actor: andrew scott

My favourite Andrew Scott characters

Barry (Little White Lie / 2008)

“This is a load of me bullocks!”

An unemployed actor who instantly falls in love with a kids’ TV presenter named Annie. When they meet, however, he starts lying about his actual occupation to impress her…
Barry is a nice, humble young man with a bit of a sarcastic sense of humour and very likeable at first appearance. 

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Dan Sherry (Handsome Devil / 2016)

“You spend your whole life being someone else! Who’s gonna be YOU?!”

An English teacher who drills his pupils to find their own voice and not pretending to be someone else even though he makes this kind of mistake himself.
Sherry is a very wise as well as motivating character like Andrew himself. After watching this movie I honestly wished I had a teacher like him…

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Gethin Roberts (Pride / 2014)

“I’m in Wales. And I don’t have to pretend to be something I’m not. I’m home. And I’m gay. And I’m Welsh!”

A young Welshman who’s in a happy relationship with his boyfriend Jonathan Blake and runs a gay bookshop in London. He left his mum 16 years ago because she couldn’t accept him due to his sexuality and her strong religiousness. 
As we go along the movie we realize what kind of character development he goes through. Starting off as a member of LGSM who helps his friends collect enough money to support the striking miners while avoiding his actual home country and ending up as an eager benefactor who doesn’t want to stop fighting for other people’s rights. 
I think Gethin is also a character who’s a bit more close to Andrew himself, especially because of his shyness when he meets new people. But he’s a very, very loveable character!

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Davin (The Stag / 2013)

“Hi. This is Davin. I’m a friend of Fionan’s who is marrying your sister. This weekend we are going, we are EMBARKING, on a silent walking retreat with some transsexual friends of ours in the rain. And we wanted to let you know that. Uh, you can call me back, but it will be just as I say: Wet and silent. And boring. And weird. Okay? Bye-bye. ”

He’s the best man for the upcoming wedding of his best friend Fionan as well as the organizer of a stag which ends in a hilarious turmoil after the bride’s brother “The Machine” turns up to join them. 
Davin is a bit of a melancholic character. He’s never happy with his current girlfriends and throws over them for every little flaw they have. This is also because he’s still in love with Ruth - the bride-to-be of Fionan. A secret he has kept to himself for a long time…

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Vernon Kelly (This Beautiful Fantastic / 2016)

“Slavery was abolished in 1834. Just so you know…”

Vernon is a very, very, very, VERY sweet character! Perhaps one of the sweetest characters Andrew has ever played!
We first meet him as a cook, housekeeper and a widowed father of two little twin girls. He works for Bella Brown’s grumpy neighbour Alfie who treats him like a slave. Which forces Vernon to quit and work for Bella instead. 
He’s a nice, caring and genuine young man who immediately senses other people’s insecurity and manages to make them feel better with only one big hug. 

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Jim Moriarty (Sherlock / 2010 - )

“In a world of locked rooms the man with the key is king. And honey, you should see me in a crown!”

As usual the best part comes last.
Consulting Criminal, King, Mr Sex…You can call him whatever you want because he’s ALL of it!
A wonderful villain and a perfect match for Sherlock Holmes. He’s unpredictable, sexy, evil, funny, scary, mesmerizing, but never boring! Moriarty is so convincing you wouldn’t believe that Andrew is the complete opposite in real life.