actor: steve gonsalves

Steve: Ten seconds prior to that, he felt cold on his neck, on his hand, on his arm. Felt cold cold cold.
Tango: And that was ten seconds after?
Steve: Ten seconds prior.
Tango: Oh. Prior.
Steve: Prior means before.
Tango: Yeah, I know.
Steve: Okay. Just making sure.
Tango: Thanks. So it was before…
Steve: Prior means before.
Tango: I know!
Steve: Alright, I’m just making sure.
Tango: You just said that twice.
Steve: Well, there’s been question as to where your education dropped off.
Tango: It never dropped off, I’m still learning.
Steve: Did you graduate?
Tango: Yeah, I graduated! Did you?
Steve: - laughing -
Tango: I learned stuff, doesn’t mean I retained it all.
Steve: That’s true.
i love them. <3