James March (Evan Peters)

Like other seasons, AHS: Hotel’s time-frame bounces around, including flashbacks to the murderous Mr. March. “He’s the builder and owner of the hotel from the 1930s, and he is unique,” says Peters. “He’s designed a hotel to cater to his specific needs, which tend toward the dark evil.”

About Taron Egerton :)

DOB/Birthday: Nov. 10th, 1989

Age: 25

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Green/Blue

Height: 5’10” (1.77 m)

Nationality: Welsh

Hometown: Aberystwyth, Wales, United Kingdom

Birthplace: Birkenhead, Merseyside, England (United Kingdom)

Bilingual: Taron can speak both Welsh and English and because of it, Taron can also speak a number of accents/dialects: American-New York, American-Standard, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Norther and RP.

Education: Taron attended Ysgol Penglais Comprehensive school in Aberystwyth, Wales. Aberystwyth Arts Centre in Aberystwyth, Wales before heading to RADA (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts) in London, England.  

Skills: Taron is a strong tenor through music and dance as well as specializing in stage combat.

Renowned Member of the National Youth Theatre

Interests: Literature, Traveling, Drawing and Sculpting


And that’s a wrap for this weekend!

If you all don’t know - my name is Sierra Isley, I’m fifteen years old and I’m a filmmaker! I’ve often been told that I’m too young to be successful etc and I’ve spent the last few years trying to prove to everyone that kids can be just as successful as adults - no matter what. 

Vacancy is a webseries that I filmed this weekend - directed by me and produced by my friend Sydney and I. The show is written and produced by real teenagers. Inspired by shows like Skins UK, Teen Wolf and American Horror Story. 

The thing is, in order to keep the show going, we need all of your support. (no point in producing something that never gets seen, right?) So, if you’re interested in seeing some episodes, please check out and share our Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo! And you can see more about me on my instagram or my blog. (Behind the scenes photos taken by Siena Elliot)