Love Your Artist Week (Authors)

Okay, so I wanted to jump on the bandwagon for Love Your Artist Week, but I want to do the writers part a little differently. I’m going to make a short fic rec of my all time favorite stories and their authors instead of trying to list everyone because I’d be too worried about leaving someone off of a cumulative list. I’m going to do an Artist one later this week. 

Coming Clean (Cullen x F!Trevelyan) by gerundsandcoffee: A truly touching Modern AU based off the “the walls in this apartment building are really thin and I can hear you having mental breakdowns all the time are you okay? AU” BUT IT IS SO MUCH MORE. It’s sweet, and honest. Very much a character driven story. Finished. SFW. Deals with Cullen’s addiction and PTSD. 

(Also anything by her is going to be utterly moving. She doesn’t do smut often, but when she does, it’s phenomenal; check out Like the Seasons).

Strangers (Cullen x F!Lavellan) by thethousandnaturalshocks: Another modern AU based off the “ “Kiss me because of reasons” Idea. In her own words it’s about: Activst!Lavellan and Ex-Cop!Cullen falling in love and fighting the establishment. The world may be fictional, but the issues and situations she crafts have resonance for our own times. In progress, SFW so far.

Never Let This Go (Cullen x F!Lavellan) by carpe-cullen: If you want angsty dubcon smut that hits all the emotional buttons, this is your fic. NSFW. She is also prolific in terms of one-shots, and I highly recommend reading as many of them as possible. She has a particularly lovely series of Dad!Cullen stories. 

 Part of your World (Cullen x F!Lavellan) by cometeclipsewriting: A Little Mermaid AU that is as joyful and honest as the main character. Her Cullen is beautifully written, and the story itself is not afraid to twist refashion and re-purpose the Inquisition story and world to make something truly unique. Rated Explicit but SFW thus far. Also check out her Lion of Skyhold story (complete; a retelling of Sleeping Beauty). 

The Way You Make Me Feel (Alistair x F!Cousland) by eeveevie: So if you’re not reading this right now, you should be! It the story and characters are adorable and underpinned by a quiet, seriousness that will take your breath away. Plus, we get the adorable nicknames of Couscous and Alibear. A modern AU where childhood friends Alistair and Evelyn reunite and become roommates. 

Dancing with Fire (Cullen x F!Trevelyan) by penthesilea1: Sexy, sweet, and all around quality. Summary in her words: “The Inquisition holds a grand ball at Skyhold to celebrate the victory over Corypheus at the Temple of Sacred Ashes and, after an evening featuring plenty of shenanigans from party members and heavy flirting between Lady Trevelyan and Cullen, the couple steals away to the Chantry chapel to enjoy themselves in their own -particular- style.” The banter and flirting between Cullen and Trevelyan is clever as well as hot (as is the chantry sex, oh my). NSFW. Complete. Also check out literally anything else she’s posted. 

Shades of Grey and Achromatopsia (Cullen x F!Amell and Cullen x F!Trevelyan) by wandering-in-thedas: A moving pair of one-shots dealing with the “Once you meet your soulmate, your world burst into color” AU. This is one of many moving one-shots, and I suggested you read them all! Be warned, though, she is tumblr goddess of angst! Be prepared to ugly cry (it’s totally worth it though!).

Restraints (Cullen x F!Trevelyan) by more-aoe: Seriously one of the hottest smut fics I have ever read. A modern AU with a D/s relationship, bondage, edging, and pregnancy kink, featuring her breathtaking Aeveth Trevelyan. Not only is it gorgeously erotic, it’s wonderfully written on a mechanical level. Lovely, lovely prose. While you’re at it, check out her multi-chapter story In Vigils.

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