actor: eric balfour


— She gets everything she wants when she gets me alone, like it’s nothing. ©

The GOP Health Care Bill got released and it’s terrible. It will hurt millions of people and will take health care away from millions of people, woman, children, dogs and cats … everybody. It’s awfull.

Eric Balfour is encouraging everybody to go to It gives you amazing information who you can call, how you should call and ….

  • Me: *rushes through adulty things*
  • Also me: *sits down to write*
  • Still me: *writes 3 words, deletes them all*
  • Google: Look how many pictures there are of Eric Balfour!
  • Google, 12 pages later: You've been here long enough, go and do something
  • Tumblr: Hi, how are you? I can distract you, you don't need to write, look how fun this is!
  • Me, 3 hours later: What am I even doing with my life?!