actor: gethin anthony


You’re mine and I’m yours


Copenhagen (2014) Directed by Mark Raso


She brought me to the beach and she pointed to the right where the Baltic sea is. It’s a very beautiful and blue sea, the current travels west. Then she pointed to the left, the North Sea, also a very beautiful sea but the current travels east. And then she pointed to the middle and she said, that is the perfect relationship. You can look to the left and you can look to the right and both seas are there, and they can meet in the middle but they never lose themselves in each other. They are always themselves no matter what.


For a long time the king did not speak. Then, very softly, he said, “I dream of it sometimes. Of Renly’s dying. A green tent, candles, a woman screaming. And blood.” Stannis looked down at his hands. “I was still abed when he died. Your Devan will tell you. He tried to wake me. Dawn was nigh and my lords were waiting, fretting. I should have been ahorse, armored. I knew Renly would attack at break of day. Devan says I thrashed and cried out, but what does it matter? It was a dream. I was in my tent when Renly died, and when I woke my hands were clean.”