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Why do straight actors feel the need to tell us that we shouldn't be mad/sad for xyz reasons? Like, the writers/show could have ended it between seasons and it would have hurt a lot less. Now we have to watch these scenes between them and can't even enjoy it because we know what happens. Like yes, don't send the actors hate. It's not their fault (mostly). But for g-d's sake stop telling us not to be pissed when we have every right to be.

They’re saying it’s literally florianas fault about sanvers like that’s the whole point it’s the actors that are leaving the show(s) who are responsible that’s why chyler is defending the writers

Supernatural-Connecting people

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I am trying to find all the supernatural fans in here. If you know other great blogs, recommend them to me. I love you all, my beautiful family!

Notice how the Joker has every reason to be killed by Batman in the DCEU.
We saw Batman kill. He already crossed that line. He doesn’t have the excuse of “it’d be too damned easy.”, he couldn’t make that speech to resurrected Jason, claiming that killing is bad when he did it himself.
And we know he attacked the Joker, he was the one to punch all the teeth out of his mouth for killing Robin, he fucking let him drown in the car chase scene in SS, when he took Harley out of the water and gave her CPR (which implies that Harley wasn’t actually associate in killing Jason, or else Batman wouldn’t save her.) the joker didn’t die right there because he was needed for the plot of one movie (and also he’s a cockroach who won’t die unless you shoot his head.)
Which brings me to the behind the scenes reasoning: people hate the current DCEU joker. In almost every other media the joker is stanned, people LOVE him. He’s so goddamn popular, DC can’t bring themselves to finally kill him.
But here? DCEU Joker is hated. The actor is disliked (to say the least) by his cast members, and the audience, and apparently the movie editors as well. It wouldn’t be a shame if he were to die.

TLDR; Batman kills in the DCEU. The Joker is a hated character. Make it happen, DC!

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Hi!Do agree with me Vincent never loved our!Ciel.He really don't want him.He really don't want to spend his time with our!Ciel.He always loved real!Ciel.No one reallg care and loved him.He growing with loveless.Careless.

Mmmm…. no, I disagree with you - completely! xD

I was asked a similar question some time ago, so if you’re interested, take a look at this post!

Actually, I personally don’t understand why so many people think our!Ciel wasn’t loved by his parents because I rather think that his parents doted on him (and his twin brother, if 2CT is true) D: Aside from the facts that I listed in this post, I mean… look at our!Ciel’s room in the side story, for example:

His room was full of toys. And if you look at the details closely, you can see that

  • there are two teddy bears (meaning that both twins got their own teddy bear)
  • his clothes are excactly the same as real!Ciel’s (meaning that they got the same treatment)
  • he was playing chess with real!Ciel (meaning that the twins got along well to some extent)
  • he got exactly the same “delicious meal” as Rachel

Personally, I think that our!Ciel might have had some kind of inferiority complex towards his healthy and sociable brother and there might have been times real!Ciel was given preference over him since he was the first-born (probably), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that our!Ciel wasn’t loved. I still believe this panel alone proves that his parents loved him:

And even if both Rachel and Vincent were one hell of actors and they secretly hated our!Ciel (lol), we’d still have Tanaka

who certainly loves and cares for our!Ciel :)

So no, I don’t believe our!Ciel was raised without any affection from anyone.

Also as a fandom, can we agree to not send hate to Rahul Kohli just because he’s playing a character that some of fandom immediately doesn’t like? I don’t watch iZombie, but a quick look at his social media and he seems like a cool person. He likes Star Wars which is already a +1 in my books. 

With the new season of Supergirl starting today, I feel the need to say this.

Actors are not their characters. They just aren’t. You can hate a character all you want, but don’t transfer that hate over to the actor. It’s not fair to the actor. P!ease don’t hate on an actor for hating their character.

Fake Dating Series; Woozi/Jihoon

- “CUT!”
- you and jihoon sigh after hearing that word for the tenth time that day
- you turn to jihoon and say “geez, can’t you act properly? you’re delaying everything” and jihoon answers back “says the one who can’t even remember their lines”
- you take a step forward and glare “why you—”
- you and jihoon are both really popular k-drama actors
- but the thing is
- you both hate each other
- you’re known as the rivals of the acting industry
- jihoon is known for nailing the lead part—he has that natural, cold stare that makes his acting seem so effortless; he’s the number one pick if any producer needs the typical calm and collected ceo
- meanwhile you’re known for nailing the lead as well—in contrast to jihoon, you’re naturally warm and charming; you’re the number one pick for the goofy and dorky childhood-friend type
- opposite roles, but the same frustration towards each other
- you’re both constantly fighting to beat each other in any k-drama nomination
- best performance, drama of the year, best first/second lead, fan favorite
- you’re always tied no matter what and it frustrates you to no end
- the director throws the script on the floor out of anger when you and jihoon start arguing again, and he says “THAT’S IT, I’VE HAD ENOUGH”
- you and jihoon silently look up at the director who continues “if we can’t even get through the first episode, i don’t even want to think about the next fifteen. i think i’m going to have to change the cast”
- you and jihoon scream “WHAT?!” at the same time
- the director says “what choice do i have? i know you’re both two of the best actors out there, but you guys can’t even pretend to like each other”
- he walks back to his chair and motions you both to walk over to him
- when you do, he rewinds the scene on the camera and says “watch this”
- it’s one of the scenes you both managed to complete earlier, and he’s right…. the acting looks so fake and forced…..
- everything is fake of course, but…. the point of a light-hearted romance drama is for the leads to at least look like they like each other to give viewers hope for love….
- when the video ends, the director says “how stupid of me to hire two actors who hate each other…. i’ll have to think hard about this decision. let’s just take a quick lunch break”
- when he and the rest of the staff start making their way towards the cafeteria, jihoon grabs your wrist and says “come with me”
- you try to escape from his grasp, but he’s surprisingly strong
- jihoon takes you to the roof of the studio and says “okay, i’ll get straight to the point. i don’t like you, and you don’t like me.”
- you say “clearly.”
- he continues “but i know for a fact that you don’t want to lose this role, and neither do i.” you bite your lip as you say “what are you thinking?”
- he says “i’m thinking….. we pretend to date.”
- silence
- you scream “WHAT?!”
- jihoon asks “do you want to keep this job or not?” and you say “of course i do but date YOU? even if it’s just pretend, i—”
- he cuts you off and says “you do realize that if we do actually get cut off, word will spread and our reputations would go down, right? who’d want to hire two actors who got replaced because they couldn’t perform their job properly?”
- you gulp as you think of all the consequences, and you lower your head in defeat and say “…..fine. fake dating?”
- jihoon nods “only until we’ve convinced the director enough to keep us. we’ll just tell everyone here that we were pretending to hate each other this whole time because we wanted to keep our relationship a secret”
- you say “alright. but once this drama’s over, we’re over.” and jihoon says “we’ll be separated before you even know it.”
- he also adds “alright, when we go downstairs and tell everyone that we’re “dating”, you better put on your BEST acting to make this work, got it?”
- you furrows your brows and say “um, you have to put on your best acting too, you know? i’m pretty sure the director wasn’t only talking to me.”
- jihoon says “fine, we have to put on our best acting. we have one chance to pull this off. one mistake and our careers are over.”
- you say “just knowing that we never have to speak again after this is enough motivation for me.”
- jihoon asks “so do we have a deal?” and you say “deal.”
- you and jihoon shake hands to make it official and then head back downstairs to deliver the news
- when the staff returns after their quick lunch break, you and jihoon approach the director warily, and you clear your throat to get his attention
- the director turns to you both and asks “is there anything you need before we try filming one last time?” and jihoon says “actually, there’s something we need to tell you”
- he then grabs your hand and you almost reflexively slap his hand away, but you somehow manage to stop yourself and put on a smile
- jihoon holds your hands up and says “we’re dating.”
- the whole studio goes dead silent….. and you’re internally panicking because NO WAY is this going to work???
- first, you’re going to get fired from your roles, then you’re going to get called a liar, then—
- the director cries “YOU’RE DATING?!” while the rest of the production team gasps or start talking among themselves
- jihoon nods his head and smoothly lies “we have been for a while now.”
- the director asks “then…. why couldn’t you two even get through a whole scene without arguing?”
- you quickly blurt out “it’s to keep this whole rivalry thing up! we’re already known for hating each other, there would be suspicions if we suddenly got along in front of you all. but now you know. please give us another chance to prove that we can nail these roles.”
- the director says “oh! yes, please go ahead, i’m really looking forward to seeing genuine love for this episode!”
- you and jihoon nod and walk over to the scene and you take a deep breath, telling yourself over and over that you can do this
- when someone claps the slate, you push away (most of) your hatred for him and recite your lines with the BEST of your ability, and jihoon does as well because your careers are on the line and no way are you going to let it slip right through your fingers
- your smile however remains as fake as it can get…. hopefully, they all fall for it
- when the scene ends, the staff gets up on their feet and claps as the director exclaims “well done!! it seems we picked the right cast after all!! let’s keep it up, shall we?”
- you and jihoon look at each other and smile weakly
- this is going to be a long day
- when the director yells the final “CUT!” of the day, you and jihoon let out a sigh of relief because it was so hard NOT to start an argument with each other, so hard NOT to make any nasty comments about one another
- the staff thanks you for your hard work and you and jihoon walk away side by side, but when you both walk out of the building, you both look at each other and simultaneously say “i hate you” before walking off in different directions
- it can take many days to finish filming for just ONE episode, so you’re stuck with jihoon for so many hours a day, especially when you both have to wait until nighttime to film a night scene
- and it’s the same thing every time, nasty jabs at each other when you’re alone, but lovebirds when you’re in front of the film crew
- saying “i hate you” to each other before leaving for the day becomes a habit
- you both just want to make it clear that you will ALWAYS hate each other no matter what
- but you do…. notice a slight change in jihoon ever since you’ve started this whole fake dating thing
- you don’t miss the smirks he makes whenever he sends an insult your way, or the little smile that spreads across his face after rolling his eyes at something you said
- they’re little things you definitely noticed….. but you’re almost one-hundred percent sure they don’t mean anything
- almost
- one day, after getting your styling done, you walk into the studio to begin the filming of the third episode and your face contorts in confusion when you see a really tall guy talking to the director
- and when he turns around….. your heart does a flip because it’s famous actor KIM MINGYU
- the director spots you behind mingyu and waves you over, and you nearly faint when mingyu looks down and smiles at you
- you shyly look away from mingyu as your director says “you must know kim mingyu, right? he’s going to be playing the second lead, or your second love interest”
- your heart swells with joy when mingyu holds out a hand and says “i’m really looking forward to working with you!! your acting is one of the best” and you shake his hand while thanking him
- when jihoon walks into the studio and sees you interacting with kim mingyu, he quickly notices the light dusting of pink on your cheeks
- and he suddenly gets this weird feeling in his chest
- he’s not sure what it is
- the director spots jihoon and tells him to come over, and mingyu, friendly as he is, says “lee jihoon!! i’m REALLY excited to work alongside you!!”
- jihoon flatly says “right. let’s work hard.” and mingyu grins “wow, you really ARE fit for the role of the cold first lead!!”
- the director says that they’re going to start filming you and mingyu’s scenes, and the first one is of mingyu joking around with you to try to get you to smile again after you’ve had a misunderstanding with the first lead
- when the staff claps the slate….. you and mingyu get right to it
- and it’s absolutely perfect
- the whole staff is in awe at how NATURAL the whole scene looks…. it’s like they’re capturing a real-life moment, and not two actors working together
- jihoon bitterly watches from the side as you and mingyu run around the scene, teasing each other and making each other laugh
- but the thing that annoys him the most…. is your smile
- it’s so genuine
- you’ve never smiled at him like that
- but somehow, you can at kim mingyu, someone who you’ve only started working with MINUTES ago
- he tells himself that you guys are rivals, of course you wouldn’t smile at him like that…… but he just can’t seem to shrug it off
- when it gets to you and jihoon’s scenes, you’re still really smiley after having filmed such a fun and light-hearted scene with mingyu
- and you unknowingly cast a few glances past jihoon, and he knows…. you’re looking at mingyu
- after a long day of filming, mingyu runs over to you and laughs “you okay? you look like you’re about to fall over any second now”
- you cry “i’m STARVING” and he says “oh i know this REALLY good restaurant nearby that serves huge potions at a cheap price!! do you want to go try it out with me?”
- your eyes light up and you’re just about to say yes, when someone suddenly grabs your wrist and says “sorry. they already have dinner plans with me.”
- you turn to the sound of the voice, your eyes widening when you see that it’s jihoon who said that
- he continues “if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be going now.”
- he drags you away while you look back at mingyu, who’s watching you both go with confusion written all over his face
- jihoon doesn’t let go of your wrist and he keeps walking, while you shout “hey!! that hurts!! and where are you taking me??”
- without turning to you, he says “didn’t you hear? i’m taking you out to dinner.”
- your face softens at his words as you say “wh-what? you were serious?” and all he says is “i know this great place.”
- you and jihoon walk out of the building, and he takes you to a little restaurant, now empty considering the late time
- jihoon seems to know the kind old man behind the counter, and he chose a good spot since you’d both be able to eat in peace without anyone attacking you both for autographs
- you both sit on one of the tables and you ask “and why do i have to be here?” and jihoon replies “we’re dating, if you’ve forgotten”
- you say “yeah, but not for real?? i would’ve loved to try that new restaurant with mingyu…..”
- and there it is again; that slight pang in jihoon’s chest
- he picks up the menu and holds it up to hide his jealous face as he says “you seem to be getting along great with mingyu.”
- your face lights up as you exclaim “you know those scenes we filmed together?? i really WAS laughing!! he’s so funny!!”
- jihoon says “i see.”
- you grin “i really can’t wait to film with him again tomorrow!!”
- and there it is again, that genuine smile on your face, that smile that only appeared when you started talking about mingyu
- jihoon stays silent for a while before saying “don’t… smile at him like that.”
- he lays down the menu and looks you in the eyes, his expression blank, but his eyes…. desperate?
- before you could react or say anything, the waiter slides over to your table and asks “what can i get you two?”
- jihoon orders first, and you clumsily order afterwards because his words really caught you by surprise
- when the waiter leaved, you want to bring it up again, but you fear it might make things awkward, so the rest of the dinner…. is spent in silence
- after paying for your meals, jihoon walks you to the bus stop and silently waits with you until your bus comes…. he may “hate” you, but it’s late at night and no way was he going to leave you all alone
- unable to contain your curiosity any longer, you ask “jihoon, what did you say earlier? about smiling at mingyu?”
- despite the darkness, you can see a hint of pink on his cheeks and he quietly says “do you think you can… smile like that for me instead?”
- your eyes widen at his answer, but the bus suddenly stops in front of you to let you in, and you have no time to think of a response
- the doors close and you choose a spot next to the window, watching jihoon turn around to start heading for his building
- you look down at your lap and clench your fists over them, asking yourself “smile for him…?”
- you walk into the studio the next day, and you jump in surprise when you turn the corner and see jihoon stand right there
- you exclaim “hey, you jerk! you scared me—!”
- jihoon cuts you off “forget about what i said yesterday.”
- you say “what?” and he says “i wasn’t thinking, just forget about it” and he walks away before you could say anything else to him
- mingyu watches the scene from a distance and he smirks at the interaction because he knows there’s something there….. something neither of you can see yet
- after filming all day, mingyu decides to try again
- he runs up to you and asks “(name)!! since we couldn’t eat there yesterday, do you want to go today?”
- you’re just about to say yes, but when you catch jihoon looking your way, you smile at mingyu and say “sorry, mingyu. i have plans again with jihoon tonight.”
- jihoon’s eyes widen at your words, and you walk over to him, waving goodbye to mingyu, who waves back with a grin
- jihoon asks “plans?” and you say “yup. where are you going to take me today?”
- dates aren’t very frequent actually, but when you do go on one together, jihoon always manages to find the best places to eat
- dinner dates, lunch dates, coffee dates—neither of you officially call it a date when you go out, but you do consider it one
- you’re on your sixth date with jihoon (not that you’re counting), and you’re both playing twenty questions while sitting on the bench of the bus stop, waiting for your bus to come along
- “favorite meal?”
- jihoon makes a thinking pose, and then says “spicy ramyeon and jajangmyeon mixed together. favorite group?”
- you quickly answer “seventeen. favorite drink?”
- he says “coffee, hands down. what’s yours?”
- after telling him your favorite, your bus comes into view, and slows down to stop right in front of you
- like always, you get inside the bus, and jihoon calls your name before the doors close
- when you turn to him, he looks right at you, smirks, and says “i hate you.”
- you respond by huffing and saying “yeah? i hate you more, jerk.”
- date after date, you learn more and more things about jihoon, and even with all the insults and teasing, you can’t help but replay the entire date before bed
- you’re about thirteen episodes into the drama when you notice something wrong
- you’re on the bus after eating dinner with jihoon, and while looking out the window, thinking about the whole day, you realize…..
- the “i hate you”s you and jihoon used to tell each other
- they stopped
- you’re unable to focus on acting the next day, and you get scolded several times by the director for either being too distracted, or for forgetting your lines
- out of frustration, the director says “OKAY, let’s take a quick break so some of you can wake up. this is a really important episode, and we can’t have anyone screwing it up” and you drop you head in shame because you know he’s talking about you
- you walk back to your changing room and glare at yourself in the mirror because WHY CAN’T YOU ACT WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU
- you walk out after calming yourself down, but when you turn the corner, you accidentally bump into jihoon
- you groan “ugh, don’t tell me you’re here to insult me. alright, i did horribly, i know already—”
- in the middle of your sentence, jihoon holds up a bottle of your favorite drink, making you stop what you were saying
- you carefully take it in your hands and after some silence, you say “…it’s poisoned, isn’t it?”
- he rolls his eyes and says “definitely. not like i ran two blocks down just to get it for you.”
- your face softens and you ask “did you…. really?” and he nods his head and looks away, saying “i don’t know if something’s on your mind, or if you’re just really tired, but….. i hope this helps you feel better somehow.”
- you look down at the drink in your hands, and you clutch it tightly before looking up at your rival
- “jihoon.”
- “what?”
- “…thank you.”
- jihoon slowly turns to face you, and you…. give him one of your best smiles
- you softly say “thank you… really. it’s something so small, but it means a lot.”
- and jihoon can feel his face grow warm, but he just turns away and says “quit making a big deal out of it. it’s just a drink.”
- you say “but you remembered.”
- and he walks away without another word, leaving you smiling to yourself
- you go back to filming, and everything goes well for the rest of the evening, and even when mingyu smiles at you, it can’t compare to the smile you gave jihoon earlier
- you and jihoon don’t have a date planned for tonight, so as usual, you both walk out of the building together
- just as you’re about to go your separate ways, you both tell each other your goodbyes, and since it bugged you so much after realizing it…. you decide to try saying it again
- jihoon turns around and starts heading for his building, when you call out to him “lee jihoon!”
- he turns around and says “what?”
- you say “i hate you.”
- you’re expecting him to say “i hate you” back. you’re expecting at least a roll of the eyes, or maybe a scoff, or even a string of insults
- but you get none of those
- instead, jihoon looks you right in the eyes, and softly says
- “i know.”
- it’s the day before the final filming of the last episode, and you’re hanging out with jihoon one last time, on the same roof the deal was first made
- you say “i guess it ends right where it started, huh?”
- jihoon doesn’t say anything, so you take this as him being tired from all the filming and going on dates with you behind scenes
- your heart aches as you think “yeah… it must be hard pretending you love someone you hate.”
- because these past few weeks with jihoon have surprisingly been so fun
- the dates after work, the insults behind scenes but heart eyes on scene, the talks at the bus stop, just everything….. it’s all over now
- get up and say “i’m going to leave first, okay? we have a busy day tomorrow. good night, jihoon.”
- but as you’re walking towards the door, you suddenly feel a hand grab your wrist desperately
- you turn to jihoon with wide eyes, and with a firm gaze, he says
- “i… don’t want it to end yet.”
- you say “what are you saying?”
- he lets go of your wrist and walks closer to you, and just before his lips could touch yours, he whispers “i hate you.”
- and he closes the gap between you two
- the kiss is clumsy and slow, but…. it’s everything you could ever want, and it’s so hard to believe that just weeks ago, you were enemies
- when you both pull away, you intertwine your fingers together and say “i hate you too, jihoon.”
- the next day, you and jihoon both walk into the studio with love-struck smiles on your faces, ready to film the last few scenes of the final episode
- you go straight to filming the confession scene, and when jihoon says the line “i love you.”
- you look into his eyes and softly say “i love you too.”
- the director says “CUT! (name), that’s not your line.”
- you laugh, eyes kept locked with jihoon’s as you answer “my bad. let me try that again.”

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I literally just put in an ask but I have another fuck customers because I am filled with rage. Please please PLEASE don't come to a haunted house 5 minutes before we close. The actors will hate you and you're not gonna get any high quality scares. We're all tired and miserable by the end of the night.

Actors AU -> Death Note

-> L’s actor had to shave his eyebrows and darken his hair

-> He also uses several capes of makeup

-> Everyday, after shooting, L’s actor sits in a very comfortable chair with his feet in water. They always hurt from crouching.

-> His stomach also hurt from eating so many sweets

-> The episode of L’s death had to be refilmed several times because Light would always cry and L would laugh at him

-> Light’s actor hates kakhis

-> The apples thing was Ryuk’s actor’s idea because he genuinely loves apples

-> He also loves his costume

-> Misa’s actress has a deep crush on Mogi’s actor. Everyone knows it. Except him.

-> Matsuda’s actor is literally Matsuda.

-> Misa’s actress and Takada’s actress are actually best friends and roommates.

-> Mello’s actor is a famous male model. This was his first acting role and he impressed everyone.

-> Near’s actor is actually a very funny and cheerful kid. It was a bit difficult for him to be always so serious.

-> Matt’s actor had to dye his hair brown because the production team didn’t really feel like having a redhead in the story.

-> Many scenes had to be refilmed because, after L’s death, L’s actor would casually appear in every scene pretending to be a ghost.

-> In fact, that’s why he appears in the last episode. But the production and edition team decided to leave it like that for the dramatic effect.

-> Light’s actor hates Light Yagami so much he constantly wants to punch himself in the face.

-> Actually, he once did.

-> And L’s actor laughed so hard his cake came out of his nose.

-> Beyond Birthday started as a joke. But L’s actor took it too far.

-> The helicopter scene in which Watari shoots Higuchi in the hand had to be filmed twice because the first time he “accidentally” shot him in the face. L and Light congratulated him for the awesome headshot.

-> L was supposed to be very calm when he first heard the word ‘shinigami’ in the message from the second kira. But L’s actor lost his balance and screamed as he fell off his chair. The production team found the scene to be better/funnier that way and decided to leave it like that.

-> L’s actor’s favorite scenes were when he got to touch Misa’s butt and when she kissed him in the cheek. Please, don’t ask him why.

Kai and Mon El: why do people hate on the wrong character?
  • Kai: Sociopath who knows he's a sociopath. Murdered his whole family, tried to kill his unborn nieces, put the main character in a supernatural coma linked to her best friends life.
  • TVD fandom: loves him (knows he nuts and should be in hell, but we love him) and appreciates Chris because my god he's a wonderful actor. Don't hate on Chris and probably just watched TVD again for Chris's return.
  • Mon-El: A party boy who's trying to change and help other people than himself. Constantly trying to learn more of Earth customs to better understand his new home. Trying to become a superhero to help others. ACTUALLY helps others. Constantly surprises Kara on what he does.
  • Supergirl Fandom: hates him. Just hates him because he's also a love interest and that Kara actually returns his feelings. But he's not just a love interest, he's finding his footing in this Earth. Yet calls him abusive (where?) and that he is boring. Also hates him because he's a "generic" white boy. Hate him because he's coming between a non existent ship. Also say he and Melissa don't have chemistry when the actor themselves are excited to see where they go.