actor confessions

I just realised that at some point Piper must have complained about having an actor for a parent to Jason

and Jason would wonder that maybe, if things had gone differently, he’d be complaining about the fact his parent was an actor too 


heartbroken  gukdoo after bongsoon friendzoned him


Remember the days that a new promo with Evelyne would be few and far between? Yeah, 2017 has been spoiling us Ebro fans. Every (other) week a new shoot, interview, and/or promotion.

I declare 2017 as the year of the Evelyne.

(may there be many more fruitful years to come)


You really want to give your virginity to Johnny who has been your crush for years but you are a bit scared because you think your first time is going to hurt so he makes love to you in a gentle way and always asks you if you feel okay & leaves soft kisses everywhere in order to make you feel safe. You have an amazing first time which is followed by cuddling and kissing.

This was requested by ifoundmyselfinneverland-jd . I hope you enjoy it :)


You are sitting with Johnny and a girl comes near you two to flirt with him but he’s not interested and he makes it obvious because he already likes you.

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