actor: finn jones


Priest/witch Powerfist AU

Danny is a mischievous witch who loves to cast small spells and curses on people. He would practice his magic in the forest and spend time with his cat

Luke is man who decided to put his faith in god after he got out of prison. He believes strongly in his faith and wants the people in his church to see god’s light and trust God to help them the way he helped him.

One day Danny sees Luke’s little church and decides to go inside. Luke was in the middle of reading his bible but he looks up and gives a smile.

“Are you here to join the church?”

Danny shakes his head. “I just curious. This is your church?”

“Yes it is.” Luke says with pride. “Hm, interesting.” Danny walks in further and goes to a table where there’s a little Virgin Mary statue, rosary beads and flowers. Luke notices something when the young man is near the flowers. They start to wilt. “That strange, I’ve been watering them properly.” He goes to the table and examines the flowers.

“Sorry about that.” The boy says. “Sorry? About what?”

“My magic is sometimes a little too strong.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m a witch.” Luke didn’t believe him. There’s no such thing as witches. “You seem skeptical of my claim. Here I’ll show you.” He grabs the flower and concentrates. The flowers petals catch on fire. He let’s it burn until the petals are ashes.

Luke looks shocked. “Oh my god, you…you’re unholy, why are you in a place like this?” The witch shrugs. “Like I said I was curious.”

“Are you evil, are you a follower of satan?” The witch shakes his head. “Mischievous maybe, but not evil. Sure there are some evil witches, but I’m just a plain witch.” He smiles. “I guess I should go. I understand if you don’t want me here.”

Before he could go, Luke grabs his shoulder. “Wait, what is your name?”

“Danny. Yours?”


“Well Luke, it was nice meeting you. Maybe I will come back in few days, I mean if your willing to let me in.”

“Anyone is welcome’s in god’s house, even if they are….strange.”

“I’m a little bit more then strange but thank you.” And with that Danny walks out the church. Luke wonders if he will be back. It might be dangerous to be involve in something that is unholy like a witch.

But This young witch intrigued him and he wanted to know more about him.


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