Rink Foto’s first celebration of his birthday in San Francisco was interrupted by a phone call from a friend in Greenwich Village about the Stonewall riots - and he has documented the LGBT movement ever since. With his photographic eye, Rink Foto has not only captured pictures of same-sex couples but also worked with many historic activst groups such as The Gay Liberation Front, Bay Area Gay Liberation, Solidarity, AIDS Action Pledge, ACT UP, Queer Nation, GAPA, Aquilas, LGADDA, HRC, NGLTF, and The Harvey Milk LGBT.

This post is a only small glimpse into Rink Foto’s vast collection, consisting of hundreds of thousands pictures of the LGBT political movement since 1969. For more make sure visit Rink Foto’s website for information about his work HERE.

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“Brother Outside: The Life of Bayard Rustin” streams for free on PBS today and tomorrow (August 28-29) only in honor of the anniversary of the March on Washington.


Nazis Attack City Hall in Dortmund, Germany

May 26 2014

Last night, over 30 nazis attacked City Hall in Dortmund after the national socialist Party “Die Rechte” won a seat in local elections. 10 people were injured, including the Pirate Party candidate. Nazis chanted “Germany for the Germans! Foreigners out!” as they attacked the crowd with pepper spray and glass bottles, and several people sustained injuries. Predictably, the police showed up way too late and escorted the nazis home. Not a single nazi was arrested.

Local Antifascists have identified almost all of the nazis who were attacking city-hall last night. One of them is Sven Khali who murdered antifa activst Thomas “Schmuddel” Schulz in 2005. Many others are also militants of a neo-nazi organisation which was banned 2 years ago after cops found explosives and automatic rifles during a series of raids across the state of Nordrhein Westphalia. The national-socialist Party “Die Rechte” was founded after these groups were banned and is their follow-up organisation.

On Wednesday there will be an Antifa demo in Dortmund that people will be able to get live updates for via @enough14 and @newsrevo on twitter. Antifascists have also announced that they will block the nazi candidates from entering city hall as the first new city council comes together after the election.

Details: Antifa Demo starts at 18:00 (06:00pm) local time on Wednesday May 28. Starting point City Hall, Dortmund demo heads to the house of Siegfried Borchardt ( Nickname “SS Sigi” )