These numbers are higher than they need to be (which is zero)

This is an unfair and completely skewed standard, it’s hard to believe this is so completely overlooked.

Infographic made by Simone Geary at

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There is a path of love
and there are many paths of war.

Mental war, emotional war, physical war direct or indirect wars.

Activists want to stop wrongdoing by using phrases like: NO to nuclear power
STOP whaling
and similar.

Hence activists are against certain industries or activities

Then there are mixed activists using phrases like: YES to renewable energy (instead of NO to nuclear power), etc meaning solarpower, bio fuel or windmills, … with possible results in below examples.

To find wise solutions by means of activism may last near eternity

Mankind has two essential methods to learn:

  1. Learning from mistakes. Mistakes are expensive, time consuming and often painful.
  2. Learning by developing divine love and thus being open for God and God’s inspiration to directly do the most loving possible without all the pain and expenses resulting from mistakes. This is the most direct - instant - method to learn and progress in life. There are many spiritual lessons for life to help you step by step to awaken and strengthen your love potential in your own life.

Cyberspace Ashram for Kriya Yoga, God and Love

A Small Town Shaken by Hate and Violence

Hello Everyone and welcome to a special post/update. Now i will post more than my regular scheduled post unless i think that there is something that should be seriously seen and paid attention to and this is one of those post. Well a day or so ago in the small and quiet town of Corinth, MS. A young man was encountered by another man and was violently beaten. Many eye-witnesses say that the man…

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