Earlier in my career, I used to look at other actors and maybe steal a move here or there, but as I have gotten older, I prefer releasing the idiosyncratic quality that every single person has. That is truly interesting. In the pursuit of pretending and making things seem real, what is really interesting is watching somebody on camera or on stage releasing things that only they could. That is really beautiful.

Happy Birthday to James McAvoy (April 21st, 1979)


Robert De Niro - Martin Scorsese: Collaborations

I wish I had that knowledge of movies that he has. He’s like an encyclopedia. I could call him up and ask him about a certain movie, and he would know about it. He’s seen everything, it’s great. - Robert De Niro on Martin Scorsese

And even now I still know of nobody who can surprise me on the screen the way he does – and did then. No actor comes to mind who can provide such power and excitement. - Martin Scorsese on Robert De Niro

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