actor: steven yeun

white privilege is steven yeun, a Korean man, who was a main on the walking dead for six years, having to audition for minor roles while his white co-star Norman Reedus, who was supposed to die after four episodes, gets treated like the main character of the show, gets given storylines that were supposed to go to poc AND gets his own show about riding motorcycles.  

Petition for an unofficial animated short of Jeremy Shada singing Gasolina with Steven Yeun doing the backing vocals (animated with Keith and Lance of course)

Edit: please reblog, if it gets enough notes im gonna tweet it to them

I love how Josh Keaton and Steven Yeun are polar opposites in the Voltron crew.

Josh immediately embraced the show and the fans, loves the #SpaceDad memes and aesthetic, literally makes tweets that say things like “Space Dad wants you to be happy :)”, wears Voltron gear all the time, tweets about it constantly, interacts with fans and is in the know on fandom memes, makes vines and videos related to Voltron, takes group pics with the other cast members at any opportunity, is super into fanart and fan work, and is omnipresent even in times of Discourse.

Steven is the cast Cryptid™ - did not even fucking acknowledge he was a part of the show for over a year, has never tweeted about it or promoted it in anyway, is never at any of the group panels, is never in group photos with the rest of the cast, the only group photos with him included have been photoshopped and that itself has become a meme, and last week for the first time ever he posted a pic on instagram of a chibi keith pin a fan sent him with the caption “dis cute.”

They are both icons on opposite ends of the spectrum.