Scholar who walks the night is a historical/fantasy/romance drama which tells a story about a scholar-turned-vampire named Kim Sung Yeol (Actor Name: Lee Joon-Gi) and Jo Yang-Sun (Lee Yoo-Bi) who is a female (cross-dressed as a male) book seller. Sung Yeol’s mission for the past 120 years as a vampire is to look for the Record books of the late crown prince Junghyun (Lee Hyun Woo) which he served as a loyal protector before being a vampire. He asked the help of the cross-dressed book seller, Yang-Sun in search of the books. This books contain information on how to kills Gwi (Lee Soo-Hyuk), the vampire who is in-control instead of the king of the dynasty and who also killed Sung Yeol’s true-love, Myung Hee (Kim Soo Eun).


Yang sun went to meet a scholar, who is Sung Yeol, in a place where most men meet lots of women. Mistakenly, she knocked on a different door who she met Crown Prince Lee Yoon (Shim Chang-Min), drawing a portrait of a women. Although mistaken, yang sun still went inside the room because she was fascinated with how Crown Prince Lee Yoon draws a obscene picture. As she was fascinated, so is Crown Prince Lee Yoon. He just stared at Yang Sun familiarizing her face because she resembles his bestfriend from 10 years ago who went missing named Jin. Because of high treason committed by the father of Jin, they haven’t met for more then 10 years but he is still searching long and hard for him. He introduced himself with only his name and without the title thinking that maybe she might know him but no, he even brought up the gift that only the two of them have that maybe she might remember, but still no. then suddenly one of Sung Yeol’s allies named Ho-Jin (Choi Tae-Hwan) took her to the scholar.

as the last episode ended with Yang-Sun bitten by her pet rodent, Sung Yeol (because of being a vampire) tried to control his taste of blood. His female ally named Soo-Hyang (Jang Hee-Jin) wanted to rescheduling the meeting because of Sung Yeol’s condition but Sung Yeol said that he was fine but left the room. Soo-Hyang gave a list of books for Sung Yeol to bring after 3 days.

As Yang-Sun left the premises, Sung Yeol with 2 of his trusted allies talked about the book. These books are the records of Crown Prince Junghyun and one of these books is the ‘Crown Prince JungHyun’s Memorandum’ where he can find the way on how to defeat Gwi. Yang-sun have a hunch that it is in someone’s hand because he showed a book which was newly published and the author is 'the lustful student’ who he knew was the writer-name of the late Crown Prince JungHyun. They have a huge feeling that the writer who plagiarized the book might know the prince or has the book that they are looking for.

Sung Yeol, being the only one who can defeat gwi, has always been watching over gwi for the past 120 years. Although Gwi knows he watches him, he tries to catch him but still couldn’t even when he plays with his feelings by shouting and bringing up about his past lover who sacrificed her life for him. Sung Yeol, who can hear everything still managed to control himself and continued to run away but vowed that one day, he will kill gwi.

Sung Yeol, went to the place where the plagiarized book is being published and to his surprise, a lot of people were found dead not because of a vampire bite but because of a sword. Now, he thinks that he is not the only one who is looking for the lustful student because someone came before him in that place.

Yang-Sun went back after 3 days with 2 book in the same place which coincidentally was raided by guards. Mostly, they capture men so she wanted to look for Sung Yeol to give the book but when she went inside the same room, he wasn’t there to be found. what she didn’t know was Sung Yeol was behind a barrier to change his clothes. Since the guards are outside, she hid the books in a cabinet and manage to see a ladies garmet which she, in a hurry, changed into then Sung Yeol went out of the barrier which shocked Yang-Sun. Even Sung Yeol who he thought was a male, but to his surprise, she is actually a female. Yang-Sun begged for help and said that if Sung Yeol helped her, she will help find the book that Sung Yeol has been looking for all this time which in the end, Sung Yeol agreed and helped her by acting like they are going to make love.

The guards where raiding the place because they were looking for Crown Prince Lee Yoon who was summoned by the King. The King’s officials wanted to dethrown him because of lack of incompetence. why? because in the commmunity, fliers were spread which said the the books written by the lustful student was the story about his late father, crown prince sadong, who was wrongly accused of treason by the king and it’s official. It was Crown Prince responsibility to have manage this type of event (this is based on my understanding). Although, Crown Prince Lee Yoon wants to accept being dethrowned, his grandfather, the king, didn’t because it’ll show that he was mistaken as well. Little did the community know, It was because of the punishment for treason that the late Crown Prince Sadong died but because of Gwi who Yang Seul witnessed. Crown Prince Sadong was pulled up from a well and was bitten by Gwi.

Yang-Sun, who is in search of the book because she promised Sung Yeol that she will find the book no matter what, was walking in a very dark path in the woods. She encountered a person, thinking she was normal but was actually a vampire. So the vampire tried to get her and drink her blood, so as Yang-Sun was trying to escape, she got wounded and suddenly Sung Yeol was there to save her. Gwi, who was planning this felt that Sung Yeol have already appeared, because he was in search for him as well, so he went to the place where Yang-Sun, Sung Yeol and the vampire are which ends EPISODE 2.


It is getting pretty interesting. Yang Sun revealing herself as a woman and Sung Yeol who is starting to protect Yang-Sun, maybe because he needs her to find the book that he couldn’t find for 120 years. Still no idea who the lustful student is but he looks old, doesn’t look familiar with anyone of the main cast. I don’t actually find anything interesting to react about in episode 2. It didn’t progress much from Episode 1, just a tiny bit. Yang Sun is starting to get me, good acting skills. very impressed. I like her character as well. Hopefully, a better review for Episode 3. :)