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solicitous | Nolan

so•li•ci•tous (adj.)
characterized by or showing interest or concern

Spoilers for Teen Wolf episodes 616 - Triggers and 617 - Werewolves in London.

Nolan tried to stand tall as he watched Gabe walk out of the locker room.

But the realization of what Gabe did for him had him crashing to his knees.

Gabe shot up a house, hurt both that werewolf’s parents, attacked a monster in his own home - all for him.

Nolan was such an idiot, to think he could do this. He was just a kid-

-and so was Gabe and so was Edgar and so was Liam-

-and he was so out of his depth, he hadn’t even realized Gabe cared about Nolan, let alone was solicitous enough to do something so dangerous just to make Nolan look good on Monroe’s eyes.

Nolan was going to die. There was no way he was going to survive this. He just wanted to live long enough to play lacrosse, graduate high school, go to college…

He never wanted this - any of this. He just wanted all the monsters to leave, and take their danger with them. He wasn’t supposed to be a murderer. None of them were.

Gabe became one for him, already.

Nolan knew it was only a matter of time, before he became a monster murderer, too.

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So, you know the drill. You’ve been on the “internet” a while now. You know the lay of the land, the whats and wherefores. And you’ve heard about…it. This thing. This show. There are gifs that come up on memes that just can’t be real. Actors that whose names you know and who are so impossibly handsome it defies logic. And somehow you already have shippy feels about raking leaves. It’s almost Supernatural…and you have become…curious.

Or perhaps you’re already a fan, staring down the coming long months of hiatus Hellatus with despair in your heart. What will you do without the Winchesters for all that time? You wish you could just go back to the beginning and enjoy everything again, but you don’t want to do it alone…

Well, then my friend, have we got a treat for you! 

The Supernatural Hellatus Rewach!

Yes, that’s right! Starting May 25 and going until the season 11 premiere, we will be watching every episode of Supernatural TOGETHER.

Here’s the deal: each week will have a certain chuck (about 11) of episodes designated for us all to enjoy together. We’ll go from the pilot all the way through to the end of season 10. You can join in any time by posting your thoughts, reviews, graphics, fics - whatever. Just tag your posts with “Spn hellatus rewatch” so we all see, and follow this blog - where I’ll be keeping up the schedule and reblogging as much about the episodes for that week as I can.

I’ll be posting and reporting the master schedule soon, so keep an eye out!

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hey leo, just heard u got an oscar. congrats man

i’d like to thank the academy, for creating a decades-old meme based around an actor i share a name with