acton figures

Luke Skywalker farmboy figure progression. From left to right: POTF2 (1999), SAGA (2006), VOTC (2004), TAC (2007), TLC (2009). The first Luke Skywalker farmboy figure shown here wasn’t actually that bad. It was too tall though and had no knee joints. It could use its macrobinoculars, though. A task, the next figure from the SAGA collection completely failed with. Also, the face of the second figure looked strange and cheap. The VOTC figure was a complete failure. While it had all the joints you wish for, they were not sufficient for putting Luke in convincing action poses. The fabric tunic was a disaster and the face was yet the dumbest Luke ever had. The moisture farmer Luke from The Anniversary Collection was the first more or less satisfying Luke figure with awesome head sculpt and a great upper body. It still lacked knee joints, though. Finally the Luke from the Resurgence of the Jedi-Battle Pack had everything you wanted. It had a new and incredible head sculpt and almost the same upper body like its predecessor, the moisture farmer Luke. It now had knee joints, though. It is just too unfortunate, that this Luke never got released separately on a (vintage style) card.

rescue heroes was fucking awesome okay like there werent many things that my brothers and I all liked but we all loved rescue heroes because they had male and female characters and it was fucking awesome to have a girl acton figure that has a gigantic water gun

Plus!! They had a TV show and movies!! And they were great!! Hell the cast is more diverse than the RNC

plus they had the best names EVER

and they even had one character that was disabled!

also did i mention how badass their female characters were this one had a SHARK

anyway rescue heroes is a gem from the 1990′s