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July 30th 1818: Emily Brontë born

On this day in 1818, English author Emily Brontë was born in Thornton, Yorkshire. The daughter of a clergyman, Emily Brontë and her family moved to Haworth when Emily was three years old. The family suffered several tragedies early in Emily’s life, with her mother and two elder sisters dying within four years of each other.  Despite having limited formal education, Emily and her surviving sisters - Charlotte and Anne - demonstrated great interest and talent in writing; Emily and Anne wrote several stories set in a fictional world called Gondal. Emily spent some time as a teacher before traveling to Brussels with Charlotte, with the intent of learning foreign languages to open a school. However, these plans never came to fruition, and in 1846 the three sisters discovered each other’s poetry and published them, under male aliases, in a collection entitled Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Acton Bell (Emily being Ellis). This book sold few copies, and ‘Ellis Bell’ found little more success with her 1847 novel Wuthering Heights, which was published the same year as her sister Charlotte’s Jane Eyre. Now considered a classic, the wild novel which offended Victorian sensibilities focuses on the Earnshaw and Linton families and centres around the character of Heathcliff. Since Emily Brontë‘s death from tuberculosis in 1848, aged thirty, Wuthering Heights has become more widely appreciated, and the Brontës remain iconic literary figures.

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From one Brittana shipper to another, proudly so. 

I wrote this song tonight for my Bee, NayHolt. She is the best and most amazing person I know. She is so wise, kind and caring, hilarious and just truly beautiful right down to her bones. I don’t think she knows just how wonderful she is so I hope this song helps her to see that, even if just a little bit. 

Also their is a lot of negative light being shed upon our fandom at present so I hope that this song can show the good side to what Brittana inspires in our lives and our hearts and the kinds of friendships and bonds it has helped to create. 


If I could take your hand in mine and lead you down the path of life, I would 

That way I could keep you safe from all the things that make you ache, I would

If I could make the stars shine as bright as the smile that you leave behind, I would.
To guide you home in times of woe and so you may know you’re loved the most, I would

If I could use my eyes so you could see you just the same way I do, I would
That way you’d never have a doubt that beauty’s something you’re not without, I would

If I could help you to see all the things that your mind has taught to me, I would
So you may know you’ve helped me grow and to love another proudly so, I would.

I Would - Acton Bell

Recorded 06/12/2012

Though bleak these woods, and damp the ground
With fallen leaves so thickly strown,
And cold the wind that wanders round
With wild and melancholy moan;
There is a friendly roof, I know,
Might shield me from the wintry blast;
There is a fire, whose ruddy glow
Will cheer me for my wanderings past.
—  The Consolation (Lines Written From Home), Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell