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Avatar Actor AU

After seeing the actor au for Voltron and @avatarsymbolism and I’s conversation, I decided to make one for ATLA:

  • The cast is one big happy family
  • Sokka and Katara are brother and sister, while Zuko and Azula are not (though they act like it)
  • Katara never auditioned for her part and had never acted before but when she went in to read lines with Sokka, the directors loved her so much they casted her on the spot
  • Toph is actually blind and her scripts are all written in braille 
  • Both Aang and Toph are child actors and Iroh is the most well known. The rest (excluding Katara) all dabbled in having minor parts on other shows
  • The cast keeps an “honor count” to see how many times they can get Zuko to say honor on set (it’s well past 100)
  • They also have a war to see who can mess up the most while filming
  • The special effects team loves to play jokes on the cast too. When Zuko pretends to firebend, farting sounds come out instead. Safe to say everyone dies laughing
  • After their first kiss on screen, Sokka and Suki started to date off set
  • Aang adopted a dog and cat, naming them Appa and Momo respectively
  • At comic con, Toph loves to spread around rumors when asked questions
  • And as a joke at comic con, they like to cosplay a different character from the show, ie. Zuko as Sokka, Katara as Azula….
  • Zuko and Azula have to wear contacts. Her eyes are brown, while his are blue
  • Even after the show ended, everyone stayed great friends and hang out regularly for coffee and tea
  • Also, under heavy make up, Zuko, Katara, Sokka, Aang, and Toph all guest starred as their older selves on Legend of Korra

do u guys remember when avatar the last airbender had an all poc cast, had a woc stand up to sexism by beating the crap out of someone, dealt with familial issues, had a disabled woc as one of the strongest leads in the whole show, and was incredibly funny with great voice actors??


Tom Hiddleston and James D'Arcy


My Bioshock Saga dream cast! (UPDATED)

Jack Ryan - Armie Hammer

Elizabeth Comstock - Adelaide Kane

Booker DeWitt - Nathan Fillion

Robert Lutece - Tom Hiddleston

Rosalind Lutece - Jessica Chastain

Atlas/Frank Fontaine - Clive Owen

Brigid Tenenbaum - Franka Potente

Daisy Fitzroy - Aisha Tyler (interestingly, she was considered to voice Daisy in the game. It will be interesting to see her play Daisy in a film adaptation)

Sander Cohen - Denis O’Hare

Jeremiah Fink - Denis O’Hare (lol I just have to cast Denis twice ‘cos I think he’s just perfect for both Cohen and Fink. Besides, this guy’s a real genius in playing very diverse roles!)

I have given this a thought for a while. I’m still considering the rest of the casting for Zachary Comstock, Andrew Ryan, etc.

(Surprisingly, I’m amazed that while I picked randomly the cast for Booker, Elizabeth and Jack, their age differences are spot on ie. Nathan Fillion and Adelaide Kane are 19 years apart which is the same age difference between Booker and Elizabeth; Armie and Adelaide are 4 years apart which how I predicted Jack and Elizabeth would like judging from their appearances)