actor: josh janowicz

The 2005 film The Chumscrubber has to take the cake for one of my favourite films of all time.  Not only does it have a wide range of actors I love, but it’s also one of the most darkly hilarious movies I’ve ever seen. 

The film follows Dean (Jamie Bell), a normal teenager who aids his friend Troy (Josh Janowicz) in supplying the entire city with “feel good” pills.  When Troy suddenly hangs himself, Dean comes to visit him and finds him hanging in his bedroom.  His death impacted the entire city because he took with him to his grave the location of his stash.  Three kids, Billy (Justin Chawtin), Lee (Lou Taylor Pucci), and Crystal (Camille Belle), convinced that Dean knows the location of the drugs make an attempt to kidnap his little brother Charlie Stiffle (Rory Culkin), but mistakenly kidnap the Mayors (Ralph Fiennes) son, Charlie Bartley (Thomas Curtis).  Many side stories are shown throughout the film, which I personally find where the hilarity ensues.  And, to add to the fantastic cast list, Camilla Belle’s mom is played by Carrie-Anne Moss.

If you haven’t watched this movie, you really should.