We offer high quality and hard to find eco yoga clothing that is usually not available in large retail stores.

LiveBreatheYoga, as our name implies, describes our passion for yoga as both a fitness regimen and a way of life. For many people, yoga allows them to find a sense of purpose and enlightenment; it truly enriches them completely mind, body, and soul. We want to extend that feeling to all who want to bring yoga into their daily lives. We also have a sense of purpose and enlightenment, however to provide our customers with the best yoga products, made the eco-friendly way. Because of our commitment to find the best yoga fitness products and accessories for you, the consumer, we also want you to feel good about what you buy from us; hence the emphasis on organic yoga clothing and eco-friendly manufacturing.

Our love for yoga and protecting the earth is our passion and inspiration that created We work with designers that create high-quality, eco-friendly clothing in a sustainable manner, and still make it something beautiful that youll love to wear. These designers work to give back to our community in meaningful ways, helping out good causes and supporting environmental efforts.

Not only are you supporting Fair Trade with your purchase, but also a good cause! LiveBreatheYoga wants you to continue using yoga to improve your health both mentally and physically. To that end, we offer a wide array of products, from yoga accessories for both men and women, to organic yoga clothing from a variety of manufacturers who practice fair trade and sustainable principles. You can feel good about what you buy from us, and also feel good about what youre doing for yourself. Allow us to help you live and breathe yoga.

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Press Release: LoveSurf Announces Reversible Swimwear

LoveSurf, a company that offers a wide variety of men’s and women’s fashions in swim and casual beach wear, features an array of reversible products that allow savvy shoppers to stretch their clothing budgets as far as possible.  Each item is completely reversible to give two outfits for the price of one.  LoveSurf also offers great values in multi-use casual wear such as maxi dresses and beach cover up dresses, as well as womens’ activewear and outdoor fitness gear.

April 10, 2013— As budgets remain tight this year, LoveSurf features an array of reversible swimwear that is sure to extend consumer swimsuit options.  Bargain hunters are advised this will help them to stretch their clothing budget as far as possible. Reversible swimwear offers consumers the perfect way to get the most out of their clothing investment.

Consumers have begun to repurpose outfits, mixing and matching to extend their wardrobe options.  LoveSurf, one of the trendiest companies marketing swimwear and casual clothing, has taken the repurposing idea a step further by offering a complete line of reversible items designed to give two completely different looks in one garment.

Reversible clothing is not a new concept.  Quality clothing manufacturers have made reversible items for years and budget-conscious shoppers have always enjoyed finding these bargains.  Now, however, LoveSurf has sought out the best name brands for reversible bathing suits and other casual items and stocked them together in one virtual location to make bargain-hunting a breeze.

A reversible swimsuit is sewn with two completely different facades.  One side often features a bold stripe, check or print while the other is a complimentary solid color.  Some swimsuits feature two contrasting prints.  Others feature two solid colors.  Accessories and ties are often in a single color that works with both faces of the garment.

Reversible swimwear not only gives the purchaser two separate outfits for the price of one but, in the case of two-piece bathing suits, allows the wearer to mix and match for the most versatile wardrobe possible.

LoveSurf not only features reversible bathing suits but also casual wear such as the beach cover ups and soft fleece pullovers for evenings on the sand or by the pool.  LoveSurf also features great workout gear and accessories.

About LoveSurf:  LoveSurf is a web site devoted to bringing users the latest casual beach wear, activewear, and swim options.  For the best maxi dress, two-piece or one-piece swimsuit, or yoga and workout gear, LoveSurf offers quality pieces at reasonable prices.  LoveSurf also offers users a chance to share and rate their finds through its unique interactive system.

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Press Release: LoveSurf Announces Reversible Swimwear was originally published on LOVESURF BLOG

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