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Angry Words

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Fighting, nasty name calling, swearing, angst - It has a super fluffy ending though !!

Word Count: 1930

Summary: You’re mad, Chris is mad, but he doesn’t want to go to bed angry.

A/N: Enjoy!! 

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“Can you stop being so immature about this?!” Chris explodes from behind you, reaching out his hand to catch the door you just tried slamming in his face, his blue eyes flashing with frustration.

You scoff, storming further into the house as you reef your jacket off your shoulders, flinging it onto the couch as you pass. It hangs haphazardly off the edge, half on the floor but you can’t be bothered fixing it up.
“Oh I’m sorry,” You snap instead. “Should I be more understanding about running into your ex girlfriend at your Mother’s birthday party?”

“Yes!” Chris replies angrily, taking off his jacket also, but hanging it neatly on the hooks by the door. “I told you a hundred times already that I didn’t know she was going to be there, It isn’t my fault she was invited!”
“No,” You agree with a huff, reaching down to pull off your heels, keeping them in your hand in case you need to use it as a makeshift weapon. “But letting her hang all over you is very much your fault!”

“She wasn’t hanging all over me y/n,” Chris exclaims, running his fingers back up into his hair. “We were just catching up that’s all!”
You throw your hands up by your sides, turning back to face him. “So she wasn’t practically sitting in your lap while you caught up?

The image of Chris’ hands on his ex’s hips while she drapes her arms around his neck is imprinted into your mind, cruelly reminding you of how much he loved this woman at one point in his life. There is no escaping the painful, gut wrenching feeling of seeing them together; Scott having let it slip that before their breakup Chris was thinking of asking her to marry him, going so far as to already having the ring. Try as you might you couldn’t forget something like that.

“It wasn’t like I invited her to sit there!” The veins in the side of Chris’ neck are becoming more prominent the longer this fight goes on, his hands balled into fists by his side and his face flushed. He was getting more and more frustrated over the fact you just wouldn’t let this go.
“You should have pushed her off! Or at least told her you were with someone.”
“I tried to!”
“That isn’t good enough Chris!”
“No, of course it isn’t!” Chris laughs humorlessly, letting his hands fall flat to his side. “Nothing’s ever good enough for you.”

His response catches you off guard, your shoes falling from your hands, clattering noisily on the wood floor as you stare at him, all anger temporarily subsiding.
“Excuse me?” You finally manage to stutter out. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!”
“It means,” He starts stalking towards you, rolling up the sleeves of his shirt as he does so. “You’re a goddamn bitch y/n, who expects our relationship to be exactly what you want all the time and when I god forbid do something you don’t like you throw a temper tantrum like a child!”

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Love Lost

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of separation, fighting, little bit of angst

Word Count: 852

Summary: A big fight leads Chris to move out, but is this the end of your marriage ? 

A/N: I couldn’t help but start this already, the ideas been bugging me !!

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You stood just inside the school lot, waiting for the final bell to ring along with all the other parents. Today was Friday and you’d been dreading this afternoon for the last week while your six year old son hadn’t stopped talking about it; you knew how excited he was to see his Dad, you weren’t going to make it any harder on him; even though the whole prospect of seeing Chris right now was causing your stomach to tie itself into knots.

It had been two weeks since you’d last seen him, since the blow out fight that had him moving out of the house you shared and onto one of his friends couches. You hadn’t spoken to him at all since except for the two minute phone call four days ago where he had asked to have Luke for the weekend; after your hesitant agreement the conversation had lapsed into cringeable silence and the call was promptly ended. Now that weekend was here however and you weren’t all that sure on how you felt about the situation.

You loved Chris, you always would but you couldn’t help but wonder if this was the end of anything the two of you had. The fight had been there, just under the surface for so long now that you weren’t the least bit surprised it blew up in both your faces.

The bell sounded through the school and you squashed all thoughts of Chris and your marriage to the back of your mind, forcing a smile onto your face as you saw Luke running across the asphalt to meet you, his backpack swinging widely on his back. You collected him into your arms seconds later, placing a kiss onto his cheek.
“Hey bug,” You greeted. “Have a good day today?”
“Ahuh,” Luke nodded, a wide smile on his face. “We played baseball in class today Mummy and I got to hit the ball!”
“Aw that’s so exciting,” You replied, dropping him back to his feet so you could take hold of his hand.
“I can’t wait to tell Daddy!”

“I’m sure Daddy will be just as excited bug.”


When you pulled up into your driveway Luke was still chattering from his car seat in the back, telling you in depth about every class he’d had that day. Sometimes you wondered where an earth he got that kind of energy.  
“Is Daddy gonna be here soon?” He asked, his eyes - replicas of Chris’ - filled with excitement.
“Sure is,” You answered, feeling your heart clench. “So you better get upstairs and make sure all of your stuff is packed alright?”

Luke beamed at you, nodding his head enthusiastically as you unlocked the front door. As soon as it was swung open he was off, yelling out a hello to Dodger as he ran up the stairs.

It didn’t seem like that much time had passed but half an hour later there was a knock at the door, Dodger getting up off his bed to whine against the old wood. You took a deep breath and opened it up, Chris standing on the other side with his hands shoved deep into his pockets.

He was looking a little worse for wear then you were used to, the prominent bags under his eyes letting you know that at least he was having as hard a time sleeping as you were. His clothes were rumpled and his hair looked more unkempt; but despite all that he still caused the breath to hitch in your throat.

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Imagine during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel, jimmy asks the cast who had a tough time keeping a straight face while filming, and Chris raises his hand.

He was burning red as he looked at the host, a smile etching on his lips. He couldn’t help but lightly chuckle to himself as he grew embarrassed. “Oh that was me.” He muttered.

Zach nodded, as he sat up in his chair, excited to go on. “This man was such a mess whenever Y/N came on set.” He exclaimed. “I kid you not, the moment she walked in, Chris forgot what words were!”

Jimmy belted out into laughter, as well as the audience as he looked back at Chris. “And why was it so hard for you to stay professional?” He chuckled.

Chris shrugged his shoulders, still flashing a smirk. “Well it’s–I mean, she’s very beautiful. And smart and–”

“Sounds like someone has a crush.” Jimmy interrupted.

Zach nodded, pursing his lips. “Oh you have no idea!”

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I Still Like You

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: Angst, mentions of one night stand, anger, smut, nsfw, unprotected sex (wrap it up kiddos) alcohol consumption

Word Count: 2219

Summary: Sebastian was the last person you expected to see when you came home for your brother’s birthday. There’s bad history between you both but there’s still something you like about him. 

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I cupped my hands around my mouth, blowing on them to try and alleviate the frigid ache in my finger tips while my eyes stayed on Sebastian standing a few feet away. His phone was pressed against his ear and it was clear that he wasn’t liking whatever the person on the other end was saying, his hand running through his hair in frustration.

I rolled my eyes, shivering slightly as the rain ran down my back in cold rivulets, sticking my clothes against my body. This had been the last thing I’d expected when I got on the plane earlier this morning and my frustration was only growing with every second I continued to stand on the side of the road in the rain with the person I was least excited to see.

It was my Brother’s birthday weekend and when he’d asked me to fly down for the weekend I’d wholeheartedly agreed, having not seen him in close to six months. That excitement had lasted right up until I got off the plane and saw Sebastian waiting for me, my brother having tactfully avoided mentioning that he was also going to be spending the weekend. My mood had only soured further when the car hit a particularly deep puddle of water, spinning out on the slick roads before ending up at the bottom of a muddy embankment.

Another minute passed and Sebastian was hanging up his phone, walking back towards me while shoving his hands into his jeans pockets.
“So…we’re going to have to stay out here tonight,” He grimaced. “Tow truck won’t be here until the morning.”
“You’re kidding right?” I exclaimed angrily. “Please tell me you are fucking kidding me.”
“Hey, I’m not thrilled about it either princess,” Sebastian replied, his tone just as annoyed.
“Don’t you dare princess me Stan! I’m not - no, you know what? I’m not staying in this car with you all night, there is no way.”

I turned away from him, beginning to walk in the direction of the airport, only making it a couple of steps before Sebastian’s hand was curling around my upper arm, holding me tight enough that I couldn’t keep walking.
“Where is it that you’re planning on going?”
“Anywhere but here with you.”
“Stop being so immature,” Sebastian practically growled, spinning me back to face him. “It’s pitch black out here, it’s storming and I’m not going to have your brother kill me because you walked off and got yourself lost out here somewhere.”
“Let me go.”
“We can stand out here and argue as much as you like but I’m not letting you go until the both of us are back in the car.”

After a few more minutes of shivering I sighed, my will to get warm and somewhat dry over running my will to get away from Sebastian. Begrudgingly I followed him back down the bank to the car.

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Chris Evans X Reader
Chris Evans?  My celebrity crush is sitting ten feet away from me and I didn’t notice him like an absolute moron?  Oh my god, my hearts about to beat out of my chest if I’m not careful.
Hi! Are you doing requests? If so, can you maybe do a mini series or something about the reader at the airport on a flight going somewhere and you see Chris Evans and you can’t stop thinking about him and he can’t stop looking at you too, but you’re both too shy to approach each other until fate decides to delay both your flights and his gaze holds onto yours
A/N:Thank you so much for sending this request in! it was weird to write because i’ve never been on a plane before so i knew nothing lol, but i hope you like it!(Sorry it’s not a miniseries, there might be a part two tho!)


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Love Lost Part 2

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Angst

Word Count: 612

Summary: A big fight leads Chris to move out, but is this the end of your marriage ?

A/N: Italics are past tense


“What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” 

“It means I don’t trust him!” Chris shouted, his voice tense. “And I don’t want him in my house!”
“That isn’t your decision Chris,” I replied, tangling my fingers into my hair. “We work together, he was around here helping me with some paperwork.”
“So do paperwork in the office, where there is other people around you.”
“Are you fucking kidding me?!”
“He’s a fucking dick y/n, all he does when he’s here is stare at your chest or your ass,” Chris shrugged his shoulders. “But you know, I guess that’s fine as long as you trust him!”

“You are seriously unbelievable Chris,” I spat. “Do you ever hear me complain about your job?! I have to live with the fact that you kiss other women but you can’t handle some guy staring at my ass?!”  
“It’s called acting! It doesn’t even mean anything and you know that! At least you can trust that I’m always going to come home to you.”

I stood and stared at him with wide eyes, the breath caught in my throat at how casually he accused me of wanting to cheat. I’d never given him any reason to mistrust me but it was clear now that it wasn’t the men I worked with that he didn’t trust.
“You think I’d do that to you?”
“I’m not home for months at a time y/n so who fucking knows what you do!”
“I run this house, I raise our son Chris!”

I felt the tears spring to my eyes as Chris scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest. Shaking my head I moved past him, picking up my handbag and car keys. A flash of fear crossed his face as I walked out towards the front door.
“I’m going to go and pick Luke up from school,” I murmured, not bothering to turn back and look at him. “You need to be gone by the time I’m back Chris because if you can’t honestly trust me than I can’t be in the same house as you.”
“Either you’re gone or I’ll go,” I continued, wiping away the tears with the back of my hand. “But If I have to go Chris, I’ll be going back to my parents place and I’ll be taking Luke with me.”
“Y/n, come on…please.”

I shook my head, walking out the front door and closing it behind me.

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Just Wait

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-shot

Warnings: Starts out angsty, with some arguing and swearing, but mostly just a fluff piece with a happy ending.

Word Count: 1,583

Summary: A sad Tom doesn’t want you to go out of town for work, which leads from an argument to a much bigger, more important question. Small mention of jealous!Tom over Chris Evans.

A/N: Haven’t written in a while, but this little one-shot popped into my head last night and I just had to bring it to life. :) Enjoy! (Not my gif, obviously)

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You had found over the many years with Tom, that it was never good when he was quiet. It meant that every gear in that beautiful head of his was turning. Calculating. Drawing conclusions without merit.

In many ways, you noticed that he paralleled his infamous character Loki. In that, he was calculated, measured, and observant. This was one of those observant times.

So, it was no surprise to you that as you came into your home and began shedding your jacket, Tom’s voice carried across the room barely above a whisper, and cool beyond belief.

“Did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

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Requested by anon.

“We know that you and Y/N are dating, are you okay with all these ‘fanboys’ tweeting her? Asking her to marry them and what not?” Ellen asked, a smile on her face.

Andrew shook his head, his lips in a thin line. “Not one bit.” He muttered.

Ellen couldn’t help but chuckle. “Are you afraid she would leave you for one of them or?”

“I mean, anything is possible. Y/N is amazing and absolutely beautiful. I understand why all these guys want her for their own. But-” he paused and looked straight into the camera. “Sorry to break it to you fellas, but she’s mine.”

Ellen and the crowd all bursted out into laughter and cheers.

Love Lost Part 5

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: angst - so much 

Word Count: 757

Summary: A big fight leads Chris to move out, but is this the end of your marriage ?

A/N: I’m sorry this took me so long to get out !! 


The two of us are already so close.

It was running through your head on repeat, her too sweet voice stuck in your mind, only further antagonizing you as you tried to keep yourself busy. You’d left Cara’s house before she could lecture you about your decision making anymore, urging you into calling the man that was for all intents and purposes a stranger to you at the moment. You hadn’t spoken a word to each other in so long that you weren’t even sure what you’d say first.

It was driving you mad how angry and in love you were with him still. The love hadn’t faded, hadn’t rubbed off in the time you’ve been apart and maybe that was why you currently felt like you’d been sucker punched right in the face. She was beautiful, stunning actually and Chris was still a man with needs…

You sighed, running your fingers up into your hair while simultaneously grabbing a box of cereal off the aisle shelf. You’d decided on getting the grocery shopping done, hoping that it would distract you from thoughts of Chris; but truthfully it only made the internal battle that much worse. Deep down you knew, despite his flaws that your husband wasn’t a cheater, that he wouldn’t go and do the very same thing he’d accused you of doing months earlier. Still, the sting of betrayal sat heavy in the middle of your chest and refused to let you believe that there was still a chance your marriage was going to survive this.

By the time you were putting the shopping into the boot of your car you’d worked yourself up into a little ball of anxiety, your stomach churning uncomfortably no matter how much you tried to calm yourself back down. Every insecurity you had since Chris walked out that front door suddenly came roaring back from the dark recess’ of your mind, painfully reminding you that you’d been the one to kick Chris out of your home, that you hadn’t wanted to talk it over or sort anything out.

You parked the car at Luke’s school, biting on the end of your thumb nail as you waited for the final bell to ring, once again going over everything you’d been thinking about today. It seemed ridiculous, even to you that you wouldn’t just ring him. You were so caught up in your thoughts though that when the car door opened you jumped in your seat, snapping your head towards the back seat where Luke was buckling his seatbelt, still looking just as unhappy as he had been this morning.

You waved a thanks to the teacher that had walked him over before putting the car back into drive, pulling back out of the car space. You took a deep breath, looking into the rearview mirror where your son had his arms crossed angrily over his chest, his bottom lip stuck out in a pout.
“How was school?” Luke didn’t answer straight away and you thought maybe he was giving you the silent treatment when he finally mumbled out a fine a minute later. “Did you get up to anything exciting?”
“Bug come on,” You pleaded. “Mummy’s sorry for this morning alright?”
“Can we go see Daddy then?”
“Luke…no, we can’t go and visit Daddy.”
“Why not?!” He whined out, suddenly sending a hard kick to the back of your chair. “I want to go and see him!”
“He’ll be home in a few months and you can see him then.”
“I want to see him now.”
“Lucas Paul Evans that’s enough!” You raised your voice and the little boy fell silent, his bottom lip beginning to wobble.

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Requested by anon.

“There are pictures of you and Y/N getting pretty cozy last night.” The interviewer stated. “We also hear you asked her out twenty times!”

“The answers actually thirty one.” He muttered. “I asked her thirty one times until she finally agreed to go out with me. And honestly, it was worth the damn wait!”

“Wow! You must be pretty persistent.”

Ryan shrugged his shoulders. “Well, with a woman like that, you kind of have to be.”

“Did you two have a great time?”

“Hell yea. Y/N is fucking awesome. She’s hilarious and beautiful, I still can’t believe she agreed to go out with me.” He smiled.

Love Lost Part 6

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader 

Warnings: Angst, hospitals 

Word Count: 709

Summary: A big fight leads Chris to move out, but is this the end of your marriage ?

A/N: I know it’s been a long time coming guys but the next part is FINALLY here and I hope you all enjoy it x 


You woke to the rhythmic beeping coming from beside you, your eyes adjusting to the bright white of the room as you looked around in confusion. It wasn’t hard to tell that you were in the hospital, but you had no recollection of coming here or why you were here in the first place. Your mind was nothing more than a dense cloud of fog at the moment and the more you tried to remember what happened the more your head began to hurt, pressure blooming right above your temple. You lifted one of your hands to run it back through your hair, noticing for the first time the magnitude of tubes attached to your arm.

You panicked, a sharp cry leaving your lips as you tried to push yourself into a sitting position, only just now realizing how badly your body ached. You were just about to yell out at someone when the door to your room opened, the breath catching in your throat as you looked at Chris. He was standing in the doorway with an equally surprised expression on his face, a styrofoam cup clutched in his hands. He looked like a real mess, as though he hadn’t slept for awhile, the clothes he was wearing looking very well worn in. His hair was longer since last you saw him as well, messy and disheveled as though he constantly had his fingers in it; a few strands hanging down across his forehead.
“You’re awake,” He murmured, the smallest of smiles stretching over his quivering lips.
“Wha -” Your voice cracked painfully and you winced, Chris by your side in an instant, holding out a glass of water.

You took it gratefully, taking a few slow sips before he moved it away again, sitting it on the nightstand along with his forgotten coffee. Chris sat down beside the bed and grasped your hand tightly in his own, pressing a lingering kiss to your knuckles. When he looked up at you again you noticed how bloodshot his eyes were, his skin pale compared to the dark circles under his eyes. Seeing Chris like this only made you start to panic all over again.
“What - what happened?” You rasped.
“You don’t remember?” You shook your head, moving your free hand to your temple as the pressure returned. “Do you remember picking Luke up from school?”

You thought about it for a minute before nodding slowly, pieces of your argument with your son coming back to you. He’d been so mad at you and you could clearly see in your mind the way he’d glared at you with unshed tears in his eyes.
“We - we weren’t getting along,” You whispered. You could remember him kicking the back of your seat and the way his face fell when you yelled at him. You’d always hated getting angry with him and you could remember the way you’d turned around to apologize him, the sudden and intense sound of screeching tires bringing you back to reality. “Where’s Luke?! Chris where is he?!”

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Beautiful City

Chris Evans X Actress!Reader

It was all Sebastian’s fault anyway, he was being cocky and bet I couldn’t lift more than him.  And even though I did lift more, I was now paying severely for it.

A/N:This was honestly super fun to write!  feedback is much appreciated!

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Love Lost Part 3

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Warnings: Angst (It hurts guys…) 

Word Count: 566

Summary: A big fight leads Chris to move out, but is this the end of your marriage ?


After Chris left I made my way up the stairs towards Luke’s bedroom, my heart sinking as I heard his sniffling through the half open door. I felt sick at the thought of how much this was affecting him, how much this hurt. And what made it worse was the fact that I knew I couldn’t help him, this wasn’t like when he fell off his bike and scraped his knee or the time he had a bad dream and couldn’t bear sleeping on his own for the rest of the night; I couldn’t fix it with a super hero band aid or a cuddle this time.

I bit my bottom lip as I pushed the door open, seeing Luke sitting in the middle of his bed, his knees hugged up against his chest as fat tears rolled down over his rosy cheeks. If possible, this only made me feel worse.

I sat down on the bed behind him, rubbing his back as he wiped away his tears with the back of his hand. He took a shaky breath before releasing the grip he had on his legs, turning around so he could crawl onto my lap, pressing his wet face against the crook of my neck.
“Aww bug,” I cooed quietly, wrapping my arms tightly around him. “You know Daddy didn’t mean to upset you right?”
“I jus’ wanted him to - to stay.”
“I know you did, but you’ll see him before he goes away, he wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye to you.”
“Why does Daddy not - not live here no more? He still love - loves me right?”

Luke’s question caused my eyes to sting with tears, my heart breaking inside of my chest at how broken he sounded. Chris was his hero, he always had been. Luke had been a Daddy’s boy from the minute he opened his eyes and the two of them were like two peas in a pod. The last thing I wanted was for Luke to ever worry that Chris didn’t love him; even if that meant I became the bad guy.

“Daddy loves you so so much bug, nothing is ever going to change that alright?”
“But - but Dylan said that his Daddy left cause he didn’t love him or his Mummy no more.”
“Luke, you are the most important person in Daddy’s life, Mummy’s just confused at the moment, she doesn’t know how she feels about Daddy.”
“You don’t lo - love Daddy?”

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