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On This Day I Complete My 36th Year
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“On this Day I Complete my Thirty-Sixth Year”
by Lord Byron

‘Tis time this heart should be unmoved,
      Since others it hath ceased to move:
Yet though I cannot be beloved,
                                   Still let me love!

  My days are in the yellow leaf;
      The flowers and fruits of Love are gone;
The worm—the canker, and the grief
                                   Are mine alone!

  The fire that on my bosom preys
      Is lone as some Volcanic Isle;
No torch is kindled at its blaze
                                   A funeral pile.

  The hope, the fear, the jealous care,
      The exalted portion of the pain
And power of Love I cannot share,
                                   But wear the chain.

  But 'tis not thus—and 'tis not here
      Such thoughts should shake my Soul, nor now,
Where Glory decks the hero’s bier,
                                   Or binds his brow.

  The Sword, the Banner, and the Field,
      Glory and Greece around us see!
The Spartan borne upon his shield
                                   Was not more free.

  Awake (not Greece—she is awake!)
      Awake, my Spirit! Think through whom
Thy life-blood tracks its parent lake
                                   And then strike home!

  Tread those reviving passions down
      Unworthy Manhood—unto thee
Indifferent should the smile or frown
                                   Of beauty be.

  If thou regret'st thy Youth, why live?
      The land of honourable Death
Is here:—up to the Field, and give
                                   Away thy breath!

  Seek out—less often sought than found—
      A Soldier’s Grave, for thee the best;
Then look around, and choose thy Ground,
                                   And take thy rest.


The Eleventh Hour so far has my favorite storytelling from Griffin! So here’s a pseudo-movie poster ehuehueue

Had to do another illustration for our Fantasy Illust class and our prof gave me the go signal to draw TAZ again as long as I found good face refs for them. B^) I based Magnus, Taako and Merle on John Spainhour, Paul Boche, and Brian Cox respectively! 

Voltron actor AU where everything’s the same but Voltron is a live-action TV show and the paladins are actors:

  • Their names are the same in real life. They go by different names in the show. 
  • Keith and Lance still have a “rivalry.” Red and Blue didn’t originally have it, but when the cast first met and the directors saw how Keith and Lance interacted, they wanted to write it in. 
  • Shiro’s arm is still a prosthetic, although the scar is fake.
    • sometimes the makeup crew forgets the scar. literally no one notices until it’s the end of filming
    • “Shiro…” “Huh?” “…they forgot the sca–” “are yOU FUC–”
  •  Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Allura all do their own stunts. 
    • Pidge is only 17 and their mom won’t sign the waiver for them to do their own stunts. 
  • No one really knows how their little production company was able to afford hiring Allura, who’s a big time actress and super talented.
    • they eventually find out that she’s a giant mecha/space nerd and came to /them/ asking for a role and willing to do it for free
  • No one really knows if Coran has a script or if he was told to just say whatever
  • Lance calls Keith “Red” so often that Keith thinks Lance has forgotten his name
    • he hasn’t.
  • The paladins, Allura, Coran, and basically all the actors boycott after season 2, demanding retribution for the way they wrote Hunk and Lance’s characters. 
  • Hunk has an engineering degree in real life.  
  • Matt isn’t Pidge’s real life brother, but when they first meet it goes something like: “baby sister!” “big brother!” and they end up inseparable.
    • Pidge’s mother is known for calling Pidge at work just to talk to her son, Matt 
  • Hunk and Shay’s on-screen chemistry was actually a real thing. Shay was cast at the same time that she was working in the costume/design department, so they’d known each other since the show started. 
    • they’re dating now
  • Every time Lance’s character hits on Allura’s on-screen Lance spends five minutes defending Blue’s character after filming 
    • “he just craves attention, okay? he just wants love!! he’s smart and beautiful and wants to belonG”
    • despite this, Lance is basically his character minus that shoddy writing in season 2
  • Keith and Lance have their own shipping fanbase. It starts out with just their characters, but then Some Mysterious Person starts taking candids between sets and posting them online and klance is born
    • it’s Pidge. Pidge runs five fan accounts. 
    • the pictures are super incriminating, but no one shows them to Lance or Keith
    • there’s a betting pool on when they’ll get together
  • Keith gets super into his roles and ends up genuinely upset after filming the scenes where the princess reacts badly to Red being part Galra. 
    • Allura gives him a 15 minute hug after
  • Bonding Moment Discourse is actually a thing. There was a prop malfunction on set while they were filming and the directors told them to stay put, so Lance ended up being Cradled for a solid half hour.
    • later, they find out that they could’ve moved and just chilled for that time, instead of actually holding each other.
    • “I get it Keith, I get it. You just wanted to hold me. Who doesn’t amiright??”   

“biggest fan”

for @yoianniversary //I think yuuri’s mom is such a sweet and supportive character //// probably yuuri’s first and number 1 fan <3


I want a Sharkboy and Lavagirl remake where the CGI is insanely good and the acting is super emotional and intriguing, but nothing about the story changes. Sharkboy still has to sing the dream song and mister Electricidad still has to go “YOU ARE IN MY CLASS!!! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND”

“When Mr. Disney first planned One Hundred and One Dalmatians, he called me to the Studio to read for the role of Cruella de Vil. As I was sitting with him at a table at the studio, he was reading the role of Anita and I was trying very hard to be Cruella de Vil. But I knew it wasn’t working because I was too young and it wasn’t right. As I heard him read the role of Anita, I knew that I was right for Anita, but how could I possibly tell the great Walt Disney that he had brought me in and had made a mistake?!

“So, I became brave enough to tell him and I said, ‘Excuse me, sir. Would you mind if I try to read the role of Anita? I’m much more Anita than I am Cruella.’ And he said, ‘Let’s try that!’ So, we reversed the roles. He read Cruella and I read Anita, and indeed I was Anita. And I still feel like Anita all these many years later!”

– Lisa Davis, the voice of Anita Radcliff from Disney’s 101 Dalmatians

Miura Kairi, who also happens to be Yamaguchi’s stage play actor, is playing as a host in one of his upcoming projects, and well. You know. I’ve been having some thoughts. I’ve been crying some tears, too. Lots of them in fact

10 (+5 Bonus) Voices of Kaji Yuki

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4. Noragami

5. Magi

6. One Punch Man

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8. Ao Haru Ride

9. Guilty Crown

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11. Kiznaiver

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13. Diabolik Lovers

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15. High School DxD

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