Take It All Back

Part Eighteen

Summary: Jensen wakes up in a familiar place.  
Pairing: Jensen x OFC (Journey)
Word Count: 2080
Warnings: Feels. Probably some things you all expected, but hopefully you can enjoy the chapter anyway! Also, fair warning that I made myself cry a little writing this. 


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  • Jensen: One day, I will be strong and punch the sun.
  • Sneaky: Uh, yeah, pretty sure that’s not possible so…uh…
  • Jensen: I will punch it.
  • Sneaky: Look, buddy. If you try and punch the sun, your hand’s just gonna get burned up. Not really sure what you’re expecting here.
  • Jensen: I’m gonna punch it real hard.

season twelve gag reel

  • misha is the most beautiful person alive
  • jared swears
  • a lot
  • he also forgets his lines
  • jensen just loves dancing and pulling faces
  • misha’s laugh
  • misha’s squealing
  • ruth is adorable
  • misha is too
  • sam loves cas’ soft hands
  • jensen is a tease to misha
  • jared and jensen are never growing up are they
  • jared making misha laugh
  • they’re pretty much just three besties teasing each other on set 24/7
  • i miss richard so much i would die for him
  • did i mention misha