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Richie Tozier

*this is focused on the movie not the book because I am not all the way done with it

I would really like to talk about the complexity of this character because I forget that people tend to only see him as a class clown type. This character is just as bit haunted as Bill or Eddie or Stan or the rest of the losers. I am only going to mention the book once in which it describes how he could easily be one of the more frightened one, and I think that speaks volumes. It is no secret that he is loud and sarcastic and over all obnoxious in a sense, but people fail to forget that he goes out of his way for that. I initially questioned why all the other losers in the movie had such deeper fears. I’ll give you the general over view just to clarify my thoughts on that 

  • Bill’s biggest fear in losing Georgie and that’s already happened so Pennywise uses that as fuel
  • Bev’s is her dad for obvious reasons 
  • Eddie’s is germs due to his overbearing mother
  • Stan’s is imperfection (hence the lady with the screwed up face) or things he doesn’t have control over, the unknown that are outside of the realm of reason
  • Mike’s is his fear of being burned alive and the trauma of losing his parents or submitting to violence 
  • Ben’s is his weight (this comes more into play in the book and it sucks we don’t get a lot of that in the movie) and I think death in a lot of ways is also a huge fear of his

So, tell me why would they make Richie’s fear out to be something as simple as  clowns??? Then, I was able to put two and two together. What does Richie have everyone view him as? A clown. Guys, Gals, and non-binary Pals what is Richie’s fear? clowns. So, when we hear he is terrified of clowns, that is a subtle hint that his biggest fear is actually himself. And, seeing as it’d be pretty hard to show that on screen or even in a book, it’s easy to use clowns as a symbol of himself. ‘What about himself makes him fear himself you?’ Admitting that he has to grow up or that he isn’t always going to be able to repress anything other than jokes. Clowns for him serve as a constant reminder that he uses humor as a way to cover up insecurities. And, don’t forget that at the end of the movie when Bill has to shoot ‘Georgie’ Richie also faces his biggest fear. Richie actually straight up hit his biggest fear with a baseball bat in order to save his friend. If anyone dare so he doesn’t love Bill then that is a straight up lie, which is why it’s kind of heart breaking that Bill punches him in the face. So, while everyone is feeling sorry for Bill, we are forgetting that Richie is also dealing with losing a friend that he really does love a lot. And, it should also be noted that what does he see when he first enters the house? That’s right! ding ding ding! A missing poster. It’s no wonder he is so loud and annoying, he is terrified of being forgotten or lost, and when he is lured into the room by ‘Eddie’ yeah it’s important that it’s Eddie of all people and everyone is pushing Reddie which I like the idea of myself we are failing to realize that I bet $1000000 he would go into that room if it was any one of his friends. Because another big fear of his that we see in that instance is losing a friend, which ties back into when Bill punches him in the face. He might not get a lot of ‘serious’ focus in the movie as far as fear goes, but there are a lot of subtle hints at it. He faces a LOT of his fears in this movie. I absolutely love what the directors and Finn Wolfhard were able to do with his character, so people please please please see him as more than a class clown.

**lemme know if u want me to do a deeper study at the other characters because this was kinda fun to make

Edit: if you took the time to read this then take the time to read Stan Uris’s because he is important as well and I spent 45 minutes trying to write out my thoughts properly

Q: hey what is the gif of sebastian stan crying from?                                                          A: you’re gonna have to narrow it down a bit  

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It’s interesting because we make decisions and choices, even spur of the moment things happen within a scene or an episode that they then continue to write for. That’s part of the process for a character within a television series. 

The actor does things and the writers watch this and then they start writing towards what the actor’s doing and they start into a collaboration as the character develops


Jensen Ackles on Cas and Dean’s characters at JIB 2013.

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So, what you’re saying, outloud, to a room full of fans here Jensen, is that you and Misha did some things at the beginning of the series that the writers have picked up on and started writing into the show?

Thank you for this beautiful clarification.

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Were Mila and Danny a thing??? I mean I had ~a feeling~ that they may have been at some point but...what's the tea 👀

They weren’t, as said by them plenty of times and the facts one can add.

I’m not much of a RPF fan, so I’m going to try and make this response as clear and informative as I can. But,

  • She was underage for most part of the show. He being 7 years older than her would had been a little bit crazy and honest to god disgusting if they were a thing. Which I don’t believe they were because
  • Both were on relationships by the time the rumor of them being a thing was spread. He has always present as a very monogamous man, liking and having serious and long-term relationships, which he had during the show and after, before marrying Bijou Philips. While Mila was also in a long-term serious relationship with actor Macaulay Culkin.
  • Another thing to add is the fact that both had refer to the other as their brother/sister, which makes sense since he seemed to have bonded with her pretty early during filming.
  • After the show ended, and their relationships too, they didn’t had a reason to hide if they had been together, but to this day they keep saying the same: they never dated, they see each other as brother/sister, it was only a rumor.

IMPORTANT, 24/06/2017: This post is constantly updated. It has gotten to long, so the rest is now under the cut. You can ask me whatever you want about it.

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“maybe we should have an affair.”
“m-mm, no ma’am. this ain’t no affair. i’m in this for life.”

so there’s all sorts of love stories within waitress, and i love them all. one i especially love is that of jenna and becky. this little exchange after ogie and dawn’s wedding - gosh! when i first saw it i teared up. and now i do every time. it’s so genuine, especially with charity in the role of becky. also: im captaining this ship now, jenna and becky for life!!!

Antiblackness is universal.

Literally, barring spaces/countries populated entirely by Black people, there’s nowhere I can go/no community I can engage with and be confident that i won’t experience antiblack racism.

And that includes fandom spaces.

Whenever non-US members of fandom try to shut down conversations about antiblack racism by framing said conversations as a wholly Western invention and accusing Black members of fandom in the US of “talking over other people of color” or of “US-centric discussions”, I kind of want to scream because it’s such a transparent derailing tactic.

In trying to claim that Black people talking about how systemic antiblack racism plays out in fandom spaces (via things like shipping practices/how fandom talks about Black characters and actors) is this rudely western thing that we just won’t shut up about, these fans are basically pulling from a decades’ old handbook of how to silence Black people. 

We saw it with that absolute walnut that responded to my personal post on slavery with by telling me that other people than black people were enslaved. We saw it when the Hydra Tr@sh folk were going around accusing people that weren’t about to ship T’challa with the dude who murdered his dad of having some sort of hate-on for Eastern Europeans. 

We see it every time a Black person’s opinion on racism in fandom blows up even the slightest bit.

We’re going to keep seeing it because fandom is as much an institution as the ones making the media we all can’t get enough of. It’s to the benefit of BNFs – who tend to be white women with some form of fannish social capital – to make sure that pointing out systematic antiblackness in fandom is a shunnable offense.

The new X-Men movie cast an actual Native American actress for a Native American character, and cast an actual Brazilian actor for a Brazilian character.

These things SHOULDN’T be groundbreaking, but in an industry still pretty bent on whitewashing, this casting is sort of amazing.

hey y'all know how it’s a big joke to mess with the guard guys in london cuz they don’t move or whatever? i feel like disney parks character actors are on that same level because people do some wild things in their presence and yet these people stay in character

EXCLUSIVE: The 7 Biggest Secrets From Hook & Emma's 'Once Upon a Time' Wedding: Vows, Honeymoon & Much More!


Wedding bells are officially ringing in Storybrooke!

Once Upon a Time’s highly anticipated musical episode is almost here, which means that we’re just a few days away from witnessing Emma Swan and Killian Jones say “I do” in a breathtaking wedding ceremony. (Trust us. It’s perfect.)

ET had the pleasure of visiting Once Upon a Time’s set in Vancouver, Canada, last month during filming of the musical matrimony, and we sat down with stars Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue for an intimate and in-depth interview that focused on each and every aspect of their on-screen wedding.

From their “honest” vows, to Emma’s “timeless” wedding gown, and their dream honeymoon – only ET has all the inside scoop straight from the stars of the series! Plus, we’ve got additional details from executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, as well as Once Upon a Time’s head costume designer Eduardo Castro.

So, shall we get started? Or, as O'Donoghue cleverly put it: who’s ready for some “music and dance and some mighty fine romance” at Captain Swan’s wedding?

Just a warning that this is the biggest Once Upon a Time article we’ve ever written, so grab a comfy seat, put your cellphone on silent and get ready to go on an emotional roller coaster of feels. And, as always, please remember to breathe!

1. The Venue: The Once showrunners confessed that they had considered a number of “other places” for Emma and Killian to tie the knot – yes, even Granny’s! – but in the end, they settled on a brand new Storybrooke location for the ceremony. “Without wanting to spoil the episode, there’s a story reason for why it’s on the roof,” Horowitz revealed. “But there’s also something to us that was super romantic about having Storybrooke as the backdrop.”

Emma and Killian will tie the knot in front of a dream-worthy sunset and surrounded by their closest friends and family. “It’s the place where they’ve kind of come together,” Horowitz continued. “Where their love has grown and where both of them as characters have grown, so seeing the whole town kind of beneath and surrounding them felt like a really cool way to do it.”

“I thought it was perfect,” Morrison dished. “We just felt, like, what better way to make it feel extra special than to have [the wedding] also be the musical episode?”

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KK so I know everyone likes these, so let’s get it poppin’ and pump out some more!

-Kirigiri’s ‘death’ scene took forever because Kirigiri kept moving in some way or another (I.E. her keg shaking, her mouth opening and closing, her chest rising/falling, etc.).

-Iruma and Kiibo’s 'sex scene’ also took forever to film because Iruma kept laughing and crying that this was too dirty and Kiibo kept crying bc he was being 'Deflowered’.

-Souda finally telling off Sonia for ignoring him 24/7 and then crying and apologizing with the others in the show laughing.

-Oogami’s 'ASAHINA’ yell takes popping up every 5 minutes of the blooper reel with everyone laughing and giving their input.
-Bonus: Imagine Togami yelling 'NAEGI’ to show Oogami how it might sound like.

-In Akamatsu’s 'execution’ scene, you can hear Saihara screaming 'MY WAIFU, NO!’

-This vine on Sayaka/Kyouko’s vine channel:
Hinata: Is that a hamster in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Komaeda: *Takes out knife*
Hinata: Oh, shit, nope! Its a knife! *Runs away*

-Or this one:
Mikan: *Strides up to Junko with a flirty smile* How old are you?
Junko: *Looks up from her phone* 15.
Togami/Syo/Hinata/Komaeda: *Screams no and drags her away*

-Souda, Fuyuhiko, and Akane chanting 'One of Us’ when one of the other actors are running late.

-In the scene where Fuyuhiko’s holding Peko while she’s beat up, they kiss on camera and everyone screams in joy.

-Syo and Komaru having an argument bc 'Listen, Dekomaru, I’M Deadpool! You can be Captain America!’ and Fujisaki just shrugging and saying that she’s Spiderman.
-Bonus: Syo yells that now she’s definitely Deadpool bc Spideypool’s fucking canon.

-In Celes’s execution, one of the pop-up flames fall and hit one of the costumed Monokumas in the audience. She unties herself and helps them with Togami (The camera man) laughing loudly.

-Hinata and Souda arguing over which cereal is 'Bomb’ or 'Lit’, with Hinata on Fruit Loops’ side and Souda on Frosted Flakes’ side
-Bonus: Komaeda being on Hinata’s side and Gundham on Souda’s side

-Fujisaki filming Fukawa and being like 'Look at this cute thing, she is the most beautiful thing on this planet omg’.
-Bonus: Fukawa doing the same thing when Fujisaki’s in the screen.

-Naegi calling Togami 'Dollface’ and Togami calling Naegi 'Tough Guy’ behind the scenes.

-Sayaka filming the actors and saying things like 'My brother’, 'My sister’, or, for Kyouko, 'My sweet girlfriend’.

-Togami filming the episode on his TV, thn switching to himself scowling in an exaggerated scowl when a Naegiri scene pops up.

-Every actor- even the stoic characters- doing the 'Eh eh eh’ thing where they wiggle around every time their face pops up on the TV.

-Natsumi and Sato glaring at each other, but once the director calls cut, there’s a lot of cute pictures Sayaka and Chiaki took of them eating ice cream together and watching the scenes laughing together.

-Komaeda running away with Hinata’s shirt screaming 'Sugar Honey Iced Tea!’ as Hinata screams in an exaggerated way after running after him.

-Souda filming Gundham on break and narrating his actions like the crocodile hunter.

-There’s a lost video of the DR1 cast and DR2 cast doing a music video for 'I don’t dance’ from HSM2.

-Asahina filming Celestia sitting in Yamada’s lap and doing his bloody makeup for Naegi’s hallucination with them laughing and Yamada booping Celes’s little nose.
-Bonus: Yamada curling Celes’s drills for her while she irons his jacket. Asahina films all of this in full detail.

-Hinata and Komaeda swapping clothes for an episode and all of the fans noticing so the directors had to reshoot the whole episode with the correct outfits.

And that’s pretty much all I can think of rn! I hope its good!

I watched the Mummy, and Holy Mother of All that’s Good and Pure!!!

Important Discussion - Writers Have Lives Too, They Aren’t Your Machines and Never Will Be.

I’ve seen this issue across Tumblr in various fandoms to various writers: People treating writers like machines and taking their writing for granted.

Newsflash: Writing takes time, writing takes thought, writing is free, and writing IS HARD.

People don’t have to share their writing, but they do, and they do it for you, the reader for your enjoyment. There aren’t many things that writers want, and it’s not that hard to give:

-Feedback (ie, compliments, reactions, anything positive)


-Random asks just to drop by like ‘how your day?‘ or ‘I loved this fic!’

Instead I see things like ‘Where’s your masterlist?’, ‘Your masterlist isn’t woroking’, ‘Make a part 2 to this’

It doesn’t hurt to say please once in awhile, and it sure as hell doesn’t hurt ot look for yourself. I’ve seen people asking writers where their masterlist and if they can have a link even though the link is in their bio or clearly on their home page. Honestly, if you tell somebody their links aren’t working, that doesn’t help, it causes more work for the writer. You tell them ‘ the link to part _ of ___ doesn’t works’. If the writer has linked the previous parts on the post, you don’t ask for part 1, you click it yourself.  If they have ask guidelines, read it, don’t ignnore it!

[Refer HERE to Request Do’s and Don’t’s]

I’m going to use my dear friend @bonniebird as and example. Her blog is VERY EASY to navigate through!

If a writer has closed requests, save them the work and DON’T SEND REQUESTS!!

Also using bae @amylillian22.


Now, let’s talk important things, don’t send hate. Literally don’t, it only de-motivates a writer which is NOT what you want to happen. I don’t care if they aren’t releasing the fic you requested or the next part of your favorite series, they’re still people and they have lives. The same goes for their own opinions, if you don’t like don’t follow. Send anon love, support your writers and show them that. It doesn’t hurt to spread love.

[Please refer to @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog #StopTheHate post HERE]

I’m gonna use @winchesters-favorite-girl as an example for this one.

Writing is hard. Fics are a blessing, don’t abuse it.

So please, spread anon love, respect your writers, don’t spread hate. Hate isn’t a nice thing to recieve and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to say it to them in person. I know this sounds like I’m an old person talking to a 6-year old, but this was something were taught since then. Don’t be immature, be the bigger person.

Respect others, be patient, and don’t be rude.

Need more rants and other things? [HERE] [HERE] [HERE]

“Mmmhmm,” O'Donoghue confirmed. “I picked the engagement ring and then they showed me this [wedding band] and I was like, ‘Yeah, that’ll do.’” To which Morrison added, “They’re very inclusive with us around here. It’s really nice.”

Kitsis and Horowitz explained that they have always encouraged the actors to “take ownership of their characters,” and allowing them to select things like the right gowns or props is a natural extension of that. “I think our props department is awesome and I’m sure that they had some great rings,” Horowitz said. “Nobody knows the character of Hook better than Colin, so of course he’d be the one to figure out what it should be.”

—  Colin picked out Captain Swan’s rings?!!! Major swooning over here!