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s eyes are magic.


“Kimura Tatsunari-san… Thank you very much for these past two years. Hm… It’s sad, right… I didn’t expect that it will turn out to be like this… Seriously… Thank you for doing this stage play together with me, of course that includes Shohei (Nishinoya’s stage actor) as well… I was really happy that you became an awesome partner. Thank you very much.” Suga Kenta (Hinata’s stage actor)