actor: willem dafoe

The best moment in the entire Spider-Man franchise.

This scene is just beautiful because it raises so many questions such as
Why is this in the film?
Is it supposed to be scary or funny?
Why is he dressed up as an old lady in the first place? Because I’m sure Spider-Man would have tried to save him anyway.
Did he set fire to the building?
If so how did he know Spider-Man would have turned up at the exact right time?
How long would have stayed in the burning building if Spider-Man didn’t turn up?
Did he find the old lady shoal or did he bring it with him?
What made him think that dressing up as an old lady would be a great tactic?
What happened if he had died wearing the shoal whilst also in the Green Goblin outfit?
Did the Green Goblin formula also give him the ability to sound like old women?
Just why?

Although I ask these questions along with many others I know that the answer is because he is bat shit crazy.