actor: bradley james

So, as I hinted I’d do, here’s something to accompany my manip of Merlin/Colin with an undercut (x). Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments and tags on that one! I hope this other side of the coin is enjoyed too! ^^

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damien 1.03 - the deliverer;  
Some groups want to worship you, others want you dead. like that guy who came after me? who was he? an unprotected pawn. Well, he almost succeeded in trying to kill me. So much for you being my guardian angel. I’m not your only source of protection, there are many complex forces ar play. Some want you to fulfil what they consider your destiny. What, do destroy the world? To fulfil God’ will…to bring about the second coming of Christ. Others want to protect the status quo at all costs. It’s only a matter of time before the Vatican’s forced to act.