actor: asa butterfield

In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves. And then, in that very moment when I love them…. I destroy them.
—  Ender’s Game- (I think this is probably one of the most stunningly, flawlessly powerful quotes ever for any heroic based book. Every single hero has experienced this thought even when it’s not or hasn't been explicitly implied in the story and thought process. This statement genuinely revolutionizes one’s perspective on heroes in novels and the dynamic he or she has towards the antagonist.)

New One - part 3 - Enoch O'Connor imagine

a/n: so hi i like continuing this lil bean called enoch imagine ahsjdhfjshfj uhhhh anyways so here is part 3 ayyyyye i love enoch so much you can’t even imagine, and i LOVE finlay god that babe

characters: mphfpc movie!enoch o'connor x reader, and all the other peculiar children plus jacob portman

warnings: ehh… none :) but as always, the characters’ ages are accurate except enoch who is as old as he was portrayed in the mphfpc movie

y/n and enoch. those two. 

they had been spending too much time together for anyone to comprehend. mis peregrine was, of course, delighted that enoch had found someone he had opened up to. and she was relieved that y/n finally had peace here. she had noticed the young telekinetic girl wasn’t nervous or bad-like giddy-ish like she was when she first came, continuing until her and enoch…. made themselves official. 

miss peregrine had never seen enoch smile. from the day he had came to cairnholm, enoch had never smiled or shown any type of joy to her or anybody else. sarcastic comments and hateful glares or long silences were always his way to show he was among the peculiar children. somehow they got along with enoch, but he didn’t care. 

y/n had been encouraging him to talk more and not be so unsocial with others and it somehow worked. everyone wondered how it could be - they thought nobody could break enoch’s sour look on life. y/n was proud of herself for being the one to change enoch. well, not exactly him, but his attitude. 

they fit together so perfectly - heads always close, whispering to each other and giggling. they were constantly spending time together, and they spent more time outside, y/n actually brought enoch along to the daily walk. rarely were the lovebirds alone. they looked very lovely at every given moment, everyone was happy for them. 

y/n and enoch were now sitting under a tree fiona grew out especially for them. y/n was laying between enoch’s legs with her back against his chest and a book in her hands. she held it out for the both of them to read. it was john green’s paper towns.

“why have you underlined that sentence there?” enoch asked, disturbing the - perhaps - silence.

y/n eyes wondered down to where the boy’s slender finger was pointing. “well, i like that quote.”

“why?” he questioned. “can you read it out for me?”

“okay.” y/n cleared her throat. “…leaving feels good and pure only when you leave something important, something that mattered to you. pulling life out by the roots. but you can’t do that until your life has grown roots.

encoh hummed. “it does sound nice.” he went silent, he was thinking. y/n waited. “does it mean anything to you?”

“uhm…” y/n paused. “it could, but does it?”

“you mean…?”

“well, i left my parents in my old life when i came, remember?” y/n said, looking at enoch with her head tilted backwards. he nodded. “well, that kind of feels like a grown root now. so, i left them there. or they brought me here, i don’t know.”

“so, you find that quote very much alike your situation? now or before?” enoch questioned. now y/n nodded. “does it make you sad? thinking about your parents and your old life?”

“mm.” y/n hummed. “sometimes.” she turned around, putting down the book. she rested her arms on enoch’s chest, her hands on the back of his neck. y/n looked into the boy’s eyes. “i miss them sometimes, you know.” she said and traced along his sweater neck line with her index finger. 

enoch started to feel bad for he brought up the subject about her parents and her old life. he immediately regretted his words and wanted to say something to mend the situation, but y/n was faster than him in that way and spoke up first.

“but then i realise…” she traced her finger up enoch’s neck and face, stopping at his cheek, “i have you.” y/n smiled. “so i stop missing my old life. and focus on what’s happening here.” she shimmied her body up enoch’s chest a little to reach his face and connected their lips. 

the boy smiled. he was the person that made y/n forget about missing her previous life. and that made enoch happy. 

he pulled himself and y/n down on the soft grass and kissed her deeper. enoch thought he could change things up a bit and reached his hands down to y/n’s waist, beneath her shirt. she looked at him with slightly worried but wild eyes and leaned down and kissed his lips. 

enoch’s fingers started dancing quickly against y/n’s soft skin which created ticklish movements. y/n cut her lips off enoch’s and started giggling. the boy smiled at her and only quickened and hardened his hand movements.

“e-enoch, i can’t-” she tried to say, but couldn’t as the touches were way too ticklish. her giggles turned into hysterical, lovely laughs and then tears of joy. “p-please, sto-”

“i see we’re interrupting something.” the two teens heard a voice coming from a meter or two in distance of them. y/n rolled off enoch’s lap and they both looked at who it was.

emma was standing between bushes, but she wasn’t alone. besides her was a boy in 21st century clothes with a confused look on his face. y/n jumped up on her feet, evening out her white skater skirt. she took enoch’s arm and nudged him up. soon, two teenagers were facing two teenagers. 

“n-no, you weren’t.” y/n said, a giggle escaping her lips after. enoch stood behind her, hardly keeping a serious face with having the urge to laugh. she took enoch’s hand in hers behind her body to calm him down. “so, is there someone you need to introduce us with?”

“uh… yeah.” emma paused. “this is…”

“jacob portman.” the boy spoke up. he looked around enoch’s and y/n’s age but he had the look on his face that he didn’t understand where he was or what was happening. but… he looked like he was from y/n’s past life’s time. there were features in his style that told y/n he was from the 21st century, and she had never seen him in her life. y/n’s eyes sparkled. someone from then, the future.

“he’s abraham portman’s grandson.” emma said. “jacob, this is enoch and y/n.”

“hi.” y/n waved at the boy and smiled while enoch did nothing but pat his foot against the grass, waiting for the introduction to end. 

“wh-what are your peculiarities?” jacob asked. y/n was surprised he would want to know and know that they were peculiar, but she thought she could show him. 

y/n looked at the book on the ground and waved it up in the air, making it float around her and enoch’s heads and stop in front of them.

“wow.” jacob breathed out. “you’re… telekinetic.”

“yes, just like you thought you were at the pub.” emma said with a chuckle. y/n ignored the inside joke and took the book in her hands. she looked over at enoch - he had a bored expression on his face and he was avoiding anyone’s gaze.

“and what can… he do?” jacob asked, referring to enoch.

“make things alive again.” y/n said for she felt enoch didn’t want to say anything himself. “it’s better with smaller beings, tho.”

“oh.” jacob sighed. “okay.”

“well, this has been good.” emma said. “but me and jacob have to go now, he has to meet miss peregrine.”

y/n nodded. “off you go, then.” 

emma and jacob walked past them to get to the house. jacob had a curious look flying everywhere, including y/n and enoch together. who was he? what was he doing here? why was he here? who was abraham portman? why did jacob portman look like he was from the 21st century? why was he here now?

when they left, y/n turned around to enoch. “what is it?” she placed her hand over his cheek, making enoch look in her eyes for a short moment, then he looked back down. “hm?”

enoch groaned quietly.

“enoch.” y/n dragged out his name to get him to talk. “why’d you get so quiet suddenly?”

enoch sighed. “i don’t like that jacob guy.”

“why? do you know him?”

“i just-” enoch sighed again. “he’s like his grandfather, he will leave and break everyone’s heart - except mine and probably yours - eventually, so, i already know what’s gonna happen. i save myself a heartbreak.” 

“how do you know that?”

“miss peregrine knew he would come.” enoch replied. “she knew he was born and she knew he was like us, too.” 

“she knows everything.”

“that’s right.” enoch agreed. “and i hope she knows what he’ll do.”

“could you tell me about his grandpa sometime later?”


claire came running to the couple and tugged at y/n’s hand. “miss peregrine says there’s lunch in five minutes, you have to come. we have a visitor!” claire was smiling.

“wonderful.” y/n said, caressing claire’s cheek. “we’ll be there on time, i promise.” claire nodded with a smile and ran off. 

enoch turned around to check if they had anything to leave here and y/n took his arm.

“be nice, love.” she said to enoch. he groaned. “please. you don’t want to leave a bad impression on the guest.”

“i don’t care what kind of impression i leave on him.” enoch stated. y/n rolled her eyes.

“please, enoch.” she said. “could you at least try?” she begged. “i’ll give you a treat later if you will be polite.” y/n smirked.

“what kind of treat?” enoch looked at her. y/n chuckled.

“you’ll see.” she pointed her finger at him. “if you behave.” y/n, standing afar from enoch, stretched out her hand for him to take. enoch sighed, but gave in. he grinned.

“alright, i’ll try.” enoch said and took y/n’s hand, being pulled towards his girl and the children’s home.



Asa is incredibly jealous of Y/N’s boyfriend and comforts her after they break up.

Break up, jealousy, make out session

Words: ~ 2000

A/N: Just felt like writing something for all of the Asa Butterfield fans lately… So enjoy! :)


I sat down on the picnic rug I had just laid onto the ground and let my gaze wander around the park.
My boyfriend Lucas seated himself right next to me, not allowing any space between us.

“Is he single, Y/N?”, he asked and I looked at him, knitting my eyebrows in confusion. “Who?”
“Your best friend… what’s his name again?”, the blond sighed, not sounding very interested.
“It’s Asa. And yes, he’s single. But I don’t see why this important. He is just a friend.”, I replied, rolling my eyes.

“My mum always said that, I quote, ‘Relationships between a boy and a girl on a normal basis are nonexistent’ ”, he claimed and crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Well, then, your mother is wrong. Me and Asa have been nothing more than good friends for six years.”, I explained and looked into his green eyes. “And that’s why I want you two to get along.”

Before Lucas could answer, I saw Asa walking towards us in a fast pace. His hands in his pockets, the typical smile on his face and his dark hair slightly covering his forehead.

When he was only a few meters away I stood up to hug him. I let him press me against his chest but pushed him away slightly, not letting the hug last too long, sadly. I love his hugs.

Asa seemed a bit confused at first, due to the fact that our hugs usually last longer. I just didn’t want to upset Lucas even though he had been behaving like a prat all day.

“So, Lucas this is Asa. Asa, meet Lucas.”, I introduced them and they shook hands. As we sat down, I tried to keep the same distance from both of them.

In this moment I realised that the two boys weren’t similar at all, at least concerning the looks. Lucas was blond and green-eyed and while he wasn’t really tall he was more muscular. Asa was completely different: His hair was so dark -almost black- and his eyes were so incredibly blue and sometimes changed color to gray. Unlike Lucas he was taller and skinny.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence I started smalltalk which made it a bit less awkward, thankfully. Soon a normal conversation began but still I found myself struggling.

I was having a hard time trying not to upset Lucas or make him jealous by giving too much attention to Asa. Plus, I didn’t want Asa to feel awkward by clutching at Lucas.

“You both know that it’s important that you get along.”, I smiled and Asa nodded. “But don’t worry, Lucas,”, he said, “I’ve seen a lot of boyfriend come and go. I don’t want you to be put under pressure.” “Asa!”, I exclaimed and then, slapped his arm slightly.

“It’s okay. I don’t have the intention to leave you. Ever.”, Lucas assured me, moving closer. “That’s so sweet.”, I chuckled while he wrapped his right arm around me. In this moment I realised again that this typical butterflies had already disappeared a few weeks ago. “Sure.”, I heard Asa murmur his eyes avoiding mine.

“You know that I could never hurt such a precious girl.”, Lucas claimed making me blush but Asa just looked at us, annoyed and uncomfortable.
“Well, yes, I do know that. Because if you do I will certainly cut your eyes out and feed them to my cat.”, Asa said, his face so serious as if he would actually do it. I was surprised. I knew that Asa was protective but lately it got worse.

“So much for you two getting along.”, I laughed trying to loosen the tension. “Oh, I think we will get along someday, won’t we?”, Lucas asked Asa, a smirk on his face. But Asa just perked his eyebrows up and nodded, “Yeah, of course.”

“At least I’m not the one who needs to be jealous.”, Lucas chuckled and Asa kept quiet looking to the side defeatedly.


“So, how do you like him?”, I asked Lucas, while we were laying on the couch watching a romance. “He’s very direct but he’s okay, I guess.”, the green-eyed boy mumbled, not really convincing me.

“Maybe we could hangout again.”, I grinned excitedly. “Yeah, but maybe we should use our time for ourself.”, he whispered before pressing his lips on mine gently.


“So, how do you like him?”, I asked Asa the same question hoping that he accepts my boyfriend.

“I don’t know, Y/N.”, I heard my best friend’s voice through my phone. I sighed.
“I can tell when you’re lying, Asa.”, I reminded him and there was nothing more than silence for a moment.

“I don’t think he deserves you. He doesn’t treat you probably.”, he admitted quietly and I scoffed. “You don’t even know him that well to say something like that.”, I said loudly, feeling anger inside me, “He treats me perfectly! And unlike you he enjoys watching romantic movies with me!”

“I didn’t say I don’t enjoy it. I said I think they are boring. There’s a difference.”, he clarified, “But just because he watches cheesy movies with you doesn’t mean that he deserves you. He’s toadying you anyway.” His voice got louder with every word he spoke and despite all the anger I felt hurt.

“He likes you or he’s at least trying to like you. Why can’t you do the same?”, I wanted to know running my fingers through my hair desperately.
“I did try to like him because I know… I know how important this is to you but I just can’t, okay?! It’s not my fault that you’re dating such a prick.”, he shouted and I closed my eyes for a moment. I couldn’t even remember the last time we had a fight like this…

Again, there was silence. I noticed a single tear rolling over my cheek. Why do I always have to be so emotional?
“Listen. I’m so sorry…Y/N? I didn’t want to shout… I’m sorry. It’s just that I don’t want you to get hurt.”, Asa admitted with his soft voice and i heard him sigh before he continued, “I’m sorry but I just know that he will hurt you… And I’m sorry because I can’t stand him.”

“But why not?”, I asked calmly, still shocked because of his shouting. “I don’t know…”, he mumbled and I whispered, “Don’t lie to me.”

I heard a low chuckle, before he spoke again, “I can’t tell you.”


Asa and I didn’t talk for almost three weeks after that conversation, which is why I was really upset all the time.
This lead to a lot of fights with Lucas. He didn’t think that I should be sad just because of one little fight with my best friend. And he was constantly annoyed and said that I should talk to Asa, so everything would be fine again. But it wasn’t that easy.

At one point he was sure that I was in love with Asa. And then, he just broke up with me. Right out of the blue.

I remember taking my phone and calling Asa, instinctively. “Asa? I’m so… so sorry. You were right…”, I sobbed, tears streaming down my face. “Hey! What’s wrong?”, I heard his beautiful voice. Maybe Lucas was right and I really fell in love with my best friend without even realising it.

“Lucas… he broke up… with-”, I brought out but was interrupted by Asa, “I’m on my way. I’ll be there any second.”


Too many moments later I heard the door bell ring and I opened the door, letting my best friend enter my apartment.

“I’m so sorry.”, I said again but Asa just shook his head and cracked a smile before taking me into his arms. I snuggled my face into his neck enjoying every second.

“It’s okay.”, Asa had repeated the whole time as we sat awkwardly embraced on the couch. “Do you want to tell me what happened?”, he asked and I nodded, brushing my tears away with the back of my hand.

“He said that I’m more interested in you than in him… and that… that I’m cheating on him with you… and he said that he doesn’t want to be with a… with a… slut.”, I told him starting to cry again. “No way. I’m going to kill him.”, Asa mumbled, his blue eyes filled with anger. “Asa, I’m so sorry. You were right the whole time.”, I whispered taking his hands and realising that I always loved to play with his hands. It calmed me down and knowing that he was there for me made me even happy.

When I looked up into his bright eyes I saw him watching me with a soft facial expression. “Could you please stop crying?”, he pleaded brushing away a tear that I didn’t know was there. “He’s not worth your tears, Y/N. Please, give me a smile, come on.”, he grinned causing me to force a smile. “There you go. And now say that you don’t need an asshole like him in your life.”

“I don’t need an asshole like Lucas in my life.”, I mumbled and looked at our hands. “What did you say? I didn’t hear you.”, Asa chuckled making me say it over and over again until I was shouting the sentence so loud that the whole country could hear it.

We ended up laughing uncontrollablaly and it felt so good to finally laugh again.
I looked at Asa, smiling while he was trying to calm down.

He sat up again, his face getting more serious. I was confused for a moment but then he started to talk.

“If you think that this is some kind of romantic moment from one of your movies… where the best friend comforts the girl after a breakup and then confesses his love for her…,”, he paused, taking a deep breath and gaining my full attention, “then you’re totally right.”

My heart fluttered as my gaze wandered to our interwined fingers. Did he really just say that or is my mind playing games with me?
My eyes met his blue ones and I couldn’t help but smile. “Don’t you want to say something?”, he asked nervously.

“I’ve always wondered how this dark hair would feel between my fingers while making out with you.”, I confessed, surprised by my sudden self - confident because I had always been thinking that this was my puperty talking. But maybe it was more like a subconscious thought.

“Do you want to try?”, Asa asked, his eyebrows perking up and a huge flirty smile spreaded over his face.

And in the next moment I moved forward, my hands on his shoulders, pulling him towards me. I closed my eyes before our lips met, feeling the heat crawling up my neck. Carefully our lips began to move and I felt the butterflies flying around in my whole body. I felt the strong urge to feel his whole body and as if he could read my mind Asa broke the kiss for a few seconds but only to grab my waist and pull me on his lap.

His eyes found mine and he smirked at me before we kissed again. My shaking hands wandered from his shoulders to his neck, my fingertips slowly brushing over his hot skin.
When my fingers ran through his soft hair and his hands ran up and down my back I couldn’t help but sigh.

He smiled into the kiss before he leaned back slightly. “I can’t believe that this feels way better than I’ve ever imagined.”, he breathed, pressing his forehead against mine.
I couldn’t help but smile when he said that but somehow I wasn’t really able to say something.

“So? How does my dark hair feel between your fingers while making out with me?”, he wanted to know, while we both still tried to control our fastened breath. “There are no words to describe this softness.”, I mumbled and opened my eyes, only to see that Asa had been staring at me.

“I’m really happy now that Lucas broke up with me. But I think I need some more comforting.”, I whispered making him laugh. But only a moment later his lips were on mine again.