actor: lucas till

Bringing Havok- Alex Summers One Shot

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Based off (x)

Pairing: Alex Summers (Havok)x Reader

Trigger Warnings: yelling/fighting (not sure if that’s a trigger but better safe than sorry)


“Are you upset with me or something?” Alex asked as you walked at a quick pace into the Xavier house. You rolled your eyes and sat your purs
 down on a nearby chair and made your way to the stairs, fully intending on ignoring him.
“(Y/N)?” He asked, his tone slightly stern. You shook your head slightly and quickened your  pace to the stairs. You heard Alex sigh angrily as he stormed over to you, his strides easily allowed him catch up to you. “(Y/N)!!” He yelled so loud you were afraid you would disturb the other until you realized they were still all out. Alex’s hand wrapped around your arm and held you back in a stern grip. “Will you stop acting like a child for two seconds?!?!?” He yelled at you louder than before.
“I’m not acting like a child, Alex.” You said pointedly. “Or should I call you Havok?” You asked in a mocking, high pitched voice; mocking the girls he was clearly flirting with earlier.
“Really? That’s what this is about?” He asked in a monotone voice. He gave you “are you freaking serious” face that only angered you more.
“No, Alex, you’re right. God forbid I be upset when my supposed boyfriend spends all night flirting with other girls.” You snapped at him.
“Supposed?!” He yelled. “What the hell is that supposed to men?!”
“It means that I’m done always feeling like you don’t give a shit about me!” You yelled. Your anger was getting more and more intense and before you knew it the lights around you were flickering. “I don’t deserve you and I know it okay!!! I don’t need girls throwing themselves at you everywhere we go to remind me of it!!!!”
The lights calmed down a little bit, their flickering becoming less and less frequent and less and less intense.
“Will you calm down the electricity before lightning bolts shoot out of your hands!?!?!” He screamed at you, clearly afraid that your mutation would turn him into a fried mutant.
“Oh, so sorry, I didn’t realize that my mutation inconvenienced you.” You said a sarcastic tone.
“You can be so melodramatic sometimes!” He yelled. “And what the hell do you mean you’re not good enough for me?!”
“I don’t get why I just don’t understand that you’ll never care about me the way I care about you.” You muttered to yourself.
“AND I JUST DONT GET WHY YOU CANT SEE I LOVE YOU-” he screamed and time stopped.
You two just sat there for a moment, staring at each other. His gaze held passion and rage while yours held nothing but surprise, shock, and happiness.
He stood in front of you, taking large breaths as he tried to calm himself down, fearing he wouldn’t be able to control his mutation and could possibly hurt you. His chest rose and fell with his breath and his hands rhythmically balled into fists as his jaw clenched in anger. He stood there, only a few feet in front of you. His eyes burned into yours, nothing but rage in them until they widened in shock.
“Oh shit did I just say that out loud…” He mumbled to himself. His eyes stayed on yours, waiting for you to do something, anything, but all you could do was stay frozen. “(Y/N) say something.” He told you. You could see the worry in his eyes, his fear that he had just completely ruined everything. “Yell at me. Tell me I have no right saying that after the way I treated you. Just please for the love of god say something.”
“You-you love me?” You stuttered out to him finally.
“Is it really so hard to believe?” He scoffed, kicking his feet around on the floor, walking slightly away from you, turning his back and running a hand through his messed-up blonde hair. “Fuck it.” He whispered to himself before turning around quickly, grabbing your face and kissing you passionately. “Dammit I love you.” He said, pulling away from you slightly, only to reconnect your lips again, his large hands still cupping your face as yours moved around his neck once your body let you respond to his touch. “I love you (Y/N). And no mutant teenaged girls are going to change that. I swear on my life I love you with everything I am. I wasn’t flirting with those girls. Why would I when I have the most perfect girl I could ever ask for?” He said, his eyes boring into yours. His thumb mindlessly traced over your cheekbone and your fingers brushed through the short hair at the base of his neck. You couldn’t believe what he was saying to you. You never thought Alex felt that way at all. You stared into his bright blue eyes and you couldn’t help the smile on your face. Alex stared at you with a worried expression on his face. You wondered why he seemed nervous for a second until you realized you had been so wrapped up in his words you hadn’t spoken any yourself.
“I love you too.” You spoke and watched his eyes light up. “Oh my god I love you.”
“Really?” He asked, his voice sounding hopeful as one of the biggest smiles you’ve ever seen stretched across his face.
“Yes.” You told him. “Yes of course I love you.”