Hoechlin and Ian Panel - DOTWNJ (Part 2)

 In Paris they were in a car being followed so Ian said, “Lose them.” And the cab driver did. #dotwnj

But the driver stayed at the restaurant and the car caught up to them and found them. #dotwnj

People tend to think Tyler will be more like Derek. #dotwnj

Hoechlin asked Ian if his facial hair is like a magnet, because he gets asked if people can touch his scruff. #dotwnj

Tyler liked going to Switzerland cause he skied with Ian and Holland. #dotwnj

Ian really liked Australia and Italy. Also France and Spain. #dotwnj

No one asked about Dylan. Hoechlin brings up Dylan. Love. #dotwnj

Haley made it her mission to get Hoechlin to break and he didn’t. The only time he broke is the paralyzed scene. #dotwnj

Dylan made a sound and Tyler couldn’t even see his face but he knew what face he was making and he cracked up. #dotwnj

There are always scenes they wish they could redo, because as actors they always feel there is more they could give. #dotwnj

Ian won’t scream the alpha line because it wrecks his throat. #dotwnj

Actors don’t watch their own stuff bc it upsets them when scenes get cut. They would play a part of it differently if they knew. #dotwnj

Tyler feels that Derek officially joined Scott’s pack after he “spoke” to Talia. #dotwnj

@thrutheeyeofruby idk if this changes anything but I live in Michigan, I am an American born Chinese and Filipino mix. The woman who started talking to me in Chinese is white.

Hoechlin and Ian’s Panel - DOTWNJ (Part 1)

Tyler had a whole headcanon for how his relationship with Peter was and the flashback episode was totally different. #dotwnj

Ian feels like Peter was always searching for acceptance, and the closest he came was Derek. #dotwnj

Derek’s current state of mind is reevaluate Peter after he comes out of Eichen House. #dotwnj

Tyler ripped a toenail off once filming an action scene. Ian says the constant nicks and bruises we’re worse. #dotwnj

It’s weird being so famous that people want to take pictures with them. Tyler says it’s cool but he doesn’t feel worthy. #dotwnj

Tyler says it would be weird to get to a point that he’s like, “Yeah, you should be crying.” #dotwnj

Hoechlin just finished filming a movie “That’s what I’m talking about” and it should be out towards the end of the year #dotwnj

@IanBohen kicked @tylergposey in the balls once while filming and he was down for a good thirty minutes. #DOTWNJ

Fingers crossed Tyler is starting a new movie soon. #dotwnj

Tyler’s theme song would be Uptown Funk. #dotwnj

Tyler auditioned for a bunch of roles for TWITA and Linklater picked his character for him. #dotwnj

McReynolds is a lot more confident than Tyler, but he doesn’t know how much he can give away. #dotwnj

I look at you and I see the rest of my life. I see love, laughter, family, tears, hugs, kisses, pets, planes and trains. I look at you and I see late night drives and early morning showers together. I see pain and struggle, but I know that we will always be in this together. You are my home, my happiness, my safe place, you are my light at the end of the tunnel, you are the love of my life. When I look at you I see the strongest person I know, with a heart of gold and I feel so lucky to be loved by you.
—  I love you more than anything

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