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God`s Quiz 4- Donghae`s role `Han SiWoo`, is a rookie elite to forensic department, who graduated from a medical school then was soon accepted into forensic department after taking national test. He has clean looks, and is a bright, and diligent character. And is a passionate fan of Ryu DeokHwan(Han JinWoo`s role)`s reports and journals since college.

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OCN staff said Donghae is shabang ㅋㅋ
*shabang shabang (샤방샤방) means like you know when hot, handsome, and pretty people smile, it seems like some kind of beam of light comes out from that people, you know? along with some flowers~ (if you see lots of manga, you’ll know what i mean).. we often use shabang shabang in that situation… it just simply mean that they are hot ㅋㅋ