actor: ross lynch

A new photo of Ross Lynch dressed as Jeffrey Dahmer for the movie “My Friend Dahmer”.
A lot of Jeff’s old classmates said that Ross looks very similar to Jeff and Derf Backderf, who wrote the graphic novel “my friend Dahmer”, asked the actor: “If you want to talk to me, please take your glasses off, because it’s freaking me out.”

Why The My Friend Dahmer Trailer Was Perfection 

Excuse me while i geek out for just a moment, but DAMN, it was so amazing and here’s my opinion as to why: 

Excuse me while i geek out for just a moment, but DAMN, it was so amazing and here’s my opinion as to why: 

1. the opening image of Jeff, standing in solitude by the high school, perfectly captured the loneliness of his adolescence.

2. when joyce hits lionel over the head while screaming at him is almost exactly how I imagined joyce and lionel to be. Joyce, of course, being the overbearing, mentally unstable wife, humiliating the defeated husband, who was too pathetic it seems, to really stand up for himself. This combination-the emotionally unavailable father and the over-emotional mother-made for an extremely volatile childhood for Dahmer.

3. he actually sounded like jeff when he said “how about what’s on a patient’s mind” damn, ross!!


5. it also amazingly portrayed how isolated jeff was by acting out (his spasms, outbursts, and stunts), and how d e s p e r a t e he was for attention and love, that he would go to these lengths to obtain that. unfortunately, it was a vain attempt, and would only make him feel even more empty.

6. “He’s not a sideshow attraction.” THIS HIT HOME FOR ME, cause like, you could say that ab him, even at his trial, how he was dissected, leered at, and gossiped about. His trial was televised like it was a fucking crime drama, and people tuned in like they were watching some bizarre law and order ep play out. it was totally sensationalized.

7. When he hit the tree with the bat was just how i pictured. So far, just this minute and a half was better than the Jeremy Renner movie, but that’s just my opinion.

Please add to the list if you’d like!