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170122 churrokingtruck: #Support from #ChurroKing. On the set of #movie #RoomNo7 yesterday and today. We were requested by actor #DoKyungsoo. We’re very grateful that he never forgets to call us in each project. We are even fonder of him from greeting him at every one, from Cart til now. So much so that nowadays, whenever he or EXO appears on TV, we stop to keep watching.

Coffee, churros, and drinks are all we can do in gratitude, so we must provide Room No. 7′s crew with greater generosity before going. To Kyungsoo, recognized for so many projects that the title of actor now suits you, we give our thanks one more time. We won’t forget your constant brightness or humility. Room No. 7 and #Taejung have our sincere support.

Message: Fighting, Room No. 7! Please enjoy. - Taejung

source: churro king | translation: fydk

Today is Chris Wood Appreciation Day in Twitter

Join us and tell everyone how truly grateful we are for such a talented and charismatic actor.

Please tag him, producers and writers using #ChrisWoodAppreciationDay

Tomorrow Monday we will trend #LoveKaramel

“Warrior” director Gavin O’Connor recently threw out a tantalizing hint that he might be considering a sequel to ‘Warrior’ …

“When I made that movie,” he said, “MMA and UFC and that type of fighting, it just wasn’t as popular as it is today. And that movie…there’s an amazing following of rabid fans – more than anything I’ve ever done.  And I’d say that’s probably my most personal movie.  So I’m really grateful, and you know, maybe we’ll do another one…We’ve had some talks about that – me and the actors.”

O’Connor also revealed that in the original script for 'Warrior,’ the final scenes “had Tommy getting taken to prison. Well, at the end we’re in the locker room with Tommy and Brendan, and the old man comes in and there’s a moment there, a moment of reconciliation. And then there was sort of this coda that we wrote.  It was a year or two years later, where Brendan and Paddy go and pick Tommy up from prison in a Ferrari.”

An excellent starting point for a sequel….  :)

Today: BoJack Horseman table read. Get a load of Sporty Spice over there. When we record the show, all the actors record separately. So the table reads are my only chance to do some actual acting with Alison Brie. She is terrifically talented, equally adept at comedy and drama, and I am grateful for those few days out of the year that I get to sit across from her and do the occasional heavy emotional scene. It’s a privilege. 

 I just felt like saying that today.

170123 @churrokingtruck: We received a lot of support and attention yesterday for actor #DoKyungsoo’s event for Room No. 7. I am sorry I cannot reply to each and every comment, but you have my thanks. I’m thinking of yesterday, on set. Actor Do told us with a bright smile that he’s always grateful to us. When I said I’m the one who should be, and he said he calls because our food is too good.. to take care of him tomorrow too.. I felt very good and thankful.

We were reserved for two sites on two days, so we are here to provide #support today too. We’re on the set of #movie #WithTheGods, this time arranged by #PrivateWon. Although I know Kyungsoo is done with all his parts, he still makes sure to take care like this. He’s really quite delicate and warm. As always, his message of encouragement was concise, and the design simple like it. But his warm heart is quite clear in the short message. Thank you once again. Room No. 7′s Taejung and With the Gods’ Private Won, you have my sincere support. I’ll be running right over at release. 

Message: Fighting, With the Gods! Please enjoy. - Private Won

source: churro king | translation: fydk

jenmorrisonlive Day 17. Deep in thought. We hit the champaign roll today. I am so grateful to every single crew member, actor, and producer. Everyone is so inspiring and talented. They all push me to be my best and they all bring so much hustle and talent in every moment of every day. I feel so so grateful for this life experience. #SUNDOGS
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June 25, 2016 [x]

A Q&A With Godzilla: Interviews with the Original Cast

Akira Takarada and Haruo Nakajima may not be recognizable names in North America. However, everybody knows their characters—the hero and villain of the original 1954 movie Godzilla, known as Gojira in Japan.

Just in time for Anime Boston’s kaiju vs. mecha theme, the two veteran actors sat down to revisit their old monster movie and answer audience questions. We’ve collected some of our favorite responses from each of them.

How much does the fan community mean to you guys?

Nakajima: I am really really grateful that you are all here, clearly because I was so good at playing Godzilla. Thank you.

Gojira has an important message about the danger of nuclear power and weapons. Do you feel this message still applies today?

Nakajima: Sixty-one years ago, we created Gojira to spread the anti-atomic weapon message and to eliminate all atomic bombs from earth. It was felt that Japan in particular, having experienced two nuclear incidents, was suited to spreading this message. Of course other accidents at Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and recently Fukushima show that Gojira’s message is still relevant today.

The character of Gojira has been in over 21 films as both a superhero and a destructive force. if you had to choose one favorite, which would it be?

Takarada: If i really had to choose, I would choose Gojira the protector. However it is important to think of Gojira as not just a destroyer. He is also a victim of nuclear radiation. He is a force to be sympathetic with not hated or reviled.

Even though the concept of kajiu is very Japanese in both theme and context, why do you feel it has such a huge worldwide following?

Nakajima: One of the main reasons it had a huge worldwide appeal is because Gojira is trying to protect himself and his home, and everyone can understand that!

Takarada: Gojira is not one dimensional. He has more than one emotion. Sometimes he looks down on people with pity. He has human properties.

Godzilla is not produced using computer generated animation. Do you have any thoughts or feelings about that?“

Nakajima: A lot of preparation went into creating Gojira, from working on movement to looking at animals to make him move correctly. I feel that [CGI] is missing that sense of heart and sense of vulnerability and the feeling of man vs. nature. I think the original is the best! It’s more than a suit. I am Gojira.

—John, AB Staff Blogger